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Oral Roberts Is A Freemason

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.



The official website of 'Rose Hill Lodge #484' in Georgia, USA, lists Oral Roberts as a 33rd degree mason. Please click here for a screenshot.  (The website also says, "Rose Hill Lodge #484 is affiliated with the Scottish Rite Center (Valley of Columbus), and Shriners, of both Al Sihah Temple, Macon, and the Columbus-Fort Benning Shrine Club. Several of our Lodge Brothers are members and/or participants in those organizations.")


The official website of Waco Masonic Lodge #92 states quite openly that Oral Roberts was a mason: Oral RobertsFreemason.pdf

Please see also the information on this site concerning Oral Roberts University:

And please search for every occurrence of 'Oral' in this link:


"It was [33rd degree freemason] Billy Graham who was instrumental in bringing Oral Roberts into the mainstream of evangelical sympathy. He invited Oral to the World Congress on Evangelism sponsored by Christianity Today magazine in Berlin in late 1966, then spoke at the dedication of Oral Roberts University in April of 1967. Graham has also appeared on TV specials with Oral Roberts" {source}


"Oral Roberts was, in turn, started out by Billy Graham. (Oral Roberts admits that Graham got him started in one of his books, Miracle of Seed Faith, p. 9)" {source}






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Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald