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Biography for Jakob Boehme & Jane Leade

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.



Jane Leade
Jane Leade founded the theosophical "Philadelphian Society". The term theosophy was coined by Boehme.


"In 1699, Jane Leade and the PS wrote a publicly distributed tract entitled: The Declaration of the Philadelphian Society of ENGLAND, Easter-Day, 1699. Addressed to the Catholick Church, Representative and Diffusive. I have the document and I am able to transcribe it  all except one word, which I might call upon you to retrieve via a microfilm viewer.

"The important part to remember about the PS is that everything they believed in and practiced seems to line up with the Rosicrucians. There are some web sites that state she was a Rosicrucian. I have no doubts that she was. Her life as well as the PS doctrines and practices may give us a rare insight as to how the Kabbala was used as an interpreter for the Bible. I am stating emphatically that the Kabbala was explained in the Theosophical Transactions of the Philadelphian Society as being a primary component of their esoteric beliefs.

"This is stated openly so their is no mystery about this. Now, I want you to think of the ramifications here. I have proven that American NOLR leaders George Hurlburt Warnock and George Robert Hawtin both knew about Jane Leade and George Hawtin additionally wrote favorably about both Boehme and Leade in his newsletters which were eventually turned into journals. (Send for these if you can)

"What this means is that the NOLR "Pentecostal Movement" as it says it paralleled the other Pentecostals was in reality a rebirthing of the very same "Enthusiasm" that the 17th century Behmenists were involved with. This includes MSOG/NOLR leaders like Bob Weiner and Rick Joyner mentioned and teaching in their writings (I have written proof) the very same prophetic declarations and foretellings as Jane Leade. Not only that, but I have come from a charismatic background for the majority of my life and I have been told that "God restored the gift of tongues in the 1909 Azuza Street Revival." Nothing could be further from the truth as proved through the writings of counter-cult apologists throughout the centuries!!

"But beyond all that, even though I knew about the Kabbala connection well over two years ago, I along with another Sister who is helping me, discovered that the entire Manifest Sons of God doctrine stems directly from the concept of ADAM KADMON of the KABBALAH!!!!!!! They are one and the same!! And nobody that I have read has ever made this connection!!!

"This fact of the "Divine Family" of the Androgynous "God" whose female half is Sophia created Adam Kadmon or "Adam" who himself was a co-equal. And why not I say! They came from the same family, right! So then, God expected Adam to give birth to other "Sons" from his side and increase the family, right? So, Adam became too preoccupied with the material world, fell to earth, and in the process was sheared or split into Adam and Eve!!

"This story is found in the Kabbalah. It is also found in the writings of Jacob Boehme. It is also found as a Dissertation on Man's Fall by German behmenist Johann Conrad Beissel who preached Boehme's doctrines in the streets of Germany before he immigrated to Germantown, Pennsylvania in the early part of the 18th century. He formed the Ephrata Cloister and it was known as the "Woman in the Wilderness". This title has a direct inference to "Wisdom Sophia" whom the Ephratans waited for and whom Rick Joyner mentions he saw and spoke with in his book of visions like "Final Quest."

"The Kabbalah and Adam Kadmon and Wisdom Sophia -- do a search on them and then compare the attributes of the MSOG and you will see they are one and the same!

"Now we are getting somewhere as we now have pinpointed not only the theosophical roots of the NOLR to Boehme and Leade but we have also identified the origins of the MSOG doctrines as having theosophical roots in the Kabbalah. With that said, we now have a case for openly declaring that the entire NOLR does not and never did have a legitimate foundation and the entire premise that "God is restoring the office of apostles and prophets" was taken from a well known behmenist and Rosicrucian. In other words, we can now declare that the NOLR is, in fact, the occult!!" [US researcher, personal email on file].






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Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald