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The Covid Enquiry (June 2023)
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0-19yrs = 99.997%,   20-49yrs = 99.98%,   50-69yrs = 99.5%,   70+yrs = 94.6%
[Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA].

"[The Enquiry]'s purpose is to cover and justify, not uncover"
[reader's comment at source]

"Never hold an inquiry unless you know what its outcomes will be"
[reader's comment at source]

"So, if we lie to the government, it's a felony.
But if they lie to us it's politics"

[Bill Murray]

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits"
"Prove all things: hold fast that which is good"
(1 John 4:1a; 1 Thessalonians 5:21)

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;
but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"
(2 Timothy 1:7)


Peace ~ Be Still ~ Lay All Your Worries Down
"Be still, O my soul, for our God is in control"



Articles and Videos

The Covid-19 Inquiry Is A Sham So Far  (15 December 2023)

"The Covid-19 Inquiry is the latest demonstration that UK public inquiries have long since been reduced to an unfunny joke at the expense of UK citizens, and one would have to be nave in the extreme to expect to find much of anything of value in the conclusions they publish.  One did, however, think that useful information might be found in the evidence inquiries gathered, but over the major issues which it should address the Covid-19 Inquiry will not yield any evidence allowing UK citizens to decide whether the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 constituted an emergency sufficient to justify lockdown..."

What I Told the Covid Inquiry  (30 June 2023)

"I hope that the Inquiry will recommend that a U.K. Government never embark on such oppressive treatment of citizens [sic] ever again.  There was always an alternative approach: to focus protection on the most vulnerable ad let life go on for everyone else.  Sweden got it mostly right.  Most of the rest of the world made the same horrible mistakes as in the U.K. and we will be living with the consequences for a long time to come."

Lies, Deceit and Everything Else the Covid Inquiry Won't Uncover  (30 June 2023)

"[W]e begin the process of a public inquiry which during the opening days has heard it suggested that austerity prevented adequate planning for just such an emergency.  Total nonsense, of course, but when lawyers can smell a winning number it is hard to differentiate between what is essential and what is trivial in an inquiry which will run for years and cost over 100million.  Those called to give evidence will be selected and we can be sure they won't include those expert individuals who expressed their thoughts and reservations during the three years since 2020..."

A Feather-Bedding for Matt Hancock  (29 June 2023)

"The Covid -19 Inquiry began on June 5.  The hearing is divided into four modules: Resilience and preparedness, Core UK decision-making and political governance, Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare, and Vaccines and therapeutics.  It is chaired by Baroness Hallet and will cost hundreds of millions of pounds.  The Inquiry is in no doubt that there was a pandemic.  Despite the fact that the excess death rate in 2020, when the Alpha virus was supposedly rampant, was not exceptional, the Inquiry Counsel Hugo Keith KC repeatedly refers to it as 'catastrophic'.  The organisers are also under the impression that Covid-19 is still a grave threat as attendees are required to take the discredited Lateral Flow Test to prove they are not plague carriers before they enter ... The message so far from the Inquiry seems to be: get ready for harder lockdowns, quarantines, more economic devastation, useless tests and miracle potions..."

The Unofficial UK Covid-19 Inquiry  (15 June 2023)

"The official UK Covid-19 Inquiry has no deadline and will probably run to a cost of over 200 million.  It will serve absolutely no useful purpose because it is asking the wrong questions to the wrong people.  It will result in a load of ill-informed opinions (always worthless) and ignore the evidence.  So, here is my unofficial inquiry.  It asks no questions of anyone and is completely unopinionated, relying entirely on evidence derived from official UK public data ... N.B. This inquiry took 4 hours to conduct and cost the UK tax payer 0.00."

My Eight Simple Questions for the Covid Inquiry  (06 April 2022)


Quotes and Comments

"What an absolute disgrace"  /  "Completely agree. And the worst is, those complicit and compliant in this disgrace will not only get off Scot free, but will be offered prime positions on directorships, while victims of this disgrace are dead or suffering long term illnesses from the coerced medical intervention that has made pharmaceutical companies (and their owners/funders) wealthy beyond any ordinary person's wildest dreams, added to boot, younger generations are now indoctrinated and influenced by their deeds. Our government is a disgrace to humanity. They are inhuman"  /  "It's the perfect scam and the scammers had the authority to award honours, buy praise throughout the media, cross populate committees, get directorships, books deals, media interviews - power, money, prestige - and are lined up to do the same in the next one. Meanwhile those who saw through it, stuck to their guns and fought for truth and common sense got fines, suspensions, sackings, cancellings, derision, demotions and the conspiracy theorist label that will keep them away from any future decision making"
[readers' comments at source].

"The pantomime continues. They could save the taxpayer a whole heap of money simply by publishing the results of the 'enquiry' as they have already been formulated, printed and locked away from the public gaze until they think enough time has elapsed and everyone has forgotten exactly what sort of tyranny they turned the UK into for a three-year trial run"  /  "Total farce. Didn't expect anything else. Are they really going to get away with this? And then there's the MSM continuing to print their lies. I wonder how many people can actually see this now. Websites outside of their control are very numerous now and add that to the injured and [their] families - this surely can't go on?" [readers' comments at source].

"The lies told by the Government, SAGE and the NHS ensured compliance, but we all know that not one member of any of these august bodies will ever be held responsible ... Amazingly coming out of the woodwork are politicos who now claim [they were] against the actions taken but could not stand up because of 'political unity' and the need to all pull together, as with all cowards, once the damage has been done they act as shocked as possible that democracy could be so easily dismantled. This enquiry is a Waste Of Time and will do nothing but prove that when the s*** hits the fan, it always lands on the tax payer not the perpetrator" [reader's comment at source].

""Will the session on Pandemic preparedness consider Event 201 in October 2019? Sorry, stupid question"  /  "Britain at its very best! An enquiry that does not enquire, but simply reinforces what those involved want everyone to know ... this country long ago refused to face reality"  /  It's another insult by the establishment against the taxpayers footing the bill. Like the Iraq war enquiry which finds no one guilty and where no acknowledgment of actual truth intrudes on the cosy group. A British speciality!"
[readers' comments at source].

"Those in charge of this 'whitewash' will have been briefed on what exactly their findings will be. They'll be reading from a prepared script and those giving 'evidence' will set themselves up as victims rather than perpetrators. Why is it that it's left to those of us who didn't succumb to the government's fear mongering and propaganda to ask and to keep on asking these questions never to receive answers from 'authorities' who believe they are above the law? Those of us who didn't get jabbed with the poisons, refused to be banged up like criminals or wear useless masks?  The only others asking questions are those (so far) who have been injured by the poisons, those who died from the stuff being unable to make their case ... This 'enquiry' is nothing but an(other) government/criminality a***-covering exercise"
[readers' comments at source].

"Those running it have also been briefed to only as the 'approved' questions and to steer well clear of what should be asked such as were the lockdowns necessary, did they cause more harm than good, why do the covid jabs still only have experimental status, why is there a higher death rate now than during the lockdowns, are the lockdowns responsible for more deaths than they originally saved, was covid the real cause of many of the deaths, why did countries which didn't lockdown such as Sweden fare far better, where did all the PPE money really go etc etc"
[reader's comment at source].

"[M]ore, harder, longer lockdowns?"  /  "They all played their part well in the show ... the star of the show himself Matt Hancock ... Sniff, it brings tears to my eyes. And there we have it. The narrative nicely shifted onto not whether people should have been injected with an untested bioweapon or whether there should have been any restrictions at all or misuse of midazolam - but his real failure was that he was incompetent at imposing lockdowns and he didn't do it fast enough.  As for vaccine damage it wasn't mentioned at all by our 'forensic' lawyer friend"
[readers' comments at source].

"This is like a Soviet show-trial in reverse. The initial brief is to exonerate with no regard for credibility. Embarrassing"  /  "Someone like Dr Mike Yeadon should be cross examining [Matt Hancock] not the pussyfooting members of that inquiry"  /  "When you get the criminals doing an enquiry into themselves, you're not going to get anything but a whitewash. They decide what questions to ask and avoid the tricky ones. Independent in an enquiry simply means that we taxpayers pay for it"  /  "According to Hansard, the record of Parliamentary proceedings, only 6500 people in the UK died OF covid between March 2020 and December 2021. The Inquiry whitewash should be ignored ... the outcome of this Inquiry is to validate membership of the WHO scamdemic plan and facilitate harder, faster, and more destructive lockdowns and mandates"
[readers' comments at source].

"Please. The purpose of this enquiry is NOT to ask difficult or resolving questions but to simply rubber stamp approval for the WHO approach to future (later this year, early next) pandemics"  /  "I am still trying to get my head around what 'harder, earlier and wider' would actually look like. Which may be more than a mere academic exercise, since this rictus-faced hoodlum seems hooked on the idea that it is going to happen; and he has a hell of a lot more insider knowledge than most of the rest of us. I therefore have to presume that the next time around we will be treated to an absolute full-on police state lockdown ('harder'); imposed with savage brutality even before the confirmation that there is another killer virus on the loose ('earlier'); and that nobody will be granted exemption no matter what they are doing ('wider').  Except of course the rules will not apply to either the armed thugs on the government payroll roaming the streets with orders to arrest anyone out of doors without a jab passport and a movement permit, or of course government ministers who will be above their own rules, just as they were before. It sure will be a pretty picture"
[readers' comments at source]. 

"When do we expect the next Gates/WHO/Pharma scamdemic?"  /  "After they have brought in the digital IDs, and the WHO rules, so some time after November this year, I guess.  My guess is another pandemic, and then a cyber-attack with the internet going down to follow. Food shortages ware planned for 2025, if that Romanian UN whistleblower (Calin Georgescu) is to be be believed.  That would be consistent with stopping a large %age of Dutch farmer from planting crops in 2024 (if they succeed in doing that).  What fun times we live in!  EDIT: this post was meant to be black humour, but I kept getting side-tracked by facts..."
[readers' comments at source].

"The purpose of the enquiry isn't to find out what should have been done. We all know that and don't need an enquiry. The purpose is at best to clear politicians and bureaucrats of the crimes they have committed and at worst to establish all the crazy covid measures as the appropriate precedent for future 'pandemics', except faster and more forcefully ... The only letter worth sending to these cronies is one that says 'The government's covid measures were draconian and ineffective and if they try them again I will not comply' "  /  "Indeed. Another purpose is to cement the Big Lie that 'covid' was exceptional"  /  "The conclusion of this farce of an enquiry has already been made. You'll be getting more of the same in 2025"  /  "The usual format of any sort of 'official' inquiry is to arrange to have the wrong people asking the wrong questions of more wrong people and coming up, years later, with the wrong answer ... I speculate that this Covid Inquiry will be no different, and the total collapse of investigative journalism is not helping to resolve the matter. The irony of all this in relation to the three current contentious topics (Climate, Covid, Gender), is that the perpetrators all say they are 'following the Science' or 'moving to a consensus', when in reality they are doing the opposite" [readers' comments at source].

"The Inquiry has been rigged from the start to decide that lockdowns were justified and, although mistakes were made, the restrictions were necessary and successful. But 'lessons will be learned' for the future ones, which the WHO (safely above democratic accountability) will impose"  /  "I'm afaid I can't write to the Inquiry detailing the distress the lockdowns caused me... because I largely ignored the lunacy and, as much as possible, I lived my life fairly normally breaking the guidance and quite often the 'rules' since I read the Statutory Instrument and understood that it was extremely badly drafted and probably unenforceable. The authorities were relying on people being scared into compliance. I'm not easily scared"  /  "I wonder if a lot of us who never got the jab, saw through it all from the start, are mainly not easily scared"
[readers' comments at source].


Questions for the Covid Enquiry

"I want this enquiry to answer the big questions:

  • How could lockdowns be justified?  Where was the evidence?
  • How could face covering mandates be justified?  Where was the evidence?
  • How could all the fear-mongering be justified?
  • How could all the weird and ever-changing rules be justified?  Where was the evidence?
  • How much harm was done to health, both physical and mental, by the non-pharmaceutical measures taken in response to Covid?
  • Why was no cost benefit analysis done before lockdowns?
  • Why weren't we told the truth about the vaccines, that they do not stop a person getting Covid or passing onto others?
  • Why were we nudged, pressurised and manipulated using behavioral psychology techniques?
  • Why were alternative approaches from many highly qualified experts censored, ridiculed and silenced?" [source].

"Good questions indeed.  Could add plenty more:

  • Why the change in MCCD in March 2020?
  • Why no debate about the PCR tests and why no proof they work?
  • Where was SARS 'II' isolated, why no proof of its existence?
  • What happened to 30K dead between March and May 2020?  If the virus was present in Fall 2019 why a March 2020 lockdown?
  • Why did Hancock roll out 2 million doses of midazolam starting in March 2020?
  • Why did the death rate not change overall and why did other categories of death suffer a decline (eg cancer, dementia, respiratory), were these not moved to Rona?
  • Why did the scamdemic suddenly end when Vlad the Invader got busy, and why did the 'cases' fall to zero when the free fake PCR testing was stopped?
  • What happened to all the money - how much fraud, graft, theft etc. and when will there be an audit eg. track n trace and 34 bn wasted.
  • etc" [reader's comment at source].


The Murder Enquiry

"Here is an interesting bit of data for you:  In 2020 excess daily death rates above the five-year average amounted to 204.  In 2023 (to date) they amount to 250.  This represents a 23% higher death toll this year than the year of the 'pandemic' yet what a difference a year makes: 2020 - hysteria.  2023 - silence.  Within my extremely small circle of social contacts I know of a number of deaths and injuries over the last couple of years.  All related to blood clots.  All aged below 60 with one aged just 24.  The Covid Inquiry should be termed The Murder Inquiry" [Paul Weston, comment at source].


History Repeats...

"Unless a lot more people wake up there will be another plandemic with lockdowns and jabs not merely mandated but cast iron law.  People like me will be arrested and imprisoned.  This is very real and very frightening.  The enslavement of most of the human population is on the horizon"  /  "Unfortunately the next pandemic is 'baked in' in conjunction with the envisaged WHO treaty.  The UK has stockpiles of the 'new' vaccine already to deal with the planned pandemic.  History repeats itself and we will try to live through the new tyranny unfolding.  Remember Solzhenitsyn's sentiment in respect of Lenin's pogroms: 'If we knew then, what we know now, we would not have left our homes (for the gulags) but fought them tooth and nail.'   The 'good news' is some 25% of the population is unjabbed, well above the sub 10% envisaged at this stage.  The original plan was for a minimum 2 year hard lockdown which was not achieved.  More of the jabbed are saying no more so there is real hope during these dark, evil times"  /  "If the WHO gets its way, it will be hard for anyone to say no more.  But not impossible.  'With God all things are possible.'   There's a huge Resistance out there"  /  "In January 2020, just before the first lockdown, I went to the cinema one Saturday afternoon to watch Terrence Malick's masterpiece 'A Hidden Life'.  It tells the true story of an Austrian conscientious objector who refused to take an oath of loyalty to the little dictator with the moustache.  Despite knowing the consequences of his resistance, he stuck to his refusal.  He was imprisoned and eventually executed for his defiance to the state" [readers' comments at source].


Believing Absurdities

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities" (Voltaire)

"Well, we're now living in a time where a huge chunk of the global population seem to believe that wearing a face-nappy or a face-shield, and quarantining the healthy, and destroying the economy, and putting millions out of work, and not treating cancer patients, and preventing dying people from having family at their bedside in their final hours, ands keeping humanity from each other with anti-social distancing, and treating school-children like this: ... and this: ... and this: ... is somehow justified.  These are absurdities.  And the vast majority of people either firmly believe in them, or at the very least, tacitly endorse them through lack of resistance ...

"But with sufficient amounts of fear and propaganda pumped into their brains for months on end, [people have] been convinced that to protect them from a virus with the same fatality rate as the flu, they believe it is justified to wear a face-mask.  Re-breathing in their own CO2, compromising their immune systems, and even breathing through [the mask] when it's soaking wet and thus increasing their chances of becoming actually sick.

"What can one say about the mindset of a populace that is comprised of docile, reprogrammable sheep, with a herd mentality and no critical or rational thinking?  That, I fear, may be a society that will permit tyranny, and even atrocities, because it lacks the ability to question media messaging, government mandates, and reflect on the nature of reality and their own behaviour.  Moreover, a people who have outsourced their critical and reasoning ability to someone else, will soon find that evil flourishes in a moral vacuum.

"Truly horrific outcomes become possible, when the populace at large have been trained to place their unwavering trust in authority and simply obey government mandates without question" [source].


20 Things I've Learned...

"20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During the 'Pandemic':

  • Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right;
  • At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions;
  • Fear of death is only rivalled by the fear of social disapproval.  The latter could be stronger;
  • Propaganda is just as effective in the modern day as it was 100 years ago.  Access to limitless information has not made the average person any wiser;
  • Anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, government, and those who trust them;
  • Many politicians and large corporations will gladly sacrifice human lives if it is conducive to their political and financial aspirations;
  • Most people believe the government acts in the best interests of the people.  Even many who are vocal critics of the government;
  • Once they have made up their mind, most people would rather commit to being wrong, than admit they were wrong;
  • Humans can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to significantly alter their behaviours - for better or worse;
  • When sufficiently frightened, most people will not only accept authoritarianism, but demand it;
  • People who are dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists' are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative;
  • Most people value safety and security more than freedom and liberty, even if said 'safety' is merely an illusion;
  • Hedonic adaptation occurs in both directions, and once inertia sets in, it is difficult to get people back to 'normal';
  • A significant percentage of people thoroughly enjoy being subjugated;
  • 'The Science' has evolved into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West.  This religion has little to do with science itself;
  • Most people care more about looking like they are doing the right things, rather than actually doing the right thing;
  • Politics, the media, science, and the healthcare industries are all corrupt, to varying degrees.  Scientists and doctors can be bought as easily as politicians;
  • If you make people comfortable enough, they will not revolt.  You can keep millions docile as you strip their rights, by giving them money, food, and entertainment;
  • Modern people are overly complacent and lack vigilance when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government overreach;
  • It's easier to fool a person than to convince them they have been fooled" [quoted in a reader's comment at source].


What is Covid-19?

"Covid-19 is supposedly a pneumonia as a complication of SARS-COV-2, but ...

  • For most people, Covid-19 is a mild illness which is never confirmed as being due to SARS-COV-2, but the perception of reality is created by official general prognosis,
  • A developed SARS-COV-2 infection could be flu, or even a bacterial infection, and Covid-19, or the pneumonia associated with it, would in fact arise as a complication due to these other causations,
  • Pneumonia or severe respiratory complications can occur from a treatment for cancer - which incriminates other pre-existing conditions in combination with their medical treatments,
  • Meanwhile, quite astonishingly, there is no acknowledgement of what might be true Covid-19, which is an infection of the lungs related to the interaction between SARS-COV/SARS-COV-2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) that is promoted in treatment by prescribed drugs.

"[T]he UK Government's reaction to Covid-19 has been way beyond anything anyone could call proportional. It has been unnecessarily, grotesquely exaggerated, and pointlessly damaging" [source].


Coronavirus Act: What Are We Consenting To?

"In the UK, it is worth recapping what it is we are consenting to with the Coronavirus Act:

  • We consent to increased State surveillance of ourselves and our family;
  • We are happy that we could be detained, without charge, because some state official suspects, or claims they suspect, we may be infected;
  • It is fine with us that we or our loved ones can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act on the recommendation of a single doctor and neither we nor they need to have the protection of a second opinion we are locked up;
  • We accept that the state can retain our biometric data and fingerprints for an extended period;
  • We consent that jury trials are a bit of an anachronism and Judges can hear more evidence by video or even audio link;
  • We think it's fine that the evidence required, and processes undertaken, to determine and record our or our loved ones' deaths can be eroded to the point where they can be registered by people with no medical or legal expertise at all;
  • We don't think the NHS needs to adhere to practice standards or bother with assessing the needs of some patients, especially older people;
  • We are also fine with the complete suspension of democracy in Britain;
  • We accept all of this based upon a unique subset of scientific opinion which, contrary to every known scientific principle, can never be questioned;
  • We agree with the MSM that people who question any aspect of the stories they tell us are dangerous because these people just don't care if their own loved ones die. Only true believers care about their families;
  • We also accept the need for the State to invest considerable resources creating counter disinformation units whose purpose is to censor anything and everything which questions our firmly held beliefs. The beliefs informed by many of the same people doing the censoring..." [source].


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"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday ...
He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ...
he shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble ... and show him my salvation"
(Psalm 91)




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