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Biography for Fuller Theological Seminary

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

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"[I]n the last half of the 1920's, liberal theology infiltrated BIOLA [the Bible Institute of Los Angeles] in the person of Dr. John MacInnis who was chosen to serve as Dean, succeeding Dr. R.A. Torrey. Almost immediately, controversy arose over a book Dr. MacInnis had written, Peter the Fisherman Philosopher.  The subtitle read, A Study in Higher Fundamentalism.  In truth, however, this book was a clever presentation of liberal theology disguised by the use of evangelical terminology. Dr. MacInnis' book was copyrighted and published by the Bible Institute of Angeles (BIOLA) in 1927.

"Pastor M. H. Reynolds, Sr., along with many other fundamentalists across the country, found it impossible to remain silent about this promotion of liberal theology from the president of a school which had become known for its stand for the truth and fearless exposure of error. The controversy over Peter the Fisherman Philosopher spread rapidly. Fundamentalists were forced to take sides. By that time, M. H. Reynolds, Sr. had been on the BIOLA staff for 12 years but he could not remain silent on such an important issue. As a result, he prepared and circulated a 30 page analysis which he titled, Is 'Peter the Fisherman Philosopher' True to the Scriptures?  It was a fearless exposure of D MacInnis' liberal theology based upon a comparison between what MacInnis had written and the Word of God.

"The immediate result was that M. H. Reynolds, Sr. (the fundamentalist) was fired by the BIOLA Board of Directors and Dr. MacInnis (the liberal) was retained and given a vote of confidence. The long range result was that the Fundamental Evangelistic Association was organized in 1928 which remains today a straightforward, unyielding testimony of Biblical fundamentalism, whereas BIOLA began to walk the path of compromise which soon removed it completely from the fundamentalist, separatist position and transformed it into the compromising, new-evangelical institution it is today.

"Dr. Charles E Fuller, who later became so well known through his 'Old Fashioned Revival Hour Broadcasts' was another casualty of the BIOLA compromise. Dr. Fuller and M. H. Reynolds, Sr. had been close friends and had exchanged pulpits on several occasions. Both men were among the pioneers in Gospel radio broadcasting. But Dr. Fuller, who was on the BIOLA board at the time of the MacInnis controversy, voted with the majority of the board to fire M.H. Reynolds, Sr. and to retain the liberal BIOLA Dean.

"From that time on, Dr. Fuller no longer remained in the fundamentalist camp. Instead, following years of gradual but growing compromise, he eventually founded Fuller Theological Seminary in 1947-a school which was founded on a platform of theological and positional compromise. Its first president was one of he leading exponents of evangelical compromise, Dr. Harold John Ockenga.

"Today, Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the most dangerous theological institutions in the world. While still appealing for support from old-timers who remember Dr. Fuller's early broadcasts and clear fundamentalist, old-fashioned Gospel messages, Fuller Theological Seminary now boasts of its diversity, and fellowships with Roman Catholics, charismatics and apostate Protestants. It has become a chief trainer and promoter of so-called Christian psychologists and an advocate of what has been called the "Third Wave of the Holy Spirit" (so-called power evangelism accompanied by signs and wonders) which they consider essential to the conversion of lost sinners. While it is true that Fuller Seminary's size and worldwide influence has grown tremendously, this growth has been at the expense of obedience to the Word of God. Today, 48 years after its founding, Fuller is not training defenders of the Faith, but rather perverters of the Faith. A terrible price is now being paid for earlier compromises."
[Looking Back - Looking Forward, FOUNDATION Magazine, March April 1995 Volume XVI].


Fuller took money from the U.S. Government to teach that Islam is compatible with Christianity.





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Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald