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Biography for
Cardinal Léon Joseph Suenens

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

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"In October, 1973, the ICO sponsored the first International Conference for Leaders of the Renewal at the Franciscan Sisters at Grottaferrata, Italy. The reason why Grottaferrata was chosen was that it was just beyond the edge of the Rome diocese. There was nervousness about having a charismatic leaders conference in Rome.  At that conference I was one of the speakers giving a paper entitled "The Birth of the Renewal in a Country". The 120 Catholic Delegates and 6 Protestant observers, including Canon Michael Harper, attended the Wednesday Audience. During the conference on Pentecost Monday, the 13,000 delegates assembled in Saint Peter's Basilica for the celebration of the Pentecost Mass [!!!]. Cardinal Suenens was given the rare privilege of being able to be the principal Celebrant [!!] and the use of the Papal Altar [!!] for the occasion, a rare event in Rome. At the conclusion of the Eucharist as we waited for the Holy Father [!!] to arrive, there were many alleluias sung …. Finally, Paul VI arrived amid great acclamation. … One of the first gestures he made on arrival was to take the hand of Cardinal Suenens and hold it high in an affirmation of the work and his guiding hand with Charismatic leaders throughout the world. He then addressed us, speaking of three points of discernment that we should use with regard to the Movements. The first of these guidelines was fidelity of the authentic doctrine of the faith [i.e. the Roman faith that includes the idolatrous mass!]" [].






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