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Biography for Morton Kelsey

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.



“You can find most of the New Age practices in the depth of Christianity...”I believe that the Holy One lives in every soul” [Source: A Time of Departing, Ray Yungen, page 67, Lighthouse Trails Publishing Company, 2002), as Quoted by James Sundquist,].


The following information is all available from Counterfeit Revival, p91.  Kelsey claims that, after a decade of studying dreams and visions, “I discovered that my dreams were wiser than my well-tuned rational mind….These strange messengers of the night offered suggestions on how to find my way out of my lostness”.  Kelsey believes that “almost all Christians who were true disciples were something like shamans in the style of their master.”  “Jesus not only used powers [of the shaman] Himself but He passed the same powers of superhuman knowledge, healing and exorcism on to his followers”.  Hanegraaff says that Kelsey “turns Christians on to such committed occultists as Carlos Casteneda (dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as one of the ‘godfathers of the New Age movement’. This despite the fact that Castaneda classifies the art of dreaming as the most vital method of the sorcerer’s armory and the most dangerous.  After indulging in this practice for many years, Castaneda recalled, ‘In my daily state I was nearly an idiot, and in the second attention [altered state of consciousness] I was a lunatic.’”






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