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John Wimber / Vineyard

by Dusty Peterson & Elizabeth McDonald

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Jesus and Healing

Wimber claims that: “Jesus often ministered on the faith of others. Jesus often rode the crest of the faith of others. I believe there were times when he had little or no faith for the healing of an individual” [John F. MacArthur Jr., Charismatic Chaos, (Zondervan, 1992), p180].



"John Wimber opened the floodgates to many errors by downplaying the importance of biblical discernment. He warned against being 'too rigid' and 'too heavily oriented to the written Word' (Counterfeit Revival, p. 109). One would say something like that only if were attempting to promote things which were not in accordance with the Word of God. The Psalmist said the written Word 'is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path' (Ps. 119:105). It is impossible to be too strongly oriented toward the Bible! In his healing seminar, Wimber made the following statement, 'it's evil when you hide behind doctrinal beliefs that curtail and control the work of the Spirit. ... The Church today is committing evil in the name of sound doctrine. And they are quenching the work of the Holy Spirit' (Wimber, Healing Seminar Series, cited from Testing the Fruit of the Vineyard by John Goodwin)" [].





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