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"Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? ... I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job chapters 38-41)

"all things were created by him and for him: and He is before all things, and by him all things consist" (Colossians 1:15-17).
"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:21-22).
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation 21:1,5a).

Energy Control and Green Energy

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Our Carbon Footprint

"The next revolution in the Sustainable Development saga appears to be the use of Global Warming hysteria to implement a global carbon tax or carbon credit trading system. this will give the United Nations, or whatever hierarchy oversees the system, complete control of the world's economy. Fossil fuels are the life blood of an economy. One barrel of oil contains 23,000 hours of human work output. Controlling the amount of oil that can be consumed, and taxing its consumption, will complete the Sustainable Development agenda of controlling and reducing human activity in order to protect Mother Earth from her greatest enemy - humans!"

"If you ask [Greenpeace members] for the name of any mine that is operating in an environmentally acceptable standard you will draw a blank. They have become so cornered by their own extremism that they must deny their daily use of cell phones, computers, bicycles, rapid transit, and yes, the simple teaspoon"
[quoted at: source].



"It is ironic that we appear to be rushing headlong towards destabilising our electricity supply at a time when society is more energy dependent than ever before. How can industry survive without a reliable energy supply? ... what will happen when the precious snowflakes cannot recharge their mobile phones and laptops. No Google, no tweeting, no nothing! How will they communicate with each other? By word of mouth or embracing the alien concept of putting pen to paper? A generation would be struck dumb, or perhaps that's the whole idea"
[comment at source].

"I think [a realistic] scenario is where petrol cars, oil heating and woodburners have been banned, and we are dependent upon electricity for everything. Make too much trouble for the government? restrictions on your electricity supply! If this sounds far-fetched, then remember that a generation ago, nobody would have thought that your income would be cut off for being the wrong kind of political activist, or your ability to make financial transactions would be restricted. Yet these things are commonplace today"
[comment at source].


Eco-Mobility / Transport

"Just wait until petrol and diesel cars are banned in the UK as is proposed in Ireland from 2030. Those that can afford to buy an electric car will be in for a bit of a shock when there is no electricity supply to charge them"  /  "it's a false economy. Electric cars use more energy than petrol cars. The petrol has to be burnt at the power station and then transferred into electricity, and then into the car's battery, wherein immediately it begins to dissipate. Electric cars use far more energy than diesel or petrol to run. But they won't tell you that"  /  "Ireland has stated that they will stop allowing fuel powered vehicles being registered after 2025. But they haven't announced the large increase in power generation required to support an electrical transport fleet, so the only conclusion possible, outside that they are complete idiots, is that they are planning to destroy the economy and so no transport will be needed!"
[comments at source].


Green Energy, Fracking, Shale Gas

"According to sustainablist doctrine, the idea behind forcing shortages and higher prices for energy will make us change our behaviour, and so change how we live by forcing us to use less energy. In that way society will lower its standards and needs to match the lower output of wind and solar power, And that, they say, is how we will reach true sustainability; sacrificing modern society and giving up our standard of living"

"While the federal government spends billions in grants to fund for the alternative energy industry, wind and solar contribute only about 2-3% to our energy supply, and contribute only when the sun shines or the wind is blowing - since they cannot be stored. And ironically, any sizeable solar or wind installation still requires a conventional fossil fuel backup generator power plant, again proving that alternative fuel is so highly inefficient that critics can comfortably label them as a waste of money and resources"

"Fracking may or may not be a safe method of securing our energy requirements. ... but the point is that fracking is just the latest manifestation of capitalism to be brought before the public. And it is capitalism that they are after. As [James Delingpole] says, the greenies are 'watermelons', green [outside], but cut them open, and they are bright red"
[Comment at: source].

"Commenting on this story a couple of days ago I wrote how genuinely frightening it was to hear the police say they couldn't guarantee the safety of the Cuadrilla site, the operators of which had every legal right to carry out their exploratory drilling. I added that you could imagine the howls of protest there would be from the liberal-left which provides most of the support for these environmental protests, and their mouthpieces in The Guardian and the BBC if police said the same about demonstrators protesting against the building of a wind farm ... But then on yesterday's news the police were quoted a saying that they couldn't even guarantee to prevent intruders from getting into the site either. The same report, accompanied by a twanging [of] guitars and folk music, described the protestors' camp as a 'mini-Glastonbury' complete with a 'tranquillity' tent, whatever that was supposed to be. I fully expected TV news pictures of long-haired protestors legging it over the fences or battered [sic] down the gates of the Cuadrilla site while shirt-sleeved, helmet-less bobbies, pranced around and joined in the chorus of 'Give peace a Chance' with flower waving demonstrators. This is mob rule by any definition but because it's a leftie mob the police buckle despite the fact that Cuadrilla is doing nothing more than what it is legally entitled to do. It was the same with the trashing of fields of crops grown during studies into genetic modification, or animal rights activists physically threatening premises and people involved in medical research. There is a genuinely fascist element within these groups where the democratic process and the rule of law can be similarly trashed by professional protestors and rent-a-crowders. But they seem to get away with it because so many of those in power today still look back with fondness to their own flower-power, music festival come protests of the late 60's and probably wish they could dig their own 'Che Guevara' T-shirts, flares and cheese-cloth tie-dyes out of the attic and join in. And how typical Vivienne Westwood's [sic] was on hand to support the protestors when all she's ever contributed to the general good and betterment of society is to make millions from that most narcissistic, insubstantial and ephemeral of self-indulgent activities, fashion. But then when it comes to narcissistic, insubstantial, ephemeral and self-indulgent, doesn't that just about sum up the 60s anyway?"
[Comment at: source].

"What do all these protestors do for a living? Do they take a week off from work? Perhaps it's all demo-leave. Or are they all on benefits, paid for by pensioners who can't afford to keep themselves warm with the outrageous and rising cost of energy, that shale gas might reduce"
[Comment at: source].

"[I]s there a deliberate anti-human Malthusian eugenics plan to de-industrialise and depopulate the west beneath the lie of global overpopulation? If not, then why deny us abundant safe energy sources in favour of costly unsustainable failures following decades of global warming hoaxes/ While people are forced to freeze to death, end up on the streets or are humiliated into being unable to feed themselves without government food parcels, why, oh why, are we being forced to leave abundant cheap energy such as shale gas in the ground? is this about the powers that shouldn't be hogging the energy or is it perhaps a green attack on the most vulnerable? To zealots of the depopulation movement priesthood I have this to say - 'you go first, kill yourself ands I'll watch and see how you get on, teach by example.' But I think I've already decided - I'm pro-life"
[Joe Scanlan, Environment Correspondent, Sovereign Independent UK].

"A group of over fifty lecturers and professors has written to the Guardian newspaper in support of fracking and shale gas exploitation in the abundant Bowland Shale in North-east England. ... It's quite possible that, given their educational background and training, they know slightly more about the the subject than the group of fashion designers, installation artists, pop stars, children of rich celebrities, green activists, actors and models who signed that letter the other day demanding that fracking should be stopped. Then again, perhaps not. As I'm sure Radiohead's Thom Yorke or designer Stella McCartney or public intellectual Russell Brand would happily confirm, every one of these scientific experts is tainted by their association with the Big Oil industry and therefore cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Unlike, say, their fellow signatories wind farm developer Dale Vince, Greenpeace or Friends Of The Earth, none of whom have any vested interest whatsoever in promulgating the global warming scare and the green energy scam, apart from the small fact that it makes them millions and millions of pounds"

"It took a Freedom of Information request by think tank Renewable Energy Foundation to prise out the unpalatable fact that household electricity prices will rise by up to 40 per cent by the end of the decade (an increase of 250 a year on average) as a result of the Government's green energy policies including subsidies to wind farms and solar power and the introduction of smart meters. The Government disputes this saying that the costs are offset by energy efficiency savings and that bills will in fact go down. But the Department of Energy and Climate Change deemed the tables detailing these changes were too 'confusing' and withheld them. To furious bill payers this information will seem alarming as well as confusing and many will take with a pinch of salt any reassurances that bills from energy companies will ever go down. These increases in electricity prices will also have a devastating effect on small to medium-sized businesses who necessarily will be forced to pass on the rises to the consumer. Yet again the customer loses out. The Government must know that its public is infuriated by the way that energy prices are ramped up several times a year seemingly in deference to the demands of the green agenda. To have the information about further price hikes kept from the public as well only adds insult to injury"
[Editorial Comment, Daily Express, 15 December 1014].

"The UK and much of Europe have sizeable shale gas reserves, and could become largely insulated from Russian gas dependence if they would get their collective heads out of their rears and develop those assets. But then they'd have to admit that this Globull Climate Change scare is all a giant hoax, and that they've scammed their taxpayers for decades. Oh well, best to continue building those 50 meter bird blenders and destroying the countryside (and the economy)"
[comment at source].


Renewable Energy

"When will our stupid 'masters' wake up to the fact that 'renewable energy' does not work for a large economy? The cost will sky-rocket and the poor will be unable to pay for their electricity, whereas the rich will hardly notice. How fair and renewable is that???????"  /  "They already know. They are driving the masses into poverty and retaining control"  /  "At only a small fraction of the total electrical supply renewables have significantly increased pricing even doubled in some regions. So expect more of the same as the fully functional coal, gas, nuclear, and hydro, yes hydro, are destroyed in favour of these insane but oh so profitable renewable generation systems!"  /  "Seems like getting enough supply would be a smarter play. But then that doesn't meet the requirement to destroy western civilisation"  /  "Exactly and it really irritates me how so many of our fellow plebs refuse point-blank to see that huge RED elephant in the room. The UN and other Marxist organizations are not only admitting this invented hoax is not and never was about 'saving the planet', or the environment, but is a Trojan Horse in which to hide their actual agenda: to usher in global totalitarian, socialist governance"  /  "All part of UN Agenda 21/30 as it happens around us - online to read with all its implications for us plebs"  /  "True. We already live under an unelected world government because idiot Western politicians signed up to Agenda 21 without comprehending it is designed to cripple the West and drag it down to the level of the third world whence it can eventually be subjugated. Perhaps they did know what the aim was though and agreed with it"  /  "Understand that the real reason for Green thinking is to bring Energy and thus Economic catastrophe to the Western world" [comments at source].

"Like I told a nurse once: Honey, if you want to be a doctor, you need to go to doctor school. Politicians need to listen to their betters in the electrical engineering industry, who know 'renewables' are damn foolishness" [comment at source].

"All you folks across [the USA] who cling to the 'green energy' agenda of global climate change alarmists such as AOC and little Greta, take note of what has happened to Great Britain because they have embraced renewable energy over fossil fuel. When we are forced to comply to such an agenda and our grid consistently fails causing blackouts, don't complain when you can't use your smart phone, your computer and all your other technological toys. Don't complain when all the food in your freezer spoils and you can't get any ice to out in your drinks, or hot water for your shower, or all the other myriad of things you do without ever thinking where the energy comes from. Renewable energy is great, but only as a supplement to fossil fuel energy. The reason being, it just isn't reliable enough to handle the growing needs of the population.. So, unless you want to go back to living like the early settlers in this country did, educate yourself to the actual truth of just how well renewable energy works" [comment at source].

The following extended quote is from the book by James Delingpole, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, pp.247-248:

Renewable Energy "involves nice, lovely natural things like wind, which is breezy and keeps you cool on a hot day and is great when you're a kid and flying a kite. Solar, too, which comes from the sun and if we can just learn to harness even a fraction of its power, why, evil dirty fossil fuels would be banished forever, and greed and selfishness would almost certainly be abolished with it, and we'd all live in peace and harmony under a rainbow sky. Why, to not like renewable energy, you'd have to hate nature itself...

"For renewable energy to make any kind of sense whatsoever, its benefits would have to exceed its costs. This they don't, with the odd rare local exception such as Norway whose physical geography makes hydro-electric power a viable option. But that's about as far as it goes: wind, solar, biomass, tidal and so on are virtually useless as serious substitutes for fossil fuel (or nuclear) energy, a) because they're so relatively expensive and b) because of their dreadful side-effects ranging from environmental blight to causing food riots.

"Why then are renewables so widely believed to be the solution and not, as they really are, the problem?

"Two reasons, both equally stupid and wrong:

  • Plummeting educational standards have essentially resulted in the lobotomisation of the entire Western world, meaning that when a few green campaign groups blather on about 'harnessing nature's free energy', hardly anyone bothers to subject this claim to the rigorous scrutiny of a cost-benefit analysis;
  • Partly as a result of reason one, we have most of us been persuaded that there are these things called 'scarce resources' which we need to preserve for 'future generations' - and that, as a result of this, renewable energy is both a moral and economic necessity.

"In truth, renewable energy is neither of these things, Far from being moral, it represents a grotesque confidence trick on the credulous populace, perpetrated by an unholy cabal of green activists and the cynical rent-seeking corporatists who have flocked to the subsidised renewables sector like vultures to a rotting carcass.

"There is nothing moral about:

  • artificially driving up the cost of energy;
  • enriching corporate fat-cats at the expense of the poor;
  • distorting free markets through compulsory tariffs and subsidies;
  • trashing the countryside;
  • driving up food prices;
  • wiping out birds and bats;
  • diverting land from food production to cost-ineffective energy production.


"Formerly the British Wind Energy Association; pumping out dubious propaganda on behalf of the wind industry since 1978.

"So, next time you're reading the papers and you see RenewableUK's indefatigable spokesman Maf Smith assuring you that, 'Not only are wind farms good for birds but they actually protect their eggs, incubate them, feed them yummy little titbits which they've kindly chopped up with their blades and finally teach them how to fly' - or similar - my advice is to take it with a pinch of salt"



Wind Turbines and Sola Panels

"Funny thing. A wind turbine is worthless when the wind isn't blowing. A solar panel is virtually worthless on a cloudy day. A coal-fired plant keeps churning out 1000X the energy of a turbine or a solar farm on any good day. Can't 'replace' that"  /  "And a coal, gas, or nuke plant has to idle at all times to take over when wind and solar quit generating"  /  "Yes, a vitally important point that goes completely over the head of the scientifically and technically illiterate left. Intermittent power sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, if linked to a thermal grid system without an intervening filter (such as hydro storage), reduce the efficiency of the thermal grid and actually INCREASES net emissions rather than reduces them. And that is on top of the waste of resources, wildlife carnage and long-term heavy metal pollution that the non-renewable 'renewables' cause"  /  "Having worked in a powerhouse for a couple of decades, I laugh at tat all their insane ideas. They think that you can bring a cold boiler up to 1000ib of generating steam at the flip of a switch. It ain't happening"  /  "I work on steam turbines for a living and can only 100% agree with your post. Anyone in our industry knows what is going to happen. Most of the people I work with have diesel gen sets at home, in preparation for what is to come!"  /  "You need exactly the same fossil fuel capacity for when the wind does not blow, so you are building twice the generation needed all to avoid CO2. A harmless trace gas at 400 parts per million in the atmosphere"
[comments at source].

"Natural gas should be preserved as much as possible for the production of nitrous fertilizer (Bosch-Haber process) and the focus should be on utilizing as much coal as possible for providing electric power. The installation of wind-turbines should be banned (because of the environmental damage they cause from wildlife injury and hardware waste) and the use of solar panels should similarly be subjected to punitive taxation and other financial penalties because of the environmental damage they cause"
[comment at source].

"While Greta frets about global incineration and mass extinctions, the wind industry is doing a very fine job of extinguishing millions of birds and bats, every year. Indeed, entire species are under threat, including Europe's Red Kite and Tasmania's Wedge Tailed Eagle. More generally, there's a wave of avian carnage wherever the wind industry plies its subsidy-soaked trade; and offshore is no exception"

The following extended quote is from the book by James Delingpole, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, pp.22-23:

"Bats are one of the world's most heavily protected species. In Britain, for example, it is actually a criminal offence to: deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat; disturb a bat in its roost; damage a bat roosting place (even if there are no bats there at the time); possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat; intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost.

"Has the world gone mad? Well obviously it has; that's a given. But there is, in this case, at least a glimmer of almost-sanity behind this legislative lunacy: bats - because of their long life cycle and slow breeding cycle - are unusually vulnerable. Kill a breeding pair and you may well have wiped out the bat neighbourhood for miles around.

"Given that this is so - and known to be so by all conservationists - you've got to ask yourself why the environmental movement isn't united in opposition to the wind industry. Wind turbines are the worst thing to happen to bats ... For some unfortunate reason (possible to do with the vibrations), bats are attracted to those spinning blades like moths to a flame - at which point, if they survive the collision, they are killed by the pressure wave which ruptures their internal organs ('barotraumised') and causes them to drop from the night sky like stones.

"Every year, in the US alone an estimated 28,470,000 bats are splatted by wind turbines (that's based on a fairly conservative estimate of two bat-deaths per turbine per day). So why, you might wonder, aren't the tree-huggers kicking up more of a stink? Why aren't the greenies marching on Westminster with their Save the Bat placards to demand that subsidies to the wind industry (the only reason anyone would bother erecting these hideous, noisy bat-chomping eco-crucifixes in the first place) be slashed to zero, forthwith?

"Why indeed.  Here is a perfect illustration of the cognitive dissonance at the very heart of the green psychopathology. In the environmentalist mindset, wind power is 'clean', eco-friendly and morally right: therefore when strong evidence emerges that wind power is none of these things, the only response of which the greenies are capable is to stick a finger in each ear and go, 'Nyah nyah nyah. Not listening.'"




"I read elsewhere that we have arrays of standby diesel generator sets installed in the UK for when the wind doesn't blow... I confess I have never seen them, but understand it's a bit of a secret for some reason"  /  "Yes, it's call STOR (Short Term / Strategic Operating Reserve). After STOR kicks in there will be 'load management' (rolling blackouts) via that smart meter you just had installed"  /  "Yep, most hospitals, universities, large industrials facilities and the like have signed up. Called STOR, or Short Term Operating Reserve. Load reduction makes up a large proportion of the system, in effect when load is too high the grid will shut down large capacity users and then, if the load is still too high, will run up the reserve diesels etc. They all get paid for this standby capacity, which comes out of your electricity bill. It's not a secret, it's just not reported by the MSM"
[comments at source].


Earth Hour

"Many participants claimed that they are 'celebrating' Earth Hour. 'Celebrating' what, exactly? Perhaps they are celebrating the 3 billion+ people who do not have access to cheap energy. That's a higher number than it would be had the Greens not spent decades campaigning against and interfering in other nations' attempts to develop fossil and nuclear power infrastructure"

"The problem is these terminal idiots of Earth Hour don't even do going without properly. And they seem to be utterly clueless regarding the actual environmental impact of candle. Ask any eco-warrior what a candle is made of and they'll just say 'wax'. What they miss out is that it is paraffin wax. It's a hydrocarbon. Burning it releases CO2. And, in fact, burning one paraffin candle for one hour releases about eight times as much CO2 as having a single 5 watt light bulb (e.g. a night light) switched on for about the same period. If you tried to match the illumination produced by a single incandescent bulb with candles, the amount of CO2 you would release relative to the bulb would be even higher"


Political Parties

"UKIP always had a sound energy policy under Roger Helmer - prioritizing cost and security of supply and being highly sceptical of alarmist claims about man made global warming"  /  "Still has: UKIP Policies: Energy"
[comments at source].





Three Views of the Earth
Berit Kjos (1992)

Deep Ecology (Biocentric)

Humanist Green Activism (Anthropocentric)

Christian Stewardship (Theocentric)




Mother Earth evolved, and nurtures and organizes her parts

Earth and man evolved by chance

God created the earth and its inhabitants

Humans and animals are expressions of Mother Earth

Human animals are responsible for earth

God told His people to use and care for the earth

Wisdom from Nature

Wisdom from self

Wisdom from God (the Bible)

Connect with Gaia through ritual, celebration, drugs, meditation, sex

Connect with nature through human mind, emotions, experience

Commune with God through prayer, praise, biblical meditation

Help Earth save herself by hearing her spirit and heeding her wisdom (spiritism)

Save Earth by trusting human nature

Care for the earth by trusting God's Word, receiving His strength and guidance






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