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"Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? ... I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.
Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job chapters 38-41)

"all things were created by him and for him: and He is before all things, and by him all things consist" (Colossians 1:15-17).
"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:21-22).
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation 21:1,5a).

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The Green Agenda

"We should all want to be wise and careful stewards of the beautiful planet we call home. But most of us realise that humans in general are not being good stewards. We are wasteful with our natural resources and have reduced biodiversity. Therefore, when we read about groups and organisations calling for a 'green revolution' and a new relationship between humanity and nature it is easy to agree with their ideas. However, certain aspects of the modern green movement that is permeating every segment of our society are not about protecting the environment. You don't have to dig very deep to discover the true beliefs of the influential leaders who are using genuine concerns about the environment to promote an agenda of fear and control..."

Watt's Up With That?

"News and commentary on puzzling things in life, nature, science, weather, climate change, technology, and recent news."

Global Warming Petition Project

"The purpose of the Petition Project is to demonstrate that the claim of 'settled science' and an overwhelming 'consensus' in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is wrong. No such consensus or settled science exists. As indicated by the petition text and signatory list, a very large number of American scientists reject this hypothesis. Publicists at the United Nations, Mr. Al Gore, and their supporters frequently claim that only a few 'skeptics' remain - skeptics who are still unconvinced about the existence of a catastrophic human-caused global warming emergency. It is evident that 31,487 Americans with university degrees in science - including 9,029 PhDs, are not 'a few'. Moreover, from the clear and strong petition statement that they have signed, it is evident that these 31,487 American scientists are not 'skeptics'. These scientists are instead convinced that the human-caused global warming hypothesis is without scientific validity and that government action on the basis of this hypothesis would unnecessarily and counterproductively damage both human prosperity and the natural environment of the Earth."

What Liberals Say

"What Liberals Say was developed by Accuracy in Media as a unique and comprehensive resource for statements made by liberals. The objective is to showcase hundreds - and eventually thousands - of statements by high-profile liberals on controversial subjects like gun control, multiculturalism and global warming. On the ideological battleground, liberals often attempt to define conservatives by distorting what conservatives have said. Repeated distortions in the mainstream press leave the public with an inaccurate perception of the original idea. However, when liberals say things that are embarrassing, foolish, or just plain wrong, the mainstream press often turns a deaf ear. A quotation may receive some attention, but it is frequently hidden or downplayed. What Liberals Say is dedicated to defining Liberals not by the accusations or distortions of conservatives, but rather by what liberals themselves have actually said. These quotations paint a picture of liberals and liberalism untainted by mainstream media spin."

Gaia Fawkes

Daily updates on all the news from and about environmentalism, eco-fascism, watermelonism, et al...


Books, DVDs, etc

All of the books recommended here should be obtainable from one or more of the online bookshops listed at

Agenda 21: An Expose of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Initiative (2016)

"The values we hold dear ... form the foundation of who we are as a people and a nation. Our traditions and laws are based on these values and were originally designed to preserve human dignity. In my opinion, human dignity is as vital to life as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Without it, life perishes. As you will discover in this book, Agenda 21 believes you are a nuisance. Your very existence represents a stumbling block to a master plan that equates human life to a colony of ants, where the rights of the individual and human dignity are defined by servitude, not freedom, and where the personal ambition must be expended for the greater good."

The Little Green Book of Eco-Fascism  (2013)

"The plan to frighten your kids, drive up energy costs and hike your taxes!"  "Do you believe we should bomb our economy back to the dark ages?  Carpet our beautiful countryside with bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes?  Indoctrinate our kids with scary North Korea-style propaganda nonsense in order to deal with the alleged perils of 'climate change'?..."

Merchants of Despair  (2012)

"There was a time when humanity looked in the mirror and saw something precious, worth protecting and fighting for - indeed, worth liberating. But now we are beset on all sides by propaganda promoting a radically different viewpoint. According to this idea, human beings are a cancer upon the Earth, a species whose aspirations and appetites are endangering the natural order. This is the core of antihumanism. [This book] traces the pedigree of this ideology and exposes its deadly consequences in startling and horrifying detail..."

U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy (No Date - Possibly 2012)

"[This] diligent and insightful work examining the subtle dangers and hidden purposes of U.N. Agenda 21 has enlightened many [people]. Her writing is intelligent, informative, and fearless in exposing the dark side of the U.N. global governance agenda."   /   "Nothing is impacting modern civil society quite as much as the insidious tenets of the United Nations fast-growing Agenda 21, which is seeping almost imperceptibly into every nook and cranny of everyday life. And nobody explains Agenda 21 with more insight and clarity than [this author] in her compelling book."

Watermelons  (2011)

"How the environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children's future."  "If global warming isn't real then how come the ice caps are melting?  Why would all the world's top scientists lie to us?  What exactly is so wrong with biofuels, wind farms, carbon taxes, sustainability and preserving scarce resources for future generations?  And what about Bangladesh, the drowning Maldives and all those endangered polar bears?"

Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 (2011)

"Have you ever wondered where these terms 'sustainability' and 'Smart Growth' and 'high density urban mixed development' came from? Doesn't it seem that about 10 years ago you'd never heard of them and now everything seems to include these buzz words? Is that just a coincidence? That every town and county and state and nation in the world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government policies to align themselves with... what?  While fighting to stop a huge development project in her city [this author] researched the corporate, political and financial interests behind it and found UN Agenda 21. ... The arm of UN Agenda 21 is long and reaches into every area of the world."

Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years  (2007)

The authors of this book "highlight the many fallacies associated with the hysterical claims of dangerous climate change and unsubstantiated computer projections surrounding the theory of human-caused global warming., They have managed to lay out, dissect, and expose the facts in a thoroughly readable style. [This book] is a must-read for everybody who is interested in the real issues surrounding climate change."

Sustainability: The New Religion  (2005)

"This booklet springs in part from frustration. This, maybe, is not a good motive for writing. I am not an environmental scientists, though I have a science degree and understand how data needs to be interpreted. What has provoked me ... is the current incessant presentation by the media, sad to say, by the churches as well, of an Environmental Crisis just about to happen..."

The United Nations' Global Straitjacket  (1999/2000)

"Many [people] know or feel something is very wrong, but are not able to put their finger on the problem. This book will help them to connect the dots - politically, economically, and environmentally. [This book] will explain the Hegelian Dialectic, 'reinventing government', public-private partnerships ... 'globalisation', the move toward a world stock market and a cashless society, an international criminal court which transcends national boundaries, and much more. Above all it will provide the reader with an understanding of the governmental aspects of the United Nations and how its power transcends from the international to the local level, all with the blessings of our [national] government[s]."

The Sceptical Environmentalist  (1998)

This book "challenges widely held beliefs that the environmental situation is getting worse and worse.  The author, himself a former member of Greenpeace, is critical of the way in which many environmental organizations make selective and misleading use of the scientific evidence. Using the best available statistical information from internationally recognised research institutes, [the author] systematically examines a range of major environmental problems that feature prominently in headline news across the world.  His arguments are presented in non-technical, accessible language and are carefully backed up by over 2,900 notes allowing readers to check sources for themselves. Concluding that there are more reasons for optimism than pessimism, [the author] stresses the need for clear-headed prioritization of resources to tackle real, not imagined problems.  [This book] offers readers a non-partisan stocktaking exercise that serves as a useful corrective to the more alarmist accounts favoured by campaign groups and the media. It is essential reading for anybody with a serious interest in current environmental debates."

Global Tyranny Step by Step  (1992)

"There are genuine ecological problems today challenging mankind's intelligence, wisdom, and resourcefulness. Very few will deny that fact. One need not investigate very deeply into the organized 'environmental movement', however, or examine the 'science' on which it hangs its hat, to realize that its repeated prophecies of apocalyptic doom have far more to do with increasing and centralizing government control over mankind than with protecting man and nature from environmentally harmful practices. ... [This book hopes] to demonstrate convincingly that concerns about the environment (some overblown, others completely fabricated) are being cynically exploited by influential individuals and organizations whose goals include building a global tyranny..."

Under the Spell of Mother Earth  (1992)

"Concern for the environment has joined with mysticism to spark a return to ancient forms of nature worship. ... Living under the spell of Mother Earth can mean:  * Elevating Mother Earth from legend to religion;  * Basing environmental concerns in ancient myths and pagan practices;  * Personalizing, even deifying the earth and its creatures;  * Depersonalizing God and people;  * Seeking a Goddess Mother as the source of all life;  * Blending Christianity with Babylonian spirituality now seducing the Western world.  [This book] will alert you to the fast-spreading influence of nature worship in [the West]. It will also show you how to resist this insidious religion, especially when you and your children encounter it in unexpected places"

FILM: Farmageddon

"Americans' right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. Farmageddon tells the story of small, family farms that were providing safe, healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action, by agents of misguided government bureaucracies, and seeks to figure out why. ... Farmageddon stresses the urgency of food freedom. Though the film deals with intense scenes and dramatic situations, the overall tone is optimistic, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals' rights to access food of their choice and farmers' rights to produce these foods."




Three Views of the Earth
Berit Kjos (1992)

Deep Ecology (Biocentric)

Humanist Green Activism (Anthropocentric)

Christian Stewardship (Theocentric)




Mother Earth evolved, and nurtures and organizes her parts

Earth and man evolved by chance

God created the earth and its inhabitants

Humans and animals are expressions of Mother Earth

Human animals are responsible for earth

God told His people to use and care for the earth

Wisdom from Nature

Wisdom from self

Wisdom from God (the Bible)

Connect with Gaia through ritual, celebration, drugs, meditation, sex

Connect with nature through human mind, emotions, experience

Commune with God through prayer, praise, biblical meditation

Help Earth save herself by hearing her spirit and heeding her wisdom (spiritism)

Save Earth by trusting human nature

Care for the earth by trusting God's Word, receiving His strength and guidance






We recommend the books/DVDs etc we have included on this page, but please note that we would not necessarily agree with every single word contained therein; neither can we necessarily vouch for any other materials by the same authors, or for any groups or ministries or websites with which they may be associated, or for the beliefs of whatever kind they may hold, or for any other aspect of their work or ministry or position.  Likewise, our recommendation here of specific websites/pages does not necessarily imply that we endorse every aspect of that group or ministry.

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