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Reasons to Believe that
Billy Graham is a Freemason

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.


The following information is taken from the book Billy Graham and His Friends, by Cathy Burns.  All of Cathy’s statements are accompanied by exhaustive source references:

  • A past director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), William M. Watson, was a Freemason [p177];

  • Another director of Billy Graham’s EA, David M. McConnell, was also a Freemason [Ibid].

  • The co-chairman of the Billy Graham Crusade Advisory Committee for the St. Louis Crusade in 1973, Arthur Lee Malory, was a 32nd degree Mason [Ibid].

  • Graham has referred to Jesse Bader as a “godly” man and as being one of Graham’s “VERY close advisers”, yet Bader was a Mason [p158].

  • Graham has shared a platform with Andrew Young – who was a Freemason [p104].

  • In his crusades, Graham has used Roy Rogers – a 33rd degree Mason [p488], Dale Evans – a Mason [Ibid], and Burl Ives - a 33rd degree Mason [Ibid].

  • The luncheon guest list when Graham received the Lowell Thomas Award (Thomas was a Mason [p388]) included Hugh Downs (a DeMolay – a Masonic organization) [p389], Dan Rather (another DeMolay) [Ibid] and Paul Harvey (another DeMolay [Ibid]).  As Burns says: “Of course, Billy Graham has bragged up the DeMolay organization. In a Masonic book, The Clergy and the Craft, in which the author states ‘The clergy represented in this volume are proud to be both Masons and Ministers of God’ … we find this statement by Graham: ‘There are the young people upon which the hope of America’s future rests and DeMolays are part of this group....May God richly bless all DeMolays as they continue their good work’” [p390].
    Graham has called Mark Hatfield “a devout evangelical” and “a great Christian leader”
    [p16], yet Hatfield was a 33rd degree Mason [p14].  Hatfield was on the judging panel which awarded Graham the Templeton prize.  Graham recommended Hatfield to Nixon as a running mate [Ibid].  Graham also recommended Walter Judd as a Nixon running mate, yet Judd was a Mason [Ibid].

  • Who ‘made’ Billy Graham?  William Randolph Hearst was Graham’s first major backer, yet Hearst’s organization was run by Masons [p56].  Back in 1953 the chairman of the board of RCA, a man called David Sarnoff, got Billy Graham onto NBC (every Sunday night!).  Sarnoff was a Mason [p49].

  • Billy Graham calls Brooks Hays “my old Christian friend” and an adviser, yet Hays was a Mason [p58].
    For the 1992 Portland, Oregon Billy Graham Crusade only Shriner clowns were allowed to perform. To become a Shriner, a person must first be a 32degree Mason! There were other clowns available, but they were not allowed to perform. That seems quite odd, doesn’t it? Is Graham subtly trying to get a message across?

Norman Vincent Peale

Cathy Burns points out that “Billy Graham … and [33rd degree Mason Norman Vincent] Peale had a friendship of about 35 or 40 years. In 1957 at the Madison Square Garden Crusade Graham had Peale on the platform with him. In fact, Graham said that Peale was very supportive of his meetings, but there’s probably a reason why. Almost 400 decision cards were turned over to Peale [!!]… NO other church had received as many cards as Peale did. In fact, ‘Peale’s church received more cards (373) than ALL of the 14 Conservative Baptist churches COMBINED (311)” [p26].

Cathy continues: “Peale … had already been a mason for over 30 years and had also been the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New York for several years BEFORE he sat on the platform with Graham [In 1960 Graham invited Peale to address a group of evangelical leaders in Switzerland]” [pp26-27]Cathy later notes that “Graham said on December 6th, 1966, at a National Council of Churches luncheon, ‘I don’t know ANYONE who has done more for the kingdom of God than Norman and Ruth Peale, OR have meant any more in my life – the encouragement they have given me’ Over 30 years later (and after Peale had died), Graham was STILL praising him. In his 1997 autobiography he noted: ‘…Dr. Peale was warmly supportive of the meetings [at Madison Square Gardens in 1957]. Although our EMPHASIS in preaching differed, I found him a deeply committed believer” [p31].  Cathy also points out that “Peale endorsed a biography for Graham” [p32].

Graham is also linked, albeit indirectly, to NVP through their respective close friendships with President Nixon.


Billy Graham personally refuses to deny that he is a mason.  "A famous Mason named Jim Shaw, was called for induction to the 33rd level, and he has since converted to Christianity. He exposed in his Book [co-authored with Tom McKenney], The Deadly Deception, (1998), p.104-105, the fact that Billy Graham was present there at his induction. (Only very High level Masons are allowed to witness such events.) The Publishers of his Book, Huntington House refused to publish it with Billy Graham's name there and he was forced to remove his name and replace it with 'an internationally prominent evangelist'. You can only guess where the pressure came from for the suppression of Billy Graham's name" [].

"Before Jim [Shaw] died he confirmed this fact [that Billy Graham was present at his induction] to many people. At page 109 I have included a letter from Tom McKenney stating that page 104 definitely referred to Billy Graham. For those of you who do not have the time to read through Jim's whole testimony, I recommend you read page 104 and the letter located on page 109 to verify the fact that it was Graham referred to in the book" [].


"Robert Morey, while doing research on Freemasonry at the House Of The Temple, asked the librarian if they had Billy Graham's Masonic membership file. She replied that they did have such a file on hand. On page 23 of Morey's book entitled The Truth About Masons he refers to Billy Graham when he states '...Or that one of the most well-known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a thirty-third degree Mason?'" {source}


"Billy Graham's Christianity Today gave Peale positive publicity. In Billy Graham's New York Crusade the larger number of people who came forward (373) were sent to Peale's Marble Collegiate Church" {source}


Graham's name was given in two official Masonic lists of one hundred famous Masons.  His name was only removed from the lists after strenuous representations by the BGEA.


Bill Clinton was a DeMolay [i.e. Mason], yet Graham made him the honorary chair of Graham's 1989 Crusade in Little Rock [{source }, p309].







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