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Biography for Lonnie Frisbee

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.



By Scott Shaw  

"It should be noted that the Vineyard Anaheim always claimed they received their “gifts” from Lonnie Frisbee.  Frisbee received his “call” while high on LSD, and he had a deerskin coat which supposedly had an anointing on it. Shamans around the globe get in touch with the spirit world (i.e. demons) via drugs and animal-skin coats. (One of the words that Scripture translates into “sorcery” is the word from which we derive “pharmaceutical”.)  

"It’s interesting that Chuck Smith Jr. has said, “Lonnie’s misfortune is he got caught, because there are a lot of charismatic homosexual ministers – right now…”  Chuck Smith Jr’s comment is particularly intriguing since Smith himself was the individual who “outed” Frisbee to John Wimber.  (When I asked a friend who attended some of Frisbee’s meetings in the 1980’s about Lonnie’s sexual predilections, I was told “Ah, he was a babe-magnet! The women were after him. Remember that real Pentecostal gal we went to Rod and C.C.’s with for Bible study? She complained he [i.e. Frisbee] hit on her and felt her breast”.)  

"I would invite anyone to compare Vineyard “gifts” (which they claim were released through Frisbee) to the gifts of the Holy Spirit as found in Scripture. Vineyard “gifts” are not those of the Holy Spirit, but rather resemble those found in Kundalini yoga, Reiki, things practiced in the Far East . John Wimber regularly told his congregation they needed a “paradigm shift” and needed to think about spiritual things like people in the East (meaning Asia ). And when your congregation is being taught to learn gifts, and “transfer” anointing as pagans do, I suppose it’s appropriate to look toward cultures with which your gifts are associated, rather than to the Bible. 

"Frisbee’s foray into homosexuality wasn’t a “slip” or a “one night stand”.  Chuck Smith Jr. “outed” Frisbee to John Wimber after Smith had received a call from a pastor who had taken the confession of a young man who had had a six-MONTH relationship with Frisbee (who gave the Vineyard their gifts; the Vineyard in turn released their gifts via Eleanor Mumford (on staff at VCF Anaheim) to Holy Trinity Brompton).  I have a friend who literally fell to the floor “under the power” that was on Lonnie Frisbee’s deerskin coat.  One might argue that Old Testament prophets had holy objects, but these were a prefigure of Christ whereas Lonnie’s gifts were akin to those found in the occult (shamanism) and there is no evidence at all that any of the Old Testament prophets were living actively bi-sexual lives, seducing males into sexual relationships.   

"That same ‘power’ would show up at Vineyard Anaheim evening services on Sunday at the old Vineyard building.  It was called ‘The Afterglow’.  It would manifest at the area in front of the podium.  You could approach it and literally be knocked to the floor, without experiencing a hard fall.  It was as if you had landed on air cushions. You could momentarily lose consciousness and be in an altered state of pure ecstasy.  Upon rising you would be aware you were numb from the neck down.  (In the U.S. the word ‘afterglow’ is used to refer to the feeling after a sexual climax [ironic, given that Wimber was after intimacy with God even though we are not yet married to Christ and are supposed to be spiritually chaste (2 Cor. 11:2).])  

"Like Lonnie Frisbee, Jonathan Hunter (who heads 'Desert Streams', a “gay-to-straight” ministry at the Anaheim Vineyard) had his ‘call’ given to him while he was high on some PCP which he stole from a friend.  Hunter claims to have received Christ and continued in the gay life until this experience during psychosis from an Angel Dust overdose.  (Paul Cain, the Vineyard prophet, was recently ‘outed’ as a homosexual and an alcoholic.)  Hunter is said to be HIV+.  Gifts of the Spirit are given to those who repent and receive Christ, NOT to those who have ‘experiences’ while on drugs.  However, shamans DO have these gifts and regularly take drugs to induce ‘vision quests’ in which they encounter the spirit world.  Where was the ‘man of God’ to rescue Lonnie Frisbee from deception?  Instead he was used for ‘church growth’ and poisoned the flock." 



Even his biggest fans, like David di Sabatino, are forced to admit that "Yes, ... he could be a ... prickly character", yet if he was full of the TRUE Holy Spirit he would be a graceful, gentle, charitable, patient character.


David Di Sabatino's paper (p. 4) contains an interesting quotation from a tape of Lonnie Frisbee's Testimony (Anaheim: Vineyard Ministry International: Tape 003): "I was a nudist-vegetarian-hippie when the Lord called me. I was going into the desert, taking off all of my clothes and I'm saying, 'God, if you're really real, reveal yourself to me.' One afternoon the whole atmosphere of this canyon started to tingle and change. The Lord identified himself to me and said, 'I'm Jesus. I build nations and I tear them down. It is better for a nation to have never known me than to have known me and turned their back from me.' I thought all roads led to Rome, but He explained to me that He was the only way to know God. I accepted Him and He said, 'I am going to send you to the people.' Then, he gave me a vision of thousands of people and they were wandering around in a maze of darkness with no direction or purpose for their lives. He showed me that there was a light on me that He was placing on my life . . . and that it was Jesus Christ and I was going to bear the Word of the Lord."






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