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Black Lives Matter
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"Instant imposition of a [statist] totalitarian system. Individuality suppressed. Families divided.
Religious, cultural, educational institutions closed down. Work, movement, information regulated by the state. Life and death decided by the state.
The transformation has been so successful here because it builds upon a deeply entrenched pre-existing machinery and ideology of welfare,
in which a large proportion of the people has come to believe it has a right and need to be looked after from cradle to grave by the government.
All they required was a pretext, an excuse -- no matter how flimsy -- and completely by coincidence the CCP flu virus arrived at the perfect moment..."

[comment at source].

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"
(2 Timothy 1:7)

Peace ~ Be Still ~ Lay All Your Worries Down
"Be still, O my soul, for our God is in control"



Articles and Videos

"Can't believe it's riot season already, I've still got my Covid decorations up" [reader's comment at source].

As the Left Now Controls Every Lever of Power, We Face Nothing Less than Regime Change  (14 June 2020)

"That is why these strange crowds have begun to gather round ancient and forgotten monuments, demanding their removal and destruction. They do not know what they want, or understand what they are destroying. But that no longer matters. They think their moment has come, and they may well be right ... ignorant armies seek the final abolition of Britain ... It is not the largely fictional 'R' number which governs the behaviour of our feeble Government, which is only just beginning to grasp how much damage it has done and how hard it will be to repair. It is the 'F' number, the number of people scared into pathetic timidity by the sick but false claim we were all at risk from a terrible and devastating disease..."

YOUTUBE:  How Is This A Thing?  (09 June 2020)

Viewers' comments:  "Racism cured covid. Incredible"  /  "MSM labels ordinary people as criminals for merely going outside together because they're 'not spaced apart enough'. Also MSM labels criminals as heroes for rioting and looting unrelated businesses in the name of someone who robbed and threatened to shoot a pregnant woman in her own home, while also clearly breaking a plethora of Lockdown rules, SD and wearing masks ... What's recently going on is just a load of 1984 doublespeak"  /  "Covid-19 stops when you hold up a BLM sign. Other leftist political slogans will stop future Covid mutations. Research is ongoing"  /  "Thinking of taking my kid to the playground and calling it a protest. #childlivesmatter"  /  "So next time the police pull you over in your car to ask where you are going, you are now allowed to say 'I am protesting the death of George Floyd' and that should be a free ticket"

The End of Covid and the Ongoing Hypocrisy of Our Leaders  (08 June 2020)

"[I]t seems our enlightened and fearless leaders think [the coronavirus] is over. Have they said that? No, not quite, but actions speak louder than words. With one leader after another allowing mass protests over the weekend, they made it clear by their actions that they believe corona is a sham.  Hmm, some of us have more or less been suggesting this all along. We have been asking hard questions for many months now, questioning the dodgy numbers, the rubbery figures, the baseless projections, the reckless modelling, the hyper-draconian lockdown measures, and the overreliance on iffy experts. It seems that all of our doubts, concerns and questions may have been justified..."

George Floyd Posed As a Water Company Man to Rob a Pregnant Woman  (08 June 2020)

"Back in 2007 ... George Floyd was the leader of a robbery where and a gang of men forcefully entered a pregnant woman's house ... Just like most other controversial police killings, this incident involved a person with a long and sordid criminal record ... we shouldn't glorify criminals just because they were killed by a policeman and happened to be black. The media, nor the public would ever glorify a white man with the same criminal history, and we shouldn't either..."

Dr. Fauci Is Either a Liar Or a Fraud  (07 June 2020)

"For months Fauci gas been everywhere, all over TV, urging Americans to lock themselves down, to abandon their jobs, their sick and dying family members, the small businesses they spent their lives getting off the ground ... Fauci's message was clear, militant, terrifying, and relentless ... And God help those who came out to protest the lockdowns ... [now] for ten whole days Fauci said nothing as the Perfect Infection Storm hit America, as massive violations of social distancing and lockdowns took place all across the country ... and Fauci said nothing..."

Black Lives Matter Has Killed the Lockdown  (05 June 2020)

"[N]asty at times though it was, has at least done us all one huge favour: they have exposed the utter absurdity of Boris Johnson's ongoing lockdown and social distancing policy. Against the trend - and in contradiction of the latest scientific evidence - Britain is maintaining some of the world's strictest Covid-129 protocols. The lockdown is still in force; a two-metre social distancing rule (even the WHO says one metre is more than enough) remains in place; and rather than relax these silly rules, as most other countries around the world are, the British government is looking for new ways of tightening them ... No one supporting the BLM protests can possibly claim with any credibility that the lockdown is justified. Deadly viruses do not take time off for fashionable left-wing political causes ... I'm grateful to [the BLM protests] for one thing: they've made it quite impossible for anyone with even half a brain to see the ongoing lockdown as anything other than a ridiculous joke..."

Readers' comments:  "The lockdown was an unnecessary and economy-killing piece of nonsense, anyway, as are the lingering 'social distancing' 'rules', and the recommended wearing of masks. The virus is spent. It's come, done its stuff, and gone, like they all do. Forget it, until the next one arrives, by which time the snowflakes will have recovered their composure, and the government its common sense"  /  "Worth mentioning Piers 'you're killing people by going out' Morgan and the wonderful irony of not just defending the protest but also his son going as well. Anybody 'interviewed' by Morgan should just laugh at the man and walk away"

More readers' comments:  "Obviously the virus took a week off in sympathy with the cause of progressiveness, so nobody will get a dose of covid-19 for the duration of the well-funded 'protests', but visiting your mates for a small house party will obviously 'kill Grandma' because 'not progressive enough'."  /  "If you want to meet up and socialise with a large group of your friends and family it's no problem now, just turn up with handmade placards stating BLM or FTP or I Can't Breathe and plod will leave you alone"  /  "And the government will support the anarchy and advise you to wear a mask"  /  "It's not about what placards you are holding, it's about how many you can gather around you. The police, like most bullies, won't take on a crowd of yobs bigger than their crowd of yobs"

More readers' comments:  "Can't believe it's riot season already, I've still got my Covid decorations up"  /  "If a group of whites gathered to protest abortion, under the current Covid Totalitarian laws in this country, they could be arrested. Aborted lives don't matter. But a group of anti-white, racist, half-wits rioting over a Black criminal thug in a city they can't spell - nothing happens. Police smile and paint their fingernails in great anticipation of honouring no-pride day, week, month"

The Hypocrisy of the BLM Lockdown-Breakers  (04 June 2020)

"So that's how the lockdown ends. Not with a bang. And not with a whimper, either., But with a brazen display of double standards and hypocrisy by Labour politicians and the media elites. The lockdown in Britain is over. Make no mistake about that. The crowds who gathered to shout 'Black Lives Matter!' in Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Whitehall and elsewhere have seen to that. Crowding together, high-fiving, breathing in each other's faces, and in the faces of police officers too... these teeming political assemblies have defied social -distancing rules and the effective ban on political activity enforced by the outrageously authoritarian corona laws ... They have done what others failed to: signalled to the country that social distancing no longer applies and you can go about your freedom and your business as usual..."

Healthcare Slogan 'We're Here for You, Stay Home for Us' Exposed As Total BS  (03 June 2020)

"Do you remember all that emotional blackmail? It was all over the place ... You're killing grandma and making life harder for all of your precious healthcare heroes if you leave your home to attend church, use the swings at a local park, play a game of basketball, gather in groups of ten or more, attend a house party... But if you leave your home and completely ignore every social distancing rule to attend a massive gathering of humanity to protest, riot, loot, and burn Democrat-run cities - well, according to these very same healthcare heroes, that's no problem at all. You know, cuz burning down predominantly black neighborhoods is fighting the virus of racism in a country that just elected a black president and enjoyed the lowest black unemployment rate in history - at least until we all told you to stay at home... for us ... all of the so-called science was tossed out the window as soon as a pet cause made that necessary..."

We Should Thank the Rioters for Exposing Lockdowns as Purely Political  (02 June 2020)

"So now we know these lockdowns and all this c*** about social distancing was a lie, because what you have here are the media encouraging their own viewers to riot and protest, and Democrats encouraging their own voters to riot and protest... And I think it's safe to assume if the media and Democrats believed the coronavirus would kill their viewers and voters, they would not encourage such a thing. Here are some perfect examples:..."

Antifa and BLM Flood London Despite Lockdown - Police Do Little  (01 June 2020)

"No permission was sought to hold the demonstrations, which shut down huge swathes of Britain's hyper-diverse capital, and activists showed no regard for the draconian coronavirus lockdown regulations which have hitherto been enforced with enthusiasm by the authorities - but the police allowed the mass law-breaking to take place largely unopposed..."

Peaceful Anti-Lockdown Protestors Arrested at Demonstration in London  (31 May 2020)

"On Saturday, at least five protestors were arrested by police for allegedly breaking the national lockdown rules by gathering in Hyde Park ... In response to the demonstration, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: 'A small number of arrests have been made at each site for breach of Covid-19 regulations and some fixed penalty notices issued'."

Gretchen Whitmer Encourages 'Areas for Peaceful Demonstrations' While Churches Are Still Restricted  (30 May 2020)

"Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) wants residents to gather together to protest, but her executive order restricting church attendance is still in effect ... A group of churches filed a federal suit against the governor..."

Governor Gretchen Whitmer: Michigan Protestors 'Endangering People's Lives'  (15 April 2020)

"Whitmer ... denounced the protestors, who were calling on her to rescind the onerous restrictions she had placed on the state's citizens and let them get back to work ... She went on to blame the protestors for further restrictions she may impose in the future..."


Quotes and Comments


What is Covid-19?

"Covid-19 is supposedly a pneumonia as a complication of SARS-COV-2, but ...

  • For most people, Covid-19 is a mild illness which is never confirmed as being due to SARS-COV-2, but the perception of reality is created by official general prognosis,
  • A developed SARS-COV-2 infection could be flu, or even a bacterial infection, and Covid-19, or the pneumonia associated with it, would in fact arise as a complication due to these other causations,
  • Pneumonia or severe respiratory complications can occur from a treatment for cancer - which incriminates other pre-existing conditions in combination with their medical treatments,
  • Meanwhile, quite astonishingly, there is no acknowledgement of what might be true Covid-19, which is an infection of the lungs related to the interaction between SARS-COV/SARS-COV-2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) that is promoted in treatment by prescribed drugs.

"[T]he UK Government's reaction to Covid-19 has been way beyond anything anyone could call proportional. It has been unnecessarily, grotesquely exaggerated, and pointlessly damaging" [source].


Fear is the Little Death

"As Frank Herbert wrote in his novel, Dune, 'Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration' and collective fear is also the primary tool that governments have long used to bring potentially recalcitrant populations under control... sometimes to the point of obliteration.  Historically, that type of fear is not sudden but eats away at the heart and soul of a people one small nibble at a time until the minds of a now docile demographic willingly acquiesce to any number of outrageous edicts and restraints upon their lives and freedoms in the hope that in so doing this will ensure their personal survival.  And note always that once this induced fear has taken a firm hold the decisive instruments of draconian suppression are placed in the hands of powerful enforcement agencies who invariably career out of control and become a law unto themselves, quickly becoming too big and too powerful for even the political drones who unleashed them to restrain.

"Look about you now at the actions and verbal vomitus coming from HM Government's emergent blue uniformed SS, particularly their local Obersturmbannführers so erroneously referred to as Chief Constables. (Did anyone else notice the Home Secretary singing their praises at the daily briefing session a few days ago... with the senior Obergruppenführer by her side?)  Have no doubt about it, this is the situation extant in so many once-democratic countries throughout the Anglosphere and the Staatspolizei certainly won't give up their intoxicating new found powers easily, so think again - is it really worth the candle that you should sell your children into a future defined only by blind obedience to the Diktats of a monolithic controlling State in order to prolong  your lives by a few years?  'Action this day or never' is a cliché that has so often turned out to be a truism.

"And, finally, the seminal question that will probably remain unanswered until sanity and honesty return - why is it that a particular subsection of the demographic is being so grotesquely pandered to and permitted to break all social distancing rules with impunity whilst the original indigenes are not?  Also, have you noticed the constant compassionate references to 'Little Ishmail' and his poor family?  No mention of little David or Julia and their families, of course. Perhaps the answer lies there.

"In conclusion, I am convinced that above all other political aberrations Selective Policing is the definitive sign of a corrupted Establishment acting with malignant intent to a hidden agenda and thus, with reference to the two preceding questions, I regret that I must leave you to mentally fill in, in private, those details which we are not permitted to mention in the public domain or face being prosecuted for a hate crime if we do... damn! How Orwellian is that?" [Reader's comment at source]. 


Coronavirus Act: What Are We Consenting To?

"In the UK, it is worth recapping what it is we are consenting to with the Coronavirus Act:

  • We consent to increased State surveillance of ourselves and our family;
  • We are happy that we could be detained, without charge, because some state official suspects, or claims they suspect, we may be infected;
  • It is fine with us that we or our loved ones can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act on the recommendation of a single doctor and neither we nor they need to have the protection of a second opinion we are locked up;
  • We accept that the state can retain our biometric data and fingerprints for an extended period;
  • We consent that jury trials are a bit of an anachronism and Judges can hear more evidence by video or even audio link;
  • We think it's fine that the evidence required, and processes undertaken, to determine and record our or our loved ones' deaths can be eroded to the point where they can be registered by people with no medical or legal expertise at all;
  • We don't think the NHS needs to adhere to practice standards or bother with assessing the needs of some patients, especially older people;
  • We are also fine with the complete suspension of democracy in Britain;
  • We accept all of this based upon a unique subset of scientific opinion which, contrary t every known scientific principle, can never be questioned;
  • We agree with the MSM that people who question any aspect of the stories they tell us are dangerous because these people just don't care if their own loved ones die. Only true believers care about their families;
  • We also accept the need for the State to invest considerable resources creating counter disinformation units whose purpose is to censor anything and everything which questions our firmly held beliefs. The beliefs informed by many of the same people doing the censoring..." [source].




"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday ...
He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ...
he shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble ... and show him my salvation"
(Psalm 91)




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