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Agenda 21 / 2030
and Sustainable Development
"The Planned Global Control of All Land, Assets, Resources, and People"

"The Future isn't bleak.  It's empty.  It has nothing in it at all.
Grey boxes stacked behind grey doors in grey shops staffed by grey people ... What's coming is a new Dark Age
 ... You know the worst part? An awful lot of people will just accept that grey world.
They won't do anything about it at all and they will report any who try.
It's happened before in individual countries but this time it's global.
This time there is no wall to climb over"

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"Agenda 21 refers to the brainchild of globalists put forth in a 40-chapter document initiated by the United Nations ... It's all part of the plan to reshape the world by having regular people give up their independence and adopt world government. Under the auspices of 'fighting climate change' and 'sustainable development', regular people would be forced to live like they were in a third-world country. Items that are deemed 'unsustainable' by global government bureaucrats would become prohibitively expensive and rationed. For example, under the dubious science put forth by 'scientists' on the payroll of globalists, the use of petroleum and the consumption of meat would be discouraged, as both run contrary to this international environmental program. of course, these rules would not apply to the globalists, who would still have all the money to afford gas and quality food" [American Free Press, 04 October 2010, p8].

"Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN's vision for a centrally managed global society. This contract binds governments around the world to the UN's plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate - all under the noble banner of saving the earth. If fully implemented, Agenda 21 would have the government involved in every aspect of life of every human on earth" [source].

"Agenda 21 is not an environmental management policy, but an attempt to impose a global centrally planned quasi-government administered by the United Nations. Under Agenda 21 all central government and local authority signatories are required to conform strictly to a common prescribed standard and hence this is just communism resurrected in a new guise" [source].

"Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by every person on earth. ... [I]t calls for specific changes in the activities of all people. ... Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound orientation of all humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced" [Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993), quoted at source].

"Make no mistake, this legislation is all about redistribution of wealth, restricting land use and forcing a UN-inspired, one-size-fits all, one world agenda on all of us. Our way of life has never been 'good enough' for the UN and the globalist toadies in our own government. They think we have too much wealth, use too much energy and take up too much space. Their response is to chop us down to size by 'spreading the wealth' around, along with restricting the size and type of houses we live in and the amount of land available to us for development" [John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty, quoted in: American Free Press, 04 October 2010, p.8].

"Agenda 21 ... emphasizes 'the collective' over the individual, ... it's been branded a conspiracy theory among adults while children are learning about it in school. ... while the notion has been reserved largely for theoretical papers thus far, ... it is growing legs in America's academic curriculum and [is] connected to ... two programs called Common Core and CSCOPE" [source].

"I want all local authorities in the UK to adopt Local Agenda 21 strategies by the year 2000" [Tony Blair, at the UN General Assembly, New York, 23 June 1997].

"Sustainable Development, as outlined in Agenda 21 and the subsequent Earth Charter, is the driving force behind what Al Gore calls a 'wrenching transformation' that society must endure to repair what he perceives as the damage of the 20th century's Industrial Revolution. It is the same Industrial Revolution that gave us modern transportation, medicine, indoor plumbing, healthy drinking water, central heating, air conditioning, and electric light. Sustainable Development is not about environmental clean up of rivers, air and litter. It is an all-encompassing socialist scheme to combine social welfare programs with government control of private business, socialized medicine, national zoning controls of private property and restructuring of school [curricula] which serves to indoctrinate children into politically correct group think" [source].

"Flood victims who can't understand why the Environment Agency puts the requirements of a coastal nature sanctuary before the protection of people's homes and livelihoods should look up Agenda 21 on the internet. Under this agenda, being followed internationally at the behest of the United Nations, the Environment Agency is tutored by the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment to prioritise the sustainable development of the non-human environment when it conflicts with sustaining the present levels of humanity which tend to be destructive of that environment. This assessment states baldly that the world can't go on maintaining a human population of seven billion (and rising) when the optimum population for full biodiversity would be one billion. You've probably never heard of Agenda 21 because those who are implementing it would prefer you to remain unaware of its plans for your future" [Letter to Daily Mail, 31 January 2014].

"Maurice Strong, Club of Rome member, devout Bahai, founder and first Secretary General of United Nations Environment Programme, has been the driving force behind the birth and imposition of Agenda 21. While he chaired the Earth Summit, outside his wife Hanne and 300 followers called the Wisdom Keepers, continuously beat drums, chanted prayers to Gaia, and tended sacred flames in order to 'establish and hold the energy field' for the duration of the summit" [source].

"Sustainable Development is ostensibly concerned with the environment; it is more concerned with restructuring the governmental system of the world's nations so that all the people of the world will be the subjects of a global collective. ... When Sustainable Development is implemented, ordinary people will be left unprotected from de facto decrees placing nature above man [EMcD: Witness the UK floods, especially in Somerset, in February of 2014], while relegating man to the status of a 'biological resource'" [Understanding Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 - A Guide for Public Officials, Prepared by Freedom 21, Santa Cruz, (01 January 2009), pp.10-11].

"Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many ... who would actively work to defeat any elected official ... undertaking Local Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else, such as 'comprehensive planning', 'growth management', or 'smart growth'
[Lawrence, J. Gary, 'The Future of Local Agenda 21 in the New Millennium', The Millennium Papers, UNED-UK, Issue 2, (1998), p.3, quoted in Understanding Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 - A Guide for Public Officials, Prepared by Freedom 21, Santa Cruz, (01 January 2009), p.6].

"The transformation of free societies into collectivised societies through Sustainable Development ensures the presence of a ruling elite which, by definition, ultimately excludes all but a very select few" [Understanding Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 - A Guide for Public Officials, Prepared by Freedom 21, Santa Cruz, (01 January 2009), p.18].

"Sustainable Development is restructuring our lives, and is targeting our children through an educational regime that seeks to develop collectivist attitudes, values, and beliefs" [Understanding Sustainable Development - Agenda 21 - A Guide for Public Officials, Prepared by Freedom 21, Santa Cruz, (01 January 2009), p.21].

"Agenda 21 proposes a global regime that will monitor, oversee, and strictly regulate our planet's oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, aquifers, sea beds, coastlands, wetlands, forests, jungles, grasslands, farmland, deserts, tundra, and mountains. It even has a whole section on regulating and 'protecting' the atmosphere. It proposes plans for cities, towns, suburbs, villages, and rural areas. It envisions a global scheme for healthcare, education, nutrition, agriculture, labor, production, and consumption - in short, everything; there is nothings on, in, over, or under the Earth that doesn't fall within the purview of some part of Agenda 21" [William F. Jasper, 'Your Hometown & the United Nations' Agenda 21', The New American, 10 February 2011].

"According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components: global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction" [The American Policy Center].

"While liberal journalists continue to claim that Agenda 21 is just a 'conspiracy theory' being advanced by right-wing crackpots, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL) have released their fourth Draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development. This document was designed from the beginning to convert the 'soft-law', non-binding Agenda 21 into firmly binding global law - enforceable through the International Criminal Court and/or the dispute resolution features of the Convention on the Law of the Sea" [source].

"The UN Global Biodiversity Assessment considers grazing of livestock, fencing of pastures, modern farm production, logging, fossil fuels etc to be 'non-sustainable'. The destruction of modern agriculture will lead to massive starvation. Tragically that is what is intended" [Expose and Reject the Sustainable Communities Bill].

"James Lovelock, ... claims society should retreat to 'climate-controlled cities' and give up on large expanses of land which will become uninhabitable. ... The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is expected to say the world will need a 'Plan B' because it is unlikely countries will reduce carbon emissions in time. ... 'In a changing climate cities are most [sic] less vulnerable to external heat than our [sic] individuals. If most of us lived in cities, as it seems we soon will do, the regulation of the climate of these cities might be far easier, more economic and safer option in a hot climate than the regulation by geoengineering of the whole planet'." [source].

"Intellectuals are naturally attracted by the idea of a planned society, in the belief that they will be in charge of it" [Roger Scruton].

"To make our physical environment more community-friendly, our homes, places of work, streets, and public spaces - whole developments, suburbs, and even whole cities - need to be designed to enhance the Communitarian nexus" [quoted in source].

"The world you describe [the grey world, the new Dark Age] is easy to visualise by anyone who has read beyond the corporate media. That world is all too real for those the state tramples on but which is all but ignored by the media. Is it any wonder that those who consider themselves to be 'mainstream' simply cannot see what is right in front of their noses? We [in the West] seem to have forgotten what 'liberty' means, and as a result, we've lost it" / "It's the old 'hide a book in a library' trick. Everything is in plain sight so nobody suspects a thing. Then there's the 24/7 imposed pace of life. Workers are expected to always be available, always have that phone on them and answer within seconds. There is no free time to think abut anything so they rely on 'experts' who can now just make up any old c**p and the drones accept it. Not because they're stupid ... but because they don't have the time to think. When they have a bit of free time, there are all the circuses on TV..." [comments at source].

"As I've been warning you about Agenda 21 for over 20 years, nearly every community in the [USA] has already put together their comprehensive plans to impose Sustainable Development Smart Growth policy that controls development, energy use, water use, and enforces public transportation over your private use of your car. In every one of those communities that have put these plans in place - they have taken HUD (Housing and Urban Development) grants to pay for it. Now ... the federal government, through AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule), is becoming nothing less than a dictatorship. As I have issued my warning over the years, people laughed when I said SD turned your communities into little Soviets.  Well - here it is: AFFH is redistribution of wealth; AFFH is destruction of private property ownership; AFFH is a top down dictatorship that destroys local control. But let's not beat around the bush. Let's call AFFH what it really is: Communism" [source].

"The sheer fatuousness of Marx's mantra [from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs] is breathtaking. Who decides what an individual's ability is, and what his needs are? Dictators such as Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot, to name just a few of the humanitarian totalitarians that ran amok in the 20th century? The fact that there are supposedly educated people, even now, promoting Marx as 'still having something to say to us' (Jeremy Corbyn quote) is enough to make one shudder. There were pro-soviet academic fools in the 1930s (the ones who weren't full-time spies founded the BBC), and the leftover Marx fanboys of today are twice as objectionable for not having learned the harsh lessons of history" [comment at source].

"Environmentalists always want to return to what once was. Well now it appears they will experience a new arising of the Dark Ages"  /  "Think LONG TERM. What would your ancestors have done? They would not rely on buying candles... they would learn how to MAKE THEIR OWN CANDLES. The people who survive hardships are those who learn to make the parameters of hardship part of their life - in the end, winter becomes the great separator between those who can, and those who can't and never will... so they are a permanent dependency class, that drags everyone else down to their level, to continue paying for them (the dependency class). BLACKOUT cancels all that out. No more programs, no more bureaucrats, no more liberalist themes - there is no surplus to provide food for foolishness to flourish. When everyone has to use common sense and hard principles to look after themselves, dependency-minded people will no longer be a social problem"
[comments at source].


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Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid!

"Just because it sounds like a conspiracy theory ... doesn't mean it's not real.

"On the contrary, it's so real that at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit no fewer than 179 nations - Britain and the US included - signed up to it.  They did so because, it being a non-binding agreement, they thought it didn't matter.  But that's the evil genius of Agenda 21 - the most far-reaching, constrictive and dangerous environmental code of practice ever devised, which looks so harmless and boring merely reading the first paragraph of its principles acts like super-strength Mogadon.

"Viz: '1.1 Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill-health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being...' yadda, yadda. Zzzzzzz.

"Don't be fooled.  Even as you read these words some busybody activist group is using Agenda 21 as a justification for taking your money, limiting your freedoms, diminishing your living standards - all to achieve the noble goals in that charter I briefly quoted above before you and I both fell asleep.

"What's it all about?  Pretty much everything you ever hated about pettifogging environmentalist bureaucracy gone mad, basically: zoning restrictions; anti-car measures; climate change initiatives; higher taxes; fines for incorrect recycling; green activists on the local government payroll as climate change officers; public transport converted - at your expense - to run on biofuels; leaflets (paid for by you, again) lecturing you on how to live your life more sustainably.

"Agenda 21 is the strategic arm of the sustainable development industry. Its tactical wing - the part that translates its airy precepts into immensely tedious reality - are the Local Agenda 21 (LA21) subgroups which you'll find everywhere from Berkeley, California to Dallas, Texas to Finland to Zimbabwe.  These groups in turn are co-ordinated by a UN-funded umbrella group called ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.

"Your eyes are glazing over once more.  You find all this dull, involved and wearisome.  Of course, you do.  You pay your local council for the basic amenities and services you need - rubbish disposal, street lighting, road maintenance etc. - not because you want it to solve third world poverty, eliminate sexual inequality, combat climate change, address overpopulation or redistribute income.

"Yet behind the scenes, this is exactly what Agenda 21 is being used to justify.  You didn't vote for it.  You weren't consulted.  Yet these values - which may be alien to everything you believe in - have now been absorbed, as if by osmosis, to form a key part of your local council's policy.

"That's Agenda 21: the blueprint for green tyranny"

[James Delingpole, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, pp.5-6].




Three Views of the Earth
Berit Kjos (1992)

Deep Ecology (Biocentric)

Humanist Green Activism (Anthropocentric)

Christian Stewardship (Theocentric)




Mother Earth evolved, and nurtures and organizes her parts

Earth and man evolved by chance

God created the earth and its inhabitants

Humans and animals are expressions of Mother Earth

Human animals are responsible for earth

God told His people to use and care for the earth

Wisdom from Nature

Wisdom from self

Wisdom from God (the Bible)

Connect with Gaia through ritual, celebration, drugs, meditation, sex

Connect with nature through human mind, emotions, experience

Commune with God through prayer, praise, biblical meditation

Help Earth save herself by hearing her spirit and heeding her wisdom (spiritism)

Save Earth by trusting human nature

Care for the earth by trusting God's Word, receiving His strength and guidance




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