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Biography for Michael Scanlan

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

The following is merely a limited collection of useful but essentially random facts on the subject in question.
This document is not intended to be taken as an in-depth, or exhaustive, or definitive treatment.



Father Scanlon has achieved international notice as the head of Franciscan University at Steubenville as well as a member of the Vatican approved "New Evangelization" team. Father  Scanlon is well known in Charismatic circles, claiming to have "really found" Jesus years ago through his involvement with Cursillo – a Charismatic movement associated with Hispanic culture. A book by John DeTar, MD entitled TO DECEIVE THE ELECT spends a great deal of time documenting and presenting the case that  Cursillo is actually Communist in the end {source}

Scanlon was associated in his early days with a cult like commune known as Servants of Christ the King that was investigated by the local Bishop, disciplined and forced to sever its ties with "Sword of the Spirit" (an offshoot of the Ann Arbor Word of God Community run by fellow New Evangelization team member Ralph Martin and sidekick Steve Clark. In very strong language, Bishop Ottenweller of Steubenville charged in a letter that "the lives of members have been controlled by coordinators and heads...(members) were forced to accept patterns of living, relationships, even the choice of marriage partners, and that great psychological harm had been done." He charged that the Servants of Christ the King had..."an arrogance that is elitist...a lack of compassion and love for those in need, and a fundamentalist outlook in scripture on the world as evil, and an unhealthy secrecy about the affairs of the community." Father Scanlon was not a mere participant, but the founder of Servants of  Christ the King {source}

Scanlon instituted the "households" at Franciscan University at Steubenville which some ex-members of Word of God say is to prepare the students for the questionable communitarian (see more in the cell-church communitarian lifestyle promoted by the Evangelical "new church" joined, apparently by their Catholic Charismatic friends) style living that Word of God represents. This should come as no surprise when one reads such statements as "I just want to make it clear about the Franciscan University of Steubenville. IT IS the Power of the Holy Spirit. IT IS being baptized in the Holy Spirit. IT IS the Charismatic Renewal that launched and is responsible for the growth and maturity of this University, and I thank God for that" (Father Michael Scanlon at the 30th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal held in Pittsburgh, Pa., June 1997) {source}

Do good Catholic parents, convinced that Steubenville represents only Orthodox Catholicism due to the promotional help of EWTN realize that they are actually turning their children over to Charismatic Catholicism as opposed to Orthodoxy as known throughout modern history? Do they realize that their children may subconsciously be prepared to live a communal life that more often than not turns totalitarian despite the best of intentions? {source}

Is it only the Charismatic and communal that has connections to Father Scanlon? Not really. For instance, one of Father Scanlon’s strongest political allies just happened (s?) to be a man named Dick Prosser. Prosser was a top aide to Saul Alinsky…"The Main Man" who is responsible for most of the problems within the Catholic Church even today…(Call to Action  – Detroit in the turbulent ‘60’s) Alinsky acknowledged Lucifer as their leader in the book RULES FOR RADICALS. Wouldn’t you know that it would be Dick  Prosser who would turn up "on a July morning 1968"  (LET THE FIRE FALL, p.79) to help Father Scanlon establish a reputation as a community person able to bring peace among men on a community level – at the same time he established himself as the head of the Franciscan University of Steubenville {source}

Father Scanlon is a part of the New Evangelization team along with Ralph Martin, Father Tom Forrest (head of this team) and Father Benedict Groeschel who also has some very strange alliances, although he is not a part of the St. Louis extravaganza known as "Celebrate  Jesus 2000" {source}





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