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"Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? ... I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job chapters 38-41)

"all things were created by him and for him: and He is before all things, and by him all things consist" (Colossians 1:15-17).
"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:21-22).
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation 21:1,5a).

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The Battle of Canning Town Proves Barbarism Is Never As Far Away As You Think  (20 October 2019)

"My heart sang when I first watched the film of arrogant, self-righteous Warmists being pulled off the roof of a London Underground train. I am weary of the way that the Climate Liars have browbeaten the whole Establishment into submission with their wild, fanciful panic about impending doom and their unhinged plans to plunge us into a new, literally dark age ... It was also pleasing to see somebody doing to these pains in the neck what our enfeebled, politicised police are so reluctant to do ... When justice sleeps and authority folds its arms, people eventually decide that there is no further point in obedience or restraint..."

More Filthy Behaviour From One of Britain's Increasingly Filthy Police Forces  (20 October 2019)

"Following on from the incident recently at Canning Town station where commuters, frustrated by the lack of police action against the XR protestors who held up trains by climbing on top of them, the British Transport Police ... are not, as could be expected and desired, going after the eco-fascists who caused the disruption and prosecute them under Railway Regulation Act of 1840 which could result in fines of at least 1000 for the trespassers. On the contrary, these middle-class eco-fascists are being treated with kid gloves and instead the BTP is going after the members of public who quite rightly removed the XR protestors from the trains so that the commuters could continue their journeys to work..."

Extinction Rebellion Backer Chris Hohn Builds 630m Stake in Heathrow  (19 October 2019)  ()

"Sir Christopher Hohn, the hedge fund billionaire who this month revealed that his was the biggest donation to XR, has quietly built a 630m stake in the owner of Heathrow Airport ... Sir Christopher has donated 200,000 to the activists' cause on account of the 'urgent need' for people to wake up to climate change. The XR movement, which organised mass protests in central London this month, has targeted airports with one activist gluing himself to the top of a BA jet at London City airport. A shutdown of Gatwick was called off after a backlash to violent scenes between campaigners and commuters on the tube..."

Britain Stands On the Brink of Brexit Victory  (19 October 2019)

"No, I don't mean Boris Johnson's new deal, which may or may not prevail ... the British people's fury with the shenanigans of the liberal elite has reached such a pitch ... a sickly-looking pair of XR milquetoasts were yanked from on top if a Tube train carriage by angry commuters and told exactly where they could shove their green revolution ... the despicable globalists are on the way out and the populists are on the ascendant ... the good, decent, sensible, value-creating, hard-working, straight-talking, pub-bantering, p***-taking real people are on the verge of trouncing the politically correct, social-justice-worshipping, humourless, economy-draining, finger-wagging, parasitical nonentities who've been ruling the roost these last few years..."

Finally, A Rebellion Against Extinction Rebellion  (17 October 2019)

"The people are rising up against the elites. No, I don't mean Extinction Rebellion. I mean the Rebellion against XR. Today's clashes on the Tube between the commuting working classes and the time0-rich, bourgeois fearmongers of the XR cult is a wonderful illustration of the elitist nature of eco-politics and of rising public fury with the co-agenda ... Some leftists and greens have been shocked by today's rebellion against XR..."

Climate Protestors Climbing on London Underground Trains Physically Removed by Angry Public  (17 October 2019)

"XR protestors attempting to bring the London Underground subway system to a halt by climbing on top of trains got a sense of how much support they enjoy among ordinary members of the public when angry commuters pelted them with rubbish and physically dragged them back to the platform. Climate alarmist protestors have staged three separate pre-planned disruption events ... but at least one of them appears to have been brought to an early end by commuters very much unimpressed by their efforts to 'save the planet'..."

Commuters Take Direct Action Against Extinction Rebellion  (17 October 2019)

"Watch as Londoners finally voice their frustration with XR and take matters into their own hands. By dragging the protestors from the top if their tube carriage..."

Celebrity XR Backers Say 'Heed Greta Thunberg' For Climate Salvation  (17 October 2019)

"More than 100 celebrity supporters of climate activists XR who hail from Hollywood, the theatre world, music, and the arts have admitted in an open letter being 'hypocrites' over their high-carbon lifestyles. That said, they think it best if everyone else not in their cohort do as they are told by Greta Thunberg and 'fight for their already devastated future' before adding that critics 'will not silence us'..."

One Day it Will Be Impossible to Criticise the Fanatics of Extinction Rebellion... (13 October 2019)

"In fact, I will not be at all surprised if, in years to come, I and others face prosecution for having dared to doubt them. Soon we will be sitting in an impoverished, dark country, with a trashed economy, incessant power cuts and dismal standard of living, caused by their dogma ... they respond to reasonable doubt with fury and defamatory cries of 'denier' ... Wind generation only functions thanks to huge hidden subsidies, paid for by the poor, and is vulnerable to power cuts unless it is backed up by fossil fuel or nuclear generation..."

Extinction Rebellion Members Paid 400 Per Week to 'Shut Down' Britain  (13 October 2019)

"The list of financial backers of 'XR' is not made fully public, but some high profile elite donors include 'master of puppets' billionaire George Soros, the son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, the granddaughter of oil magnate John Paul Getty, and the rock band Radiohead, amongst others. Extinction Rebellion's finances have come under scrutiny as the group has paid no taxes on the money it has paid to its activist members..."

Extinction Rebellion - The New Religion With Greta As Its Saint  (13 October 2019)

"[T]here is no scientific basis for [XR's] assertions. Even the most extreme, worst-case scenarios painted by the IPCC go nowhere near the claims of Extinction Rebellion. On Thursday night, Andrew Neil questioned [XR's] spokesman Zion Lights about her organisation's alarmist claims and anti-scientific arguments. [XR] claim that 'billions of people will die over the next few decades.'  Ms Lights eventually had to admit that what they were saying did not fall within the scientific mainstream ... The science doesn't matter. The hysteria of the messengers drowns out rational discussion ... The Extinction elect who are so blindly assured of their faith even have a secular saint whom they idolise, one upon whose every word they hang,. whose condemnations are received as blessings..."

We've All Had It Up To Here With the Eco Warriors  (13 October 2019)

"Watching the out-of-hand, hypocritical and downright potty Extinction Rebellion protestors shoot themselves in the foot this week has provided some perverse pleasure. Anyone with a brain should be able to recognise a drug-loving cult when they see it: ... Seeing our police kowtowing to the demands of XR activists in custody for takeaway vegan food should have put an end to any remnant sympathy for these entitled and narcissist 'protestors'..."

Which Gospel Shall Be Preached This Harvest? And Which Will the Congregation Hear?  (12 October 2019)

"By all means get alongside people to address their concerns, but never forget that the world will end in God's good time. He who knew you in your mother's womb, who has counted the hairs on your head; He who 'paints the wayside flower and lights the evening star' also set the much appropriated rainbow symbol as a a reminder that He will not be allowing us to end His creation any time soon. We cannot frustrate God's purposes now, anymore than the arc of redemption was capable of being derailed by cries of 'Crucify Him!' ... the improvements in every metric by which we measure human flourishing have occurred thanks to widespread cheap energy and free trade. Those countries which embraced them progressed; those which turned their backs on them, as XR would now have us do, were characterised by high infant mortality, disease, depressed longevity and malnourishment..."

Sanctimonious, Moi?  (12 October 2019)

"By itself, taking part in the XR circus doesn't make Benedict Cumberbatch a 'sanctimonious fraud', 'stupid' or 'shallow', as some of his disappointed fans are calling him ... The fans detect, and are upset by, some incongruity in Mr Cumberbatch's febrile hatred of carbon emissions and his frequent lucrative endorsements of muscle cars, such as the MG and Jaguar. Shilling for the latter, he once delivered a snappy line: 'It's good to be bad.'  Possibly, provided one knows what good and bad are. That's where the problem is..."

Delingpole Savaged By A Tofu-Muncher at the XR Protest  (11 October 2019)

"XR is imbued with the kind of pseudo-academic, post-modernist, neo-Marxist intersectional guff that they teach at universities these days - and which bears a great deal of responsibility for the widespread madness afflicting our age and poisoning relationships between the young and old, between races and religions, between the two [nb] sexes, between social classes and so on. What also struck me as I wandered among the XR crowds ... was just how blinkered, prejudiced and ill-informed these people are ... it's all they've been taught in schools; all they ever hear at college and university; all they ever read in the MSM or see on TV. They have been brainwashed and propagandised into green groupthink..."

A Woke Guide to Climate Change Protesting  (10 October 2019)

"When XR protestors accidentally sprayed themselves in fake blood, instead of the Home Office building, people had the audacity to laugh. When a climate activist tried to glue himself to an automatic door, bystanders shamelessly smirked as each time he moved towards it with his outstretched, superglued hand, the door evaded him. They won't be laughing when all the animals are dead, and the sea is washing up to their front door. We must ditch modern comforts and take protest to the streets. We must accept the three simple demands from XR:..."

Bishop Endorses Extinction Rebellion  (10 October 2019)

"XR says billions of people will die in the next decade or so due to climate change, so they are blockading parts of London for a fortnight, preventing people from getting to work, the sick from getting to hospital, and omnivores from buying and selling meat. This is necessary because billions of people will die in the next decade or so due to climate change. The problem is there is no scientific basis for their assertion. Andrew Neil tried to reason with one XR spokesperson, but she wasn't to be reasoned with. The science doesn't matter: what matters is that billions of people are going to die in the next decade or so due to climate change. And the hysteria of the message is more important than the truth of it..."

Are There Any Londoners Left in London?  (09 October 2019)

"This is our old enemy: the Hegelian Dialectic in action. The Hegelian Dialectic is a social control mechanism also known as problem / reaction / solution ... it works like this. When you want to push your population into agreeing to something they dislike, the worst thing you can do is come right out with your evil plan ... climate change - the scam formerly known as 'global warming' - is merely the latest in a series of hoaxes ... in which a fictional 'catastrophe' is declared to be just around the corner and the terrified population beg their merciful rulers to save them (with new taxes and laws, of course) ... There is a tsunami of money - tens of millions - behind this fake 'grass-roots uprising' ... The conjuror draws our eyes to the rabbit of 'climate change' whole Brexit withers from neglect, and the globalists tighten the noose of total control..."

The 'Extinction Rebellion' Cult  (09 October 2019)

"Communism never dies - it just mutates into different forms. The hatred of the West, the hatred of the free market, and ultimately, the hatred of people, is always with us in one form or another. And the old communist war on the West simply continues in new guises today. the latest form it takes is radical environmentalism. West-hating lefties have not disappeared from the scene - they have simply morphed into today's greens. But the same revolutionary zeal to destroy the West continues ... While not all those concerned about the environment are radical Marxists, many are ... Consider the latest manifestation of hyper-left greenism: Extinction Rebellion..."

Extinction Rebellion Are A Menace  (08 October 2019)

"Those yoga sessions on Westminster Bridge. The amateur dramatics of wandering around in naff crimson-red outfits to symbolise 'the common blood we share with all species' ... They fancy themselves as revolutionaries but really this is just Hampstead and Homerton, the posh and the hip, descending on Westminster for a few days to wail about how howwible modern society it. It's primal therapy for crusties. It's an emotional release for the modernity-sceptic middle classes ... yet ... there is actually something quite chilling about XR ... If society were to cave in to their demented demands, humankind would be propelled into the most devastating form of austerity imaginable..."

Hands Off Smithfield Market!  (08 October 2019)

"'Privileged' is an overused word these days. White privilege, male privilege, cis privilege, yada yada. But if you want to see real privilege, look no further than the smug, whiffy occupation of Smithfield meat market in London by middle-class vegans from the Extinction Rebellion cult. This is privilege in action. This is time-rich, well-connected green activists sneering at working people and preventing them from doing their jobs. It sums up the elitism inherent in environmentalism..."

BBC Simpers With the Luvvies As Eco Warriors Wreak Havoc  (08 October 2019)

"London was blockaded by a major protest yesterday but there was not the slightest disruption. No one sat for hours in a traffic queue. No one was late getting to work. At least that was the impression given by the BBC News website. By 4pm, when the Extinction Rebellion mob had been doing their worst since the early hours, the BBC reported that Lambeth and Westminster bridges were blocked and campaigners had filled Trafalgar Square, Not one word about the chaos which would inevitably arise..."

  An Apocalyptic Death Cult

"Even the symbols they use points us in this direction. At the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, there was an opening ritual where world leaders put soil from 26 countries into a huge hourglass ... this ugly modern art of reverse stacked pyramids ... still stands in Rio today.  It's the same symbol that XR uses - it's an hour glass, just like the name of the paper that they will give you for free.

"This a symbol ... that in Roman times was associated with Saturn, or Cronus as the Greeks called it, from where we get the term chronometer.  Time - it's time measurement - Saturn is the timekeeper; he lets you know when your time is up. He is appropriately also the god who ate his own children; and just like those today who are trying to be our gods seem to be feeding off of our kids and indoctrinating them with an unhealthy obsession with death, some of the photos that I've seen from some of the XR events [show the] crowds there used an X - they cross their arms as it produces the notable shape of the hourglass ... Just like the Pharaohs in their sarcophagus had their arms placed in an X, there seems to be a fascination with death for these new cults that are popping up. The XR regularly do 'die-ins' at various locations in the West where they lie down and play dead.

"Another [death cult] is called This is Zero Hour - same theme about the lack of time ... the slogan 'our house is on fire' (says also Greta Thunberg) ... 'We need to act NOW! Don't think! There's no time! This is zero hour! We don't have time! Change NOW!'  No thinking rationally about this, no slowing down, just do what we tell you to do NOW or you're going to die!" [source].   Please note that as of 19 October 2019 this source has now been removed by Youtube.

The Madness of Extinction Rebellion  (07 October 2019)

"Extinction Rebellion is a reactionary, regressive and elitist movement whose aim is to impose the most disturbing form of austerity imaginable on people across the world ... The sheer backwardness of XR was captured when two of its members appeared on Sky News yesterday morning. They complained, hysterically, about modernity. One of them bemoaned all the electricity that is used in a city like London. So the very lighting up and warming of cities, the electricity that powers homes and workplaces and transport systems and life-support machines, is offensive to these hair-shirted, self-flagellating loathers of arrogant humankind. 'Switch it all off', is their alarmingly immoral cry..."

Inside Extinction Rebellion's Safe Space With the Climate Communists  (20 September 2019)

"Central London's latest communist recruitment drive... The Socialist Workers Party, Momentum, and Stand Up to Racism all turned up to push propaganda to children, whilst surrounded by multiple communist flags. Similarly, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop the War Coalition and even the Kurdistan Workers' Party turned up..."

Sleeping With the Eco Enemy - Gove and Extinction Rebellion  (01 May 2019)

"Fiddles out - everyone is looking on as the elites sign up to misery, disease and human destruction as envisaged by a bunch of odious deluded Marxists called Extinction Rebellion..."

Extinction Rebellion: A Climate of Violence  (29 April 2019)

"The climate protestors who blockaded roads and transport in central London last week insisted that their actions were 'non-violent'. Indeed, they even displayed placards with that as a slogan. But they ware wrong. These activities are acts of violence. They should be resisted and punished like any other act of violence, no matter how virtuous those doing the violence claim their motives to be ... A liberal country allows people to express their views in public ... But it quite reasonably requires proper commitment to peaceful assembly and to minimise the disruption caused..."

Room For A Few More Lefties on Dame Em's Broomstick  (26 April 2019)

"[O]n Tuesday's Politics Live ... Viewers were assured that Londoners had enjoyed the disruption hugely; presumably the police were just out on a jolly and didn't mind having their Easter leave cancelled. It wasn't for the activists to clear up the detritus they left behind after their 'serious' eco-protest. This group of eco-fanatics and fantasists can afford to live on this mythically green and wonderful planet, unconcerned that the technology is not there to turn the world fully fossil-free in the timescale they demand. Once the world economy has collapsed Rupert [Read from Extinction Rebellion] will have to relinquish his preferred mode of transport, rail travel, and confine himself to something along the lines of Dame Emma's broomstick..."

The Riff Raff Are Just So Awful, Darling  (26 April 2019)

"Few events demonstrate the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of modern liberalism than Dame Emma Thompson flying from LA to London to tell all the little people that they must de-industrialise within seven years and return to the economic and social dark age. Of course, it is the little people who must do all the returning. The little people who are routinely branded racist, homophobic, misogynist - Christian! Asked if she flew economy class from LA to reduce her own 'carbon' footprint, Ms Antoinette replied, 'I b***** well don't, no.'  Suffice that she flaunts how much she cares about the planet: Perish the thought she should consider doing what she actually preaches. The liberal elites in this country and elsewhere have wrapped themselves in a cloak of moral authority that accepts no argument ... always remember that they are good, and you are bad..."

Never Mind the Planet - Save Our Sanity  (24 April 2019)

"[T]he problem of climate change (they no longer say 'global warming', having found out that science invalidates that term) has been taken out of scientists' hands. It has been transferred into the sweaty palms of young fire-eating revolutionaries who have to channel their destructive, nihilist impulses into some sort of conduit. Communism provided one of those for a few decades, but all those photographs of piled corpses and skeletal concentration camp inmates have made it somewhat less productive ... The young ... 'the barometer of the nation', are ideal agents of upheavals, what with their perfect combination of unformed brains and abundant vitality ... That's why youngsters' swelled the ranks of Bolsheviks and Nazis, the Red Guards and Khmer Rouge, the CND and Greenpeace - and now of the Extinction Rebellion..."

The Weird Cult of Greta Thunberg: She's Not the Green Messiah  (24 April 2019)

"The activities of those following the latest fashion in political activism have been disrupting the nation's capital ... I speak of fashion deliberately: popular protest is in part an expression of a culture of group 8identification which Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals pressed upon its supporters ... So we drift from one pressing crisis to the next, the better to demonstrate that people like us truly care ... such adherents will enjoy a sense of being 'better informed' and 'more caring'..."

The Cult of Greta Thunberg  (22 April 2019)

"Anyone who doubts that the green movement is morphing into a millenarian cult should take a close look at Greta Thunberg. This poor young woman increasingly looks and sounds like a cult member. The monotone voice. The look of apocalyptic dread in her eyes. The explicit talk of the coming great 'fire' that will punish for our eco-sins ... climate-change alarmism is becoming ever stranger, borderline religious ... consider Extinction rebellion, the latest manifestation of the upper-middle classes' contempt for industrialisation and progress..."

It Starts With Screeching Lefties Calling Us Nazis... It Ends In A Police State  (21 April 2019)

"I am sick of the self-righteousness of the Left. Their nasty demonstrations about climate change, and their screeches of 'Nazi!' at any opponent, are not just wrong, but warnings of a police state to come. When they gum up London, stopping other people getting to work or going home, with beatific smirks on their faces, they are punishing us for not being as fanatical as they are or - worse - not even agreeing with them. Their protests are not against the Government, which long ago caved in to the Green fanatics, and goes around blowing up perfectly food coal-fired power stations to please them. They are against us, for not being keen enough on their intolerant cult. They aren't as stupid as they look ... Like every other 'End of the World is at hand' cult, they yearn for the wrath to come and want to see non-believers suffer., They think their self-assessed goodness will save them, while the rest of us deservedly drown or are perhaps eaten by polar bears fleeing ever southwards. It's all about being virtuous, and better than other people, so they can look down on them. The same goes for ridiculous figures such as the Labour MP David Lammy, who has managed to suggest that Jacob Rees-Mogg and his ... faction are like the Nazis ... I am sick to the teeth of the Left suggesting that freedom-loving, patriotic conservatives are secret Nazis, or indeed have anything in common with them. Actually, it's the other way. It is the Left which has the nasty connections and the sordid record of compromise with evil. They have never really managed to denounce the Soviet dictatorship. They have never properly recognised the extent of Stalin's mass-murder ... They are not better than the rest of us. They just think they are..."

Protests Such as Extinction Rebellion Show We've Lost the Plot  (21 April 2019)

"From the moment the eco-activist, middle class temper tantrum that is Extinction Rebellion began, the authorities have misspoken, mis-stepped and messed up at every trick of the puerile, rebellious track ... Meanwhile decent folk who have a living to make were hugely inconvenienced as these ghastly, self-righteous demonstrators were allowed to do whatever they chose unchecked ... [they] do not give a damn about those people..."

Extinction Rebellion Founder Says Protest Is 'Fun'  (20 April 2019)

"Gail Bradbrook, 47, is one of the directors of private limited company Compassionate Revolution, which has organised and partly financed Extinction Rebellion. Ms Bradbrook, a self-described neo-pagan, flew to Costa Rica a few years ago to take a dose of ibogaine, a powerful hallucinogenic shrub growing in West Africa and said the drugs 'rewired' her brain and gave her the codes of social change..."

Emma Thompson Flies 5400 Miles to Protest Climate Change  (19 April 2019)

"A flight from Los Angeles International Airport to London Heathrow generates at least 1.67 tonnes of CO2 ... Dame Emma clearly didn't see any hypocrisy in her actions as she took to the streets ... The organiser ... Robin Boardman-Pattison, who has called for only allowing air travel 'in an emergency', has allegedly travelled widely himself..."

PICTURES:  'Emotional Disruption': Youth Eco-Activists Cry After Failing to Stop Flights From Heathrow  (19 April 2019)

"Media reports that some of the activists are as young as 13 years old ... a number of the teen protestors were crying was [sic] because they claimed to have been 'threatened' with arrest ... Extinction Rebellion Youth organiser Robin Ellis-Cockcroft, 24, said that while they had failed to cause any actual, real disruption, they had caused 'emotional disruption', and confirmed no more protests were planned at the airport today..."

Saving the Planet? No, Extinction Rebellion Are Malicious Bullies  (18 April 2019)

"I'll accept that amongst the protestors must be some who are misguided, but overall, Extinction Rebellion is a mixture of malice, sanctimoniousness, nihilism, and narcissism. I won't say stupidity because some in the movement, at least among its leading elements, know exactly what they want and what they are doing. I suspect, though, that quite a few of the followers haven't got the first idea about what the world would look like if their demand for a Britain with zero emissions by 2025 was fulfilled. A few of them probably do believe they could still have something close to their comfortable modern lifestyles..."

Extinction Rebellion Threatens to Shut Down Heathrow ... on Good Friday  (18 April 2019)

Readers' comments:  "These young people have been told at school since they were 4 years old that the world will send unless we 'do' something. They have been brainwashed and it's too late for them now. More and more of these people will turn out of school unless we completely overhaul the national curriculum where these marxist ideas are taught. The marxists ... have complete control of the education system ... the plan is to shut down the western world and reduce us all to poverty"  /  "Here's an idea, kids. Against air travel? Don't use it. Against cars? Don't use 'em. Against burning fuel of any kind? Stop using electricity. You go first for ten years and we'll follow your example if you last that long"  /  "I know two people who are fervent eco-loons. One has been abroad to long-haul destinations seven times in the last 12 months, and the other flew to Taiwan and Borneo for two separate holidays. Neither can see the hypocrisy of their actions"  /  "But you see, the very fact that they are doing it is ok. It's the nasty, common plebs they don't want doing it"  /  "Normal leftists... do as I say, not as I do"

Readers' comments cont:  "They've just had a blarting, wailing young girl on the news whining that 'they're not being listened to'.  Join the b***** club dear"  /  "17.5 million people aren't being listened to either, so tell her to take her place in the queue"  /  "[S]he is too young to remember the last movement in Western Europe that controlled the people by fear, but the adults pulling her strings should certainly be aware of it"  /  "She's a tool of the Globalist NWO just like Malala Yousefzai... lifted up to spread the lie that kids can change the world through stamping their feet after swallowing and spouting approved propaganda"

Readers' comments cont:  "Notice none of them were out protesting when the snows came. Yet this c***ola about climate change has been with us for years. It's only since AOC started spouting that the world will end in 12 years that the kids are now whining and moaning on a larger scale"  /  "It's quite clear that the snot nosed brats have never read much history. There was massive 'climate change' in the middle ages. We didn't exactly have masses of industry then or plastic either. You'll notice they never leave their phones behind"  /  "It has nothing to do with climate change. They are simply 'anarchists' rebranded and want to overturn all authority ... These are fanatics and extremists"  /  "These are Pol Pot extreme leftists, authoritarian, would-be genocidal luddites, more than happy to enslave and reduce the human population in the name of 'ecology'"  /  "Most of them are rent-a-mob. Protesting/demonstrating is their thing. It doesn't matter what it is about"  /  "Virtue signalling has the double advantage of (1) not costing them anything and (2) gives them an endorphin rush with their 'moral outrage'... Apparently this endorphin rush is very addictive. That's why the same faces keep turning up to protests"  /  "Wonder who is the funding behind this group of chaos"  /  "You can bet Soros is connected with it"

Extinction Rebellion 'Unwashed Middle-Class Virtue Signallers'  (18 April 2019)

"We are now four days into the 'Extinction Rebellion' protests in London. By blocking roads, rail and tube networks and generally making a nuisance of themselves, a few hundred protestors have disrupted thousands of everyday commuters and business owners ... and put an enormous strain on London's emergency services - all for the erroneous idea that our species if 'heading for extinction'. If there has been a more spectacularly ill-judged protest movement I've yet to witness it..."

Climate Change - But That's Not the Point, Is it!  (18 April 2019)

"Literally millions of people have had their lives turned upside down this week by the great and the good who know best. They are the liberal elite who, if you dare to argue, if you dare to point out that they are just not quite right, will call you every name under the sun ... this demonstration in London is nothing more than virtue signalling. If they were really properly angry, disturbed and worried they would go in their thousands to those parts of the world that really contribute to the malaise they claim exists. It's all too easy to satisfy your conscience with minimal effort by going to London and have a dance on the bridge over the Thames..."

Readers' comments:  "Watch my lips - CARBON DIOXIDE IS NOT A POLLUTANT IT IS A PLANT FOOD. Now go and deal with the pollution for which we really should hang our heads in shame - hormone disrupting chemicals in the water system, the plastic in the ocean travesty, PM10 particles. The planet's climate will go on changing, as it has always done and there is precious little we can do about it"  /  "All these schemes, plans and 'agendas' to 'save the planet' are designed to enslave the population and only allow a select few (the 'Elites') to manage and control (and profit from) the planet's natural resources"

Apologists for Poverty  (18 April 2019)

"Protest leaders claim that humanity faces extinction unless carbon emissions are cut to net zero by 2025 ... Many observers noted the overwhelming white and middle-class composition of the Extinction Rebellion protests. Unsurprisingly, few working-class people are likely to share the environmentalists' belief that we are all too wealthy and should embrace restraint, rationing and recession..."

PICTURES:  Eco-Activists Bring London to a Standstill  (17 April 2019)

"[T]he green extremists [say] they had ramped up tactics because petitions and marches were not working to convince people or the Government that the world is on the edge of total environmental destruction..."

Readers' comments:  "Globalists encourage and fund this. Yet the same globalists import goods from all over the world, plastic, disposable goods from China, India, Vietnam. They jet off to climate conferences on learjets, many of the costumes, clothes ... safety goggles on the hand-gluer [in the photo] are imported from China. The waste is choking the rivers. Their green crusade results in recycling bins, sorting out plastic, cans. paper ... then put on ships [for] which the taxpayers pay billions [which then] dump all the stuff into the middle of the sea"  /  "Paid protestors, and quite the production. Sometimes a shirt is right"  /  "The admittance, with pride, of that idiot's imbecilic state is a very real danger to free people everywhere"  /  "The picture displays its satanic origin ... Black and Red = under Satanic control, whilst the 'as above, so below' sign, is mocking God. The people there are minions"  /  "Useful idiots out shilling for globalist overlords!"  /  "Using kids to usher in the next ramp up of green taxes, fools"  /  "A global tax controlled by the UN has been on the agenda for many years"

Readers' comments cont:  "Carbon taxes ... leave our elderly and other financially susceptible people in fuel poverty. The young (mainly) are the ones that have been tricked into thinking that carbon is dangerous, when in fact it is merely the food for plants ... if there is a problem with excess carbon (there isn't) then surely the answer would be to plant more trees"  /  "These are same self-indulgent simpletons that will complain about austerity ... while they waste millions of pounds of public money and thousands of police man hours dealing with their virtue signalling pantomime"  /  "They are eco-terrorists and if you read what the leaders of their terror cells state, climate change has nothing to do with their attack on British society. Their aim is to overthrow society, undermine democracy and create chaos and terror"  /  "Meanwhile in the real world, solar cell production is at an all time high, various companies have developed processes for converting plastic and tyres into diesel fuel and cities are improving their public transport. Constructive ways to reduce pollution"

Readers' comments cont:  "Nothing new. I worked as a Radio Operator in drilling rigs and Greenpeace have been acting like this for years. Their ships will enter tour 500m safety zone and not care about whether we have divers in the water or who they are endangering. They will then come up on our working channel and waffle on about how drilling is killing the planet. I just ask them what their boat is powered by. Like the protestors who all sailed out in kayaks to stop a rig departing - kayaks made of plastic. These people are so stupid ... They will climb onboard, tie themselves to the railing and start making demands. Some get a shock when they are just left alone, given water and stale sandwiches and ridiculed by everyone walking past. One even started crying and asking to be transported back to his boat.

Save Our Planet and Win a Valuable Prize  (15 April 2019)

"London isn't quite burning, but it's paralysed. Up to 30,000 Extinction Rebellion cretins are blocking major routes because they want the government to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025. Essentially these present-day Luddites want to revert to the ecologically pure world before the Industrial Revolution ... One suspects they'd still wish to keep certain benefits of industrialisation, such as ... electric lights, painless surgery, computers, mobile phones and modern medicines, none of which would be possible to deliver without offending 'our planet', and the cretins' delicate sensibilities, with carbon emissions..."

Extinction Rebellion - When You Deny Genuine Climate Science Debate  (13 April 2019)

"Next Monday, April 15 a group of hard left, anti-democratic, violent, drug-fuelled narcissistic revolutionaries will take to the streets in a coordinated plan to block as much social and commercial traffic as possible ... In the UK the main leaders seem to be Roger Hallam, a failed organic carrot farmer ... and Gail Bradbrook, a self-confessed pagan spiritualist ... [and] Stuart Basden who wrote that 'Extinction Rebellion isn't about the climate'.  For Basden, climate breakdown is a symptom of an infected toxic system based on white supremacy, patriarchy, Eurocentrism, hetero-sexism/heteronormativity and class hierarchy..."

The New Green Threat: Extinction Rebellion  (02 April 2019)

"Is [Extinction Rebellion] just another new climate movement? ... background material make[s] it very clear what the goal of the movement is: no more and no less than a global revolution ... Roger Hallam's vision for regime change is based on paralysing the society by masses ... In the initial phase, of course, a sufficient number of 'true believers' prepared to sacrifice themselves (go to jail or even get killed) is required ... It's probably not a coincidence that the campaigns this winter have concentrated on school kids ... Children and other vulnerable groups agitated by climate fear are to be used as a weapon against the society by also as a kind of human shields ... most of the people pushed in the front line won't know the actual goal of the protests and don't even care ... The inevitable violence and deaths would let the activists be portrayed as victims, and the police as oppressors ... children and young people to be used as cannon fodder in a plan based on violence and self-destructiveness..."

See also Brainwashing Pavlik Morozov here.


Videos, YouTubes, Bit Chutes

YOUTUBE:  Piers Clashes With Extinction Rebellion Co-Leader Skeena Rather Over Protests  (09 October 2019)

"There have been over 600 arrests since Monday as climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion continue with their protests in London. Joining GMB in the studio is Mike Neville and XR co-leader Skeena Rather as they debate whether or not the civil disobedience of the protests are necessary."

BIT CHUTE:  Extinction Rebellion Is Not About Climate Change  (09 October 2019)

"The Extinction Rebellion movement was founded by radical leftists who say they ware trying to deconstruct 'European civilisation', 'patriarchy' and 'heteronormativity'."  /  Viewers' comments:  "People have always been ok with cleaning up the environment, protecting it, etc... the nonsense, today, is the hysteria by many people (usually women) screaming 'the world is going to end'..."  /  "The term is 'useful idiots'"  /  "Environmentalism has nothing to do with the environment., it is about control over peoples lives and forcing them to live as the control freaks want. It is not just a lie. It is evil"

BIT CHUTE:  Fueled By An Ancient Human Need  (07 October 2019)  [NB: Strong language at approx 12:00]

"The Extinction Rebellion protests that are shutting down capital cities are a boomer environmental cult"  /  Viewers' comments:  "They may 'worship' science, but I doubt that many of these types understand it. Most of these mostly well-educated (over-educated?) people will have done English or Sociology ... None of them could properly interpret data and deduce anything from it. None of them have an iota of technical understanding or ability. None of them understand maths beyond adding a column of figures ... They are middle-class and affable and over-confident in their own abilities and understanding. Add to this a God-shaped hole, and we have people who say/do silly things"  /  "Worst of all, none of them seem to understand that science isn't a canon, it's a method"  /  "Climate alarmism assumes the authority of science but utterly rejects the discipline of science"  /  "This is a battle with reality ... These idiots have been manipulated into getting out and marching in the streets to demand that government take more of their money and freedoms away. Good job! You are helping the globalists to bring about their New World Order world government and it has nothing to do with 'protecting the environment' AT ALL"

YOUTUBE:  Julia Hartley-Brewer Clashes with The Green Party Over Climate Protests (Extinction Rebellion)  (16 April 2019)

"Police have arrested 122 people in connection with so-called Extinction Rebellion climate change protests in London. Deputy leader of The Green Party Amelia Womack debates the protests ... 'and by the way, that thing you hate: Capitalism'."

Viewers' comments:  "If we were to go to zero emissions, then sadly we would all die, because plant life would cease to exist"  /  "I wonder if the Green Party MP uses electricity around her home or maybe a car or has central heating and commutes using a train - all of which use fossil fuels!"  /  "She's using the internet, phone and a radio station - all of which consume vast amounts of electrical energy - to make her zero emission statement!"  /  "But they also think that increased medical science, the mass movement of human beings around the world and a huge welfare state is a good idea"  /  "I guarantee these climate change protestors are pro-open borders. Hypocrisy"

Viewers' comments cont:  "We have a proud history of peaceful protest. We do not have a proud history of letting idiotic Marxists smash up the property of others"  /  "When I hear people using the word 'empowered' I tend to think - Marxist indoctrination"  /  "The entitlement of middle class left wing activists. Imagine if Brexiteers behaved like this, or pro-lifers?"  /  "113 people arrested, buildings smashed and vandalised by graffiti, but that's OK because they really believe in their cause ... the double standards are unbelievable"  /  "Spoilt children that have not quite grown up yet"  /  "People calling for their own enslavement through Agenda 21. These poor pawns"  /  "Climate activism is not science. It is politics and religion and it is the greatest flight from sanity in the entire history of the human race. It is colossal lie. This silly woman Amelia Womack is a classic watermelon"


Letter to the Extinction Rebellion Kids

"Extinction Rebellion Kids.  When placing blame and pointing fingers remember this.  It was our generation that introduced recycling to keep up with the demand of consumption from your generation.  When we were kids the only fast food was at the local chipped and it came wrapped in newspaper not in a polystyrene case.  Our energy drink was lucozade and it came in a glass bottle that we used to take back to the shop to recycle.

"We walked or biked to school or work and didn't ask mum or dad to drive us because it was raining and we didn't want to get wet for the 1000 yards to the school gate.  We had hand-me down clothes and used a payphone if we needed to make a call.  We remember power cuts on a regular basis and played board games or read by candlelight. Our homes had single glazed windows that would ice up in winter and we shared our bedrooms that were so cold you could see you breath with our brothers or sisters.  We didn't have central heating.

"Have you ever had to use someone else's bath water after they had finished? We have!  We didn't have TVs in our bedrooms left on standby 24hrs a day or mobile devices that have to be charged if the battery drops below 80%.  Our holidays were in the UK in tents and not in Ibiza and we didn't get there by plane!

"It is you that is the mass consumer that demand the latest phones, fashion, sunny holidays, fast food and transportation.  So point the finger at yourselves you self indulgent, deluded, needy, greedy, ignorant, unapologetic, rude, selfish generation.  But you never look in the mirror and look at yourselves" [source]. 



The Green Agenda

"We should all want to be wise and careful stewards of the beautiful planet we call home. But most of us realise that humans in general are not being good stewards. We are wasteful with our natural resources and have reduced biodiversity. Therefore, when we read about groups and organisations calling for a 'green revolution' and a new relationship between humanity and nature it is easy to agree with their ideas. However, certain aspects of the modern green movement that is permeating every segment of our society are not about protecting the environment. You don't have to dig very deep to discover the true beliefs of the influential leaders who are using genuine concerns about the environment to promote an agenda of fear and control..."



All of the books recommended here should be obtainable from one or more of the online bookshops listed at

The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism  (2013)

"Do you believe we should bomb our economy back to the dark ages? Carpet our beautiful countryside with bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes? Indoctrinate our kids with scary North Korea-style propaganda nonsense in order to deal with the alleged perils of 'climate change'?  Neither does [this author]..."

Watermelons  (2011)

"If global warming isn't real then how come the ice caps are melting? Why would all the world's top scientists lie to us? What exactly is so wrong with biofuels, wind farms, carbon taxes, sustainability and preserving scarce resources for future generations? And what about Bangladesh, the drowning Maldives and all those endangered polar bears? [This author] has all the answers - and they're not the ones Al Gore would like you to hear. In Watermelons [this author] tells the shocking true story of how a handful of political activists, green campaigners and voodoo scientists engineered the world's biggest, most expensive and destructive outbreak of mass hysteria - one that threatens the very fabric of Western Civilisation. As the world stands on the brink of a new Great Depression, [this author's] message could not be more timely or urgent. In order to save our planet must we really surrender to the green movement's misanthropic tyranny? Or might there be a better way?"

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World  (2001)

"The idea for this book was born in a bookstore in Los Angeles in February 1997. I was standing leafing through Wired Magazine and read an interview with the American economist Julian Simon, from the University of Maryland. He maintained that much of our traditional knowledge about the environment is quite simply based on preconceptions and poor statistics. Our doomsday conceptions of the environment are not correct. He stressed that he only used official statistics, which everyone has access to and can use to check his claims. I was provoked. I'm an old left-wing Greenpeace member and had for a long time been concerned about environmental questions..."




Three Views of the Earth
Berit Kjos (1992)

Deep Ecology (Biocentric)

Humanist Green Activism (Anthropocentric)

Christian Stewardship (Theocentric)




Mother Earth evolved, and nurtures and organizes her parts

Earth and man evolved by chance

God created the earth and its inhabitants

Humans and animals are expressions of Mother Earth

Human animals are responsible for earth

God told His people to use and care for the earth

Wisdom from Nature

Wisdom from self

Wisdom from God (the Bible)

Connect with Gaia through ritual, celebration, drugs, meditation, sex

Connect with nature through human mind, emotions, experience

Commune with God through prayer, praise, biblical meditation

Help Earth save herself by hearing her spirit and heeding her wisdom (spiritism)

Save Earth by trusting human nature

Care for the earth by trusting God's Word, receiving His strength and guidance





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