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"Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? ... I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job chapters 38-41)

"all things were created by him and for him: and He is before all things, and by him all things consist" (Colossians 1:15-17).
"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:21-22).
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation 21:1,5a).

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Green Energy Policy: Renewables

Welcome to Boris's Blackout Britain  (04 January 2020)

"Britain's prospects under Boris Johnson are obviously much, much better than they would have been under Jeremy Corbyn. But there's one area especially, I fear, where this Conservative administration is going to come seriously unstuck. It's climate change and energy policy, obviously. On its current trajectory, Britain's destabilised grid system is heading for more and more blackouts like the ones that caused chaos last August, stopping trains and seriously inconveniencing over one million people ... The more intermittent, unreliable renewables that are connected to the grid, the more unstable it will grow..."


Fossil Fuels

A Draconian Solution to a Non-Existent Problem  (22 February 2020)

"Another day and more climate change-related drivel from the government. The current prattle is about coal-burning stoves. George Eustice, apparently our Environment Minster, is the ban the sale of domestic coal in the hope of reducing air pollution ... Aside from the unintended conversion of the UK to Atlantis, there is one environmental problem that the government needs to address..."

  Today's (Very) Hot Topic: War on the Wood-Burners  (22 February 2020)

"The Conservative government is being accused of virtue-signalling and hypocrisy at the expense of the poor with its announcement that sales of coal and wood that has not been pre-dried (so-called 'wet wood') are to be banned for domestic heating ... Who exactly [is] going to police this ban: an army of Local Authority inspectors employed to snoop? ... Will you be a criminal from next year if you collect your kindling? Will the garden bonfire be next to be banned? ... is this a totally needless and spiteful policy?..."


Now Boris's Green Gestapo Are Coming for Your Coal Fires  (21 February 2020)

"PM Boris Johnson's latest green assault on property rights and freedom is to ban coal fires. From February next year, bags of traditional house coal will be banned from sale, with deliveries of coal phased out by 2023 ... This intrusive and vexatious act of gesture politics will, of course, make no measurable difference to 'climate change'. But it will hurt lots of rural households..."


Our So-Called 'Carbon Footprint'

Anti-Flying Activists: Plummy-Voiced Enemies of Progress  (21 February 2017)

"This morning three young greens blocked the tunnel to Heathrow terminals 1, 2, and 3 in protest against plans to build a third runway. To put it another way: three anti-flying activists, ... those most entitled and eco-pompous of millennials, caused delays to thousands of people. ... Flying is not the top cause of carbon emissions. And yet it's the thing that most riles youthful, agitating greens..."

Study: EU Must Shut All Coal Plants by 2030 to Meet Climate Change Pledge  (09 February 2017)

"The goal set at the December 2015 Paris conference to maintain average temperature increases to less than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial levels requires the gradual closure of EU coal plants, Climate Analytics said..."

The Guardian's Editor-in-Chief Hits Peak Stupid  (18 March 2015)

"I'd been meaning to write today about why Oxford University should divest itself of one its zoology graduates. But I'm afraid that will have to wait because I've just read today's Guardian cover story and have realised that the stupid runs much deeper than George Monbiot and goes right to the top..."

MPS in the Pay of Subsidised Eco-Firms Set Insane New Carbon Targets  (24 February 2013)

"Like all MPs, Tim Yeo is paid 65,000 a year. But he never has to make do with just that. Last year alone, three 'green' companies paid the Conservative MP for South Suffolk 135,975. For this, he usually did just a few hours work..."


Green Energy, Fracking, Shale Gas

Why Are Greens So Keen to Destroy the World's Wildlife?  (04 July 2015)

"When Professor David MacKay stepped down as chief scientific advisor to the Department of Energy and Climate Change last year, he produced a report comparing the environmental impact of a fracking site to that of wind farms. Over 25 years, he calculated, a single 'shale gas pad' covering five acres, with a drilling rig 85ft high (only needed for less than a year), would produce as much energy as 87 giant wind turbines, covering 5.6 square miles and visible up to 20 miles away. Yet, to the greenies, the first of these, capable of producing energy whenever needed, without a penny of subsidy, is anathema; while the second, producing electricity very unreliably in return for millions of pounds in subsidies, fills them with rapture..."

Lancashire's Shale Gas Can Fill UK Energy Gap  (04 June 2014)

"Since the Industrial revolution almost 250 years ago, Britain's economic prosperity and national energy security have depended on having access to abundant supplies of domestic energy sources such as coal, oil and natural gas. In 2004 the UK became a net importer of natural gas for the first time..."

Benefits, Council House and Non-Stop Partying. It's a Tough Old Life Being a Fracking Protestor!  (24 August 2013)

"[H]ow many of the people at the demo really care about fracking? It's hard to tell. But many of those involved in Reclaim the Power, a mysterious organisation whose supporters turned up in vast numbers this week, appear to have little connection with the issue. In its literature, Reclaim the Power says it's a coalition of 'member groups' that include UK Uncut, ... Occupy London, ... trade unions Unite and the far-Left RMT, ... Quite why such outfits should take a strong position (or indeed any position) on fracking, and want to be pulling strings in Balcombe, remains unclear. Some observers wonder if they're merely 'piggybacking' the issue for political reasons..."

Fracking and the Cult of Green Gnosticism  (21 August 2013)

"For many decades we have lived with a succession of failed predictions by the Doom Sayers of the environmental movement..."

The New Luddites Are Standing in the Way of a Shale Gas Revolution  (18 August 2013)

"Why do some countries, at certain times in history, advance technologically, while others stagnate? Are they just lucky? Or smarter? No. It's all about freedom - the ability to apply and benefit from the new way of doing things. It's not that people in stagnant societies don't have clever ideas. They're just not free to exploit them..."

Let's Shatter These Five Myths About Fracking  (15 August 2013)

"It was the US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan who once said, 'You are entitled to your opinions, but not to your own facts'. In the debate over shale gas ... the opponents do seem to be astonishingly cavalier with the facts. Here are five things they keep saying that are simply false..."

Dirty Tricks of the Fracking Deniers  (30 June 2013)

"Green pressure groups Friends of the Earth is preparing a bitter legal battle to try to block Britain's trillion-pound shale gas bonanza. It wants to prevent any exploitation of this vast new reserve of cheap, clean energy forever and is already fighting to stop all exploratory test drilling..."



Here's Why Electric Cars are Useless  (31 July 2017)

"To suggest, as some ignorant people have, that electric cars 'emit no CO2' is absurd because the power stations that charge them do. To charge an electric vehicle (such as a Tesla), just once, requires the burning of 43 kilogram of coal. A petrol car will require about 20 kilogram of petrol for the same distance. It follows that the electric car is emitting more than twice the CO2 of a petrol car. Here are the sums:..."

London's Burning  (31 July 2017)

"With anger, that is. The city has been paralysed by a giant agitptrop exercise, the three-day cycling extravaganza RideLondon. This is yet another instalment in the propaganda campaign that may be less sinister than the Nuremberg rallies of yore, but is as shrill and persistent. The aim is to elevate cycling to a high moral plateau, a sort of ersatz sainthood..."

Local Agenda 21/2030: Medway Council and Private Transport  (19 January 2017)

This is a 'Quickie Summary in Quotes' of Local Agenda 21 and ICLEI's drive to force all local councils to become 'Sustainable EcoCities'. The focus here, regarding Medway Council's Proposed CPZs, is on private transport and 'EcoMobility'.

EcoMobility Photos  (15 January 2017)

"Coming soon to your town - courtesy of ICLEI's 'EcoMobile City (Sustainable Urban Mobility) Agenda' and [fill in the name of your town here]..."


Light Bulbs

How To Dispose Of a Low-Energy Light Bulb  (15 February 2015)

"So the last of your traditional light bulbs, the ones that you and your family have been using for the last 120 years, has given up the ghost. So now you have to go out and buy some of those new-fangled low-energy bulbs which the EU in its wisdom, says will save the planet from all that nasty CO2 - you know, the stuff which makes the plants in your garden grow. So off you go and you decide to buy a boxful just to keep you going since you've been told that they don't last all that long. You bring them home, but as you try to insert one into your lamp, darn it, you've dropped it and there it is - shattered, glass all over the floor. So now what do you do?..."

The Medical Experts Who Refuse to Use Low-Energy Light Bulbs in Their Homes  (13 May 2014)

"Professors [of ophthalmology, photobiology, and dermatology] have stocked up on old-style [light] bulbs to protect against skin cancer and blindness..."



The Green Agenda

"We should all want to be wise and careful stewards of the beautiful planet we call home. But most of us realise that humans in general are not being good stewards. We are wasteful with our natural resources and have reduced biodiversity. Therefore, when we read about groups and organisations calling for a 'green revolution' and a new relationship between humanity and nature it is easy to agree with their ideas. However, certain aspects of the modern green movement that is permeating every segment of our society are not about protecting the environment. You don't have to dig very deep to discover the true beliefs of the influential leaders who are using genuine concerns about the environment to promote an agenda of fear and control..."



All of the books recommended here should be obtainable from one or more of the online bookshops listed at

The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism  (2013)

"Do you believe we should bomb our economy back to the dark ages? Carpet our beautiful countryside with bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes? Indoctrinate our kids with scary North Korea-style propaganda nonsense in order to deal with the alleged perils of 'climate change'?  Neither does [this author]..."

Watermelons  (2011)

"If global warming isn't real then how come the ice caps are melting? Why would all the world's top scientists lie to us? What exactly is so wrong with biofuels, wind farms, carbon taxes, sustainability and preserving scarce resources for future generations? And what about Bangladesh, the drowning Maldives and all those endangered polar bears? [This author] has all the answers - and they're not the ones Al Gore would like you to hear. In Watermelons [this author] tells the shocking true story of how a handful of political activists, green campaigners and voodoo scientists engineered the world's biggest, most expensive and destructive outbreak of mass hysteria - one that threatens the very fabric of Western Civilisation. As the world stands on the brink of a new Great Depression, [this author's] message could not be more timely or urgent. In order to save our planet must we really surrender to the green movement's misanthropic tyranny? Or might there be a better way?"

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World  (2001)

"The idea for this book was born in a bookstore in Los Angeles in February 1997. I was standing leafing through Wired Magazine and read an interview with the American economist Julian Simon, from the University of Maryland. He maintained that much of our traditional knowledge about the environment is quite simply based on preconceptions and poor statistics. Our doomsday conceptions of the environment are not correct. He stressed that he only used official statistics, which everyone has access to and can use to check his claims. I was provoked. I'm an old left-wing Greenpeace member and had for a long time been concerned about environmental questions..."


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy "involves nice, lovely natural things like wind, which is breezy and keeps you cool on a hot day and is great when you're a kid and flying a kite. Solar, too, which comes from the sun and if we can just learn to harness even a fraction of its power, why, evil dirty fossil fuels would be banished forever, and greed and selfishness would almost certainly be abolished with it, and we'd all live in peace and harmony under a rainbow sky. Why, to not like renewable energy, you'd have to hate nature itself...

"For renewable energy to make any kind of sense whatsoever, its benefits would have to exceed its costs. This they don't, with the odd rare local exception such as Norway whose physical geography makes hydro-electric power a viable option. But that's about as far as it goes: wind, solar, biomass, tidal and so on are virtually useless as serious substitutes for fossil fuel (or nuclear) energy, a) because they're so relatively expensive and b) because of their dreadful side-effects ranging from environmental blight to causing food riots.

"Why then are renewables so widely believed to be the solution and not, as they really are, the problem?

"Two reasons, both equally stupid and wrong:

  • Plummeting educational standards have essentially resulted in the lobotomisation of the entire Western world, meaning that when a few green campaign groups blather on about 'harnessing nature's free energy', hardly anyone bothers to subject this claim to the rigorous scrutiny of a cost-benefit analysis;
  • Partly as a result of reason one, we have most of us been persuaded that there are these things called 'scarce resources' which we need to preserve for 'future generations' - and that, as a result of this, renewable energy is both a moral and economic necessity.

"In truth, renewable energy is neither of these things, Far from being moral, it represents a grotesque confidence trick on the credulous populace, perpetrated by an unholy cabal of green activists and the cynical rent-seeking corporatists who have flocked to the subsidised renewables sector like vultures to a rotting carcass.

"There is nothing moral about:

  • artificially driving up the cost of energy;
  • enriching corporate fat-cats at the expense of the poor;
  • distorting free markets through compulsory tariffs and subsidies;
  • trashing the countryside;
  • driving up food prices;
  • wiping out birds and bats;
  • diverting land from food production to cost-ineffective energy production.


"Formerly the British Wind Energy Association; pumping out dubious propaganda on behalf of the wind industry since 1978."

"So, next time you're reading the papers and you see RenewableUK's indefatigable spokesman Maf Smith assuring you that, 'Not only are wind farms good for birds but they actually protect their eggs, incubate them, feed them yummy little titbits which they've kindly chopped up with their blades and finally teach them how to fly' - or similar - my advice is to take it with a pinch of salt"

[James Delingpole, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, pp.247-248].


Wind Turbines

"Bats are one of the world's most heavily protected species. In Britain, for example, it is actually a criminal offence to: deliberately capture, injure or kill a bat; disturb a bat in its roost; damage a bat roosting place (even if there are no bats there at the time); possess or advertise/sell/exchange a bat (dead or alive) or any part of a bat; intentionally or recklessly obstruct access to a bat roost.

"Has the world gone mad? Well obviously it has; that's a given. But there is, in this case, at least a glimmer of almost-sanity behind this legislative lunacy: bats - because of their long life cycle and slow breeding cycle - are unusually vulnerable. Kill a breeding pair and you may well have wiped out the bat neighbourhood for miles around.

"Given that this is so - and known to be so by all conservationists - you've got to ask yourself why the environmental movement isn't united in opposition to the wind industry. Wind turbines are the worst thing to happen to bats ... For some unfortunate reason (possible to do with the vibrations), bats are attracted to those spinning blades like moths to a flame - at which point, if they survive the collision, they are killed by the pressure wave which ruptures their internal organs ('barotraumised') and causes them to drop from the night sky like stones.

"Every year, in the US alone an estimated 28,470,000 bats are splatted by wind turbines (that's based on a fairly conservative estimate of two bat-deaths per turbine per day). So why, you might wonder, aren't the tree-huggers kicking up more of a stink? Why aren't the greenies marching on Westminster with their Save the Bat placards to demand that subsidies to the wind industry (the only reason anyone would bother erecting these hideous, noisy bat-chomping eco-crucifixes in the first place) be slashed to zero, forthwith?

"Why indeed.  Here is a perfect illustration of the cognitive dissonance at the very heart of the green psychopathology. In the environmentalist mindset, wind power is 'clean', eco-friendly and morally right: therefore when strong evidence emerges that wind power is none of these things, the only response of which the greenies are capable is to stick a finger in each ear and go, 'Nyah nyah nyah. Not listening.'"

[James Delingpole, The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism, pp.22-23].




Three Views of the Earth
Berit Kjos (1992)

Deep Ecology (Biocentric)

Humanist Green Activism (Anthropocentric)

Christian Stewardship (Theocentric)




Mother Earth evolved, and nurtures and organizes her parts

Earth and man evolved by chance

God created the earth and its inhabitants

Humans and animals are expressions of Mother Earth

Human animals are responsible for earth

God told His people to use and care for the earth

Wisdom from Nature

Wisdom from self

Wisdom from God (the Bible)

Connect with Gaia through ritual, celebration, drugs, meditation, sex

Connect with nature through human mind, emotions, experience

Commune with God through prayer, praise, biblical meditation

Help Earth save herself by hearing her spirit and heeding her wisdom (spiritism)

Save Earth by trusting human nature

Care for the earth by trusting God's Word, receiving His strength and guidance





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