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Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them ...
is like a [wise] man which built a house, and digged deep, and laid the foundations on a rock:
and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it:
for it was founded upon a rock
(Luke 6:47-48)

Let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.
For other foundation can no man lay that is laid, which is Jesus Christ
(1 Corinthians 3:10b-11)

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)

Christmas and
the Birth of Jesus Christ

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God ... And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us"
"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins"

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Part One: The Birth of the Messiah


The Incarnation

"And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory" (1 Timothy 3:16).

And Famously Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes  (24 December 2020)

"If we understand the message of Christmas rightly, we understand it not only as the celebration of the birth of the Christ, but also as the starting point or birthplace of our faith ... The normal pathway this takes is through the declared or written Word. 'So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God' (Romans 10:17)..."

The Relevance of the Christmas Message  (22 December 2020)

"The Reading: Luke 2:11-12.  George Duncan was a Scottish preacher, and it is his headings I have used tonight. He highlights 3 thoughts which we share: (1) It is historically based: Luke was a doctor who was writing and recording events ... (2) It is spiritually important: A Saviour - but to save what and to save whom? ... (3) It must be personally believed: God, the God who loves us, gave us a choice..."

BOOKS:  A Christian Classic and Treasure Beyond Price  (22 December 2019)

"As we approach another Christmas in this, our materialistic and secular irreligious climate, it maybe that there will still be many, perhaps for the first time, who would wish to understand something of the age-old mystery of the incarnation of Jesus Christ - a foundational and long-established Christian doctrine without which there would be no Christian faith at all..."

Are You Getting Ready for December 25th?  (December 2019)

"Here are a few thoughts to help prepares us for the birth of Jesus Christ later this month, starting with the basic facts, and followed by the outcome down the ages...  At the heart of the Nativity is the virgin birth, which teaches that Jesus was conceived in the womb of a young Jewish virgin called Mary, by God the Holy Spirit, not by a human father. The question is: why did God need to do this?..."

Why Did Jesus Come? The Reason for Christmas  (23 December 2017)

"What is Christmas all about? Obviously it has to do with the arrival of Jesus Christ on planet earth. But why did he actually come? Just why was he born? What led him to leave the comforts of heaven to appear in the flesh on this dark and dreary earth? ... Why did Jesus visit this planet and what did he seek to do while here?..."  /  Reader's comment:  "His coming was prophetically anticipated (Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7), His coming was historically authenticated (1 John 1:1-4; 5:20), He came to be our sin bearer (1 John 3:5), He came to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8), He came to give us eternal life (1 John 4:9), He came to satisfy the demands of God's holy justice and wrath against sin (1 John 4:10), He came to be Savior of the world (1 John 4:14)"

When Glory Was Birthed In A Barn  (09 October 2017)

"There, Salvation was nestled among animal food. And, we wonder over God, this God who stepped off His throne and into human skin, laying Himself into a manger - a mere animal trough ... How is it that we find the King of all in such a place? How is it that the Almighty God, the great I AM, bends Himself into an world of labor pains and dirty animals?..."

The Incarnation: The Lowly Path of our Heavenly King  (2004)

"Our sovereign King - born into time as Man and risen in eternity as Savior - doesn't do things our way. His more excellent ways confound the world's most noble dreams and heart-felt sympathies. They always have! Contrary to our feel-good presumption about God and whatever 'new thing' we attribute to Him, His narrow way rarely matches our wide gateways to 'success'. The world just doesn't understand Him. Therefore its 'Christmas season' raises all kinds of questions that defy simple answers. For example why would our heavenly Father send His beloved Son to be born in a stable?..."

Why Jesus Came Into the World  (December 2003)

"Once again the truth of Jesus' coming is remembered at this time of year. But, how do we remember His coming into the world? Decorations inside and outside our homes? Fancy foods, special meals, family and friends gathering together? parties? Gifts of all shapes and sizes? The coming of Jesus had none of these effects and encumbrances ... Why did Jesus come into this world? His mission in this world was to 'save sinners' - those who could not save themselves. This truth divides mankind. People don't want to hear about being 'saved' anymore today...."


Emmanuel: God With Us

"Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us" (Matthew 1:23).

Names of Jesus: Immanuel  (24 December 2019)

"It defies logic that the eternal, Son of God stepped down off His Heavenly throne and became tie Son of Man, entering our world as a helpless infant. He became flesh and dwelt among us to save us from our sins and allow us to become children of God and dwell with Him forever (Psalm 23:6). He is Immanuel, God with us. He is with us always (Matthew 28:20). He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and we can never flee from His presence (Psalm 139:7-12)..."

Immanuel - God With Us  (No Date)

"[T]he blinded world around us continues to reject our Immanuel. Now as always, His presence in this sin-filled world is an offense and 'stumbling stone' to those who despise His Truth and refuse to follow Him. Back when the long-awaited Savior was born into our world that starry night long ago, most people 'loved darkness rather than light.'  They wanted earthly freedom to do their own will, not heavenly freedom to walk with God. Immanuel opened His arms to a troubled land, but only a few chose to enter His family. John summarised both the tragedy and the triumph:..."


Prophecy, History, Genealogy, Chronology, Story, Details

The Christmas Story: Part Two  (14 December 2013 / Re-uploaded 07 December 2018)

"Circumcision on the Eighth Day:  Long before the Lord ordained the ritual of circumcision for males, He arranged for the coagulating pro-enzyme called prothrombin to be at 130% of normal adult levels on the eighth day of life...  The Visit of the Magi:  The Magi were Parthian Priests, descendants of the priesthood the Prophet Daniel had organized in person some 500 years earlier, upon learning the timing of Messiah's coming. Knowing the time was at hand, these priests had been searching the heavens for the promised sign of His coming, a new star in the Eastern sky..." 

The Christmas Story: Part One  (07 December 2013 / Re-uploaded 05 December 2018)

"The Birth of Jesus Foretold:  Some commentators try to cast doubt on the validity of Isaiah's virgin birth prophecy...  The Birth of Jesus:  Quirinius was governor from 6-4BC and again from 6-9 AD. He had a census taken in each term of office. This one was during his first term...  The Shepherds and the Angels:  [T]he winter weather around Jerusalem would have kept shepherds out of the open fields after late October. The animals being tended were Temple flocks, lambs that had been carefully bred over many years to be free of spot or blemish..."

The Genealogies of Jesus  (25 December 2012)

A lot of people find genealogies the most boring part of the Bible and even wonder why God would inspire the addition of long lists of names! This is a fairly recent attitude though, and even today, the genealogies are very important to some cultures ... God acts within history to reveal Himself to us ... Mathew's genealogy gives weight to Jesus' claim to be the Son of David, and the son of Abraham - the basis of Paul's teaching that Jesus is Abraham's unique Seed (Galatians 3:16). Luke's genealogy shows how He can be 'the Last Adam' because he comes from 'the first man, Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45) - thus the Savior of all humanity, both Jew and Gentile..."

CHART:  Two Genealogies?  (25 December 2012)

"The first question would be 'How can someone have two genealogies?'  Matthew's genealogy traces the line through Joseph back to David through his son Solomon; Luke's genealogy goes back through David's son Nathan all the way back to Adam. But between David and Joseph, the lines only converge at Shealtiel and Zerubbabel, only to promptly split again! How do we explain this?..."

The Christmas Story: Does It Still Matter?  (2004)

"What does Christmas mean to you? Times with family and friends? Perhaps carols, cards, television specials. maybe hectic shopping, parties, eating too much ... But what about the first Christmas? Why is the original story - the baby in the manger, shepherds, wise men, angels - important, if at all? ... May I invite you to consider eight reasons why the original Christmas story matters...  (1) A story that has endured...  (2) A story of hope and survival...  (3) A story of peace and goodwill...  (4) A story of family...  (5) A story of humility...  (6) A story that was foretold...  (7) A story that has substantial support...  (8) A story of love..."

Swaddling Cloths for the Heavenly King  (No Date)

"Have you ever wondered about 'swaddling clothes'? ... In the Middle East, people travelling long distances were often met with many hardships and trials on their journeys. In the event of a death in travel, the body could not continue to be transported for many days. For that reason, travellers wrapped a thin, gauzelike cloth around their waist many times. If someone died on the journey, the others would use this cloth, referred to as 'swaddling clothes' to wrap the corpse in before burying them..."

As the Scriptures Foretold  (No Date)

"Old Testament Prophecies  /  New Testament fulfillment  /  Other New Testament references to Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ  /  The Incarnation: God enters our world to save us..."


The Worship of the Messiah

The King's Worshippers - Around Whom It Happened  (25 December 2020)

"The Reading: Matthew 2:1-12.  (1) Who Worshipped? - The Angels: Heaven burst open with worship and praise to God ... (2) Who Worshipped? - The Shepherds: They were the forerunners of millions who will come and worship ... (3) Who Worshipped? - The Wise Men: No one in Parthia would dare approach a king without a gift ... (4) Who Will Worship?: Christ's authority is expressed in the words: 'All things in heaven and on earth and under the earth'..."

The Wonder of Christmas!  (13 December 2019)

"Every year here in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, a team of Christian volunteers led by my wife Linda take more than a thousand primary school pupils on an awe-inspiring 'Christmas Journey'. It's a great opportunity to sow seeds that will surely bear fruit one day for a generation largely unfamiliar with the gospel..."

YOUTUBE:  G.F. Handel: Messiah  (Published on 07 April 2014)

By: Collegium & Collegium Vŕclav 1704.  Director - Vaclav Luks;
Soprano - Hana Blažiková; Contralto - Delphine Galou; Tenor - Markus Brutscher; Bass - Marián Krejcik.
Recorded at L'Abbatiale Saint-Robert de La Chaise-Dieu.

Viewers' comments:  "That is surely the most joyous, even riotous, performances I have ever heard or seen! The tenor is magnificent; he is not just singing words but rejoicing in the story of the Messiah"  /  "Every now and then, I bump into something so unimaginably wonderful I forget the dark side of humanity and lose myself in awe, beauty, and inspiration"  /  "This has to be the most beautiful presentation of the most beautiful, faith-filled, Oratorio by Georg Handel ever"  /  "It is the glorification of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world and how He is felt in this. My soul is overwhelmed by His Majesty and the wonders of the prophecies of the scriptures that have come together to announce Him in this grand masterpiece by Handel"  /  "...the exquisite melodies and the pure 'sola scriptura' which gives this Oratorio its power to touch the hearts of believers as well as those who have chosen to disbelieve"  /  "Truly a wonderful performance"  /  "All honour and praise and worship to our Messiah Jesus"  /  "Herein is love, not that we loved, but that God loved us"  /  "Magnifico. Glory to God. Worthy, worthy, worthy, is the Lamb"  /  "And He shall reign for ever and ever"

God Gives Us the Perfect Gift  (2013)

"There are few children who don't look forward to their birthday or Christmas if they know they are going to receive gifts from their parents. Usually the present is eagerly opened and delighted in - at least for a few hours! God the Father also delights to give His children gifts, and long before we took our first breath our Creator revealed Himself to be the great giver of life itself ... The most precious and perfect gift He has ever given us is that of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ..."

YOUTUBE:  J.S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio, BMV 248, (1734)  (Published on 25 December 2010)

"The Christmas Oratorio BMV 248 is an oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach intended for performance in church during the Christmas season ... The Oratorio is in six parts, each part being intended for performance on one of the major feast days of the Christmas period ... The first part (for Christmas Day) describes the Birth of Jesus, the second (for December 26) the annunciation to the shepherds, the third (for December 27) the adoration of the shepherds, the fourth (for New Year's Day) the circumcision and naming of Jesus, the fourth (for the first Sunday after New Year) the journey of the Magi, and the sixth (for Epiphany) the adoration of the Magi"  /  Viewers' comments:  "A soul stirring passage into beauty"  /  "The music that begins at 40:45 is among the most sublime I have ever heard"  /  "Beautiful performance"  /  "This performance is magnificent"  /  "32:48 is just wonderful"  /  "Wonderful!"

YOUTUBE:  Christmas Food Court Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus  (18 November 2010)

"On November 13 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob  /  Viewers' comments:  "Still watching this in 2019"  /  Oh that all would render such homage to the King!"  /  "Glory to Jesus Christ for He shall reign forever and ever more"  /  "Even people not with the choir try to join in as best they can. Then in  just a few more seconds there is a singularity in Spirit, praise and obvious joy. We are created to praise Him. It's only because of His love we even exist"  /  "He's worthy of our praises!"  /  "While He was in the manger, He was holding the universe together by His power"  /  "Let all that hath breath praise the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever more"  /  "Oh that all could grasp the significance of the message contained in this beautiful chorus!"  /  "'What Manner of man is this that even the wind and waves obey Him?' "  /  "His return will be Glorious"  /  "Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ who was, who is and who is to come and he shall reign forever Amen!"

Three Meditations on the Birth of Jesus Christ  (2002)

"It is true we don't know the exact date of Jesus' birth; some say it may have been in September because the shepherds still kept their sheep out at night at that time of the year, while at the end of December it usually became too cold. Also the beginning of the Jewish New Year fell in September, and just as the new year can mean a new start likewise the birth of Jesus also started a new era for all mankind, with dates marked B.C. standing for 'Before Christ'..."

Come Worship Our King  (No Date)

Isaiah 9:6-7 / Isaiah 7:13-14 / Matthew 1:22 / Luke 2:7 / Micah 5:2-3 / John 1:3 / John 1:9-12 / John 14:19-21


Succoth/Feast of Tabernacles: Birth of the Messiah

Celebrating Christmas  (20 December 2019)

"The prologue of John's Gospel says, 'The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us' (John 1:14). This is a statement of incredible significance which summarises the message of the whole Gospel of John. It states very simply the central mystery of the coming of Jesus, which the Apostle unfolds: the light of the world, come to dwell among humanity, where men prefer darkness to light ...

"[T]he phrase 'made his dwelling among us' literally means he 'pitched his tent among us' or 'tabernacled among us'; as God had dwelt among his people in the Tabernacle of the Lord when the people of Israel lined in tents. This adds strength and relevance to the belief that Jesus was actually born at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles..."


Photo by Thanassis Stavrakis/AP/Press Association Images

No, the Nativity Is Not About Homelessness  (25 December 2018)

"The Gospel of Luke tells us: 'In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.'  Augustus organised a number of censuses; the number is not known, but it looks as if they occurred every ten years or so. Some were local, others attempted to cover the Empire..."

Was the Birth of Christ During the Feast of Tabernacles?  (13 November 2017)

"Starting at Hanukkah, which begins Kislev 25 and continues for eight days, and counting through the nine months of Mary's pregnancy, one arrives at the approximate time of the birth of Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles (the early fall [Sept or Oct] of the year) ... During the Feast of Tabernacles, God required all male Jews to come to the Temple in Jerusalem. The many pilgrims coming to Jerusalem for the festivals would spill over to the surrounding towns (Bethlehem is about five miles from Jerusalem). Joseph and Mary ... may have been given shelter in a booth (sukkah)..."


Hanukkah/Festival of Lights: Conception of the Messiah

Hanukkah: The True Birth of Jesus Christ?  (07 December 2018)

"[T]he Middle Eastern mindset is different from ours, so that celebrating a birthday for them is not about the baby being born, but being conceived. I am told that in the Jewish culture of Jesus's day, the day you were conceived was actually considered your birthday ... [A] reasonable date for the conception of Jesus would have been Hanukkah, a celebration of dedication and victory, when miraculous light fills the temple! ... Hanukkah ... is observed for eight nights and days, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar..."

Light in the Darkness  (07 December 2018)

"As we approach the traditional season of Christmas, we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are all too aware of the gathering gloom of midwinter, and are anxious to help dispel the darkness with a multiple array of bright lights ... As with Christians, Jews at this time of year also light up the darkness with a glittering host of candles to celebrate Hanukkah, the feast of Dedication. I well remember sharing the excitement of the occasion with Jerusalem residents five years ago, as joyful groups celebrated in restaurants festooned with brightly coloured lights and menorahs..."

Photo: Dov Harrington for Prophecy Today
  Let Light Shine Out of Darkness!  (11 December 2015)

"Persecution for faith is nothing new. Here is a reminder of a festival birthed from persecution of God's people that Jesus himself celebrated in winter time - Hanukkah: festival of lights.

"Like Christmas, Hanukkah is not a biblical festival. its roots lie in the period between the writing of the Old and New Testaments. The only reference to it in the Bible is in John 10, were we read that Jesus celebrated the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah in Hebrew) referring to the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its desecration ...

"At Christmas we often read John1, verse 9, which says, '...the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world'.  Jesus is that light, the shamash or servant flame, laying down his life and lighting the lives of those who approach him humbly in repentance and faith..."


Was Jesus Conceived on Hanukkah?  (No Date)

"Many believe that our Messiah, the 'light of the world', was conceived on the festival of lights - Hanukkah. The Bible does not specifically say the date of Jesus' birth. It was not during the winter months because the sheep were in the pasture ... Was the 'light of the world' conceived on the festival of lights?..."


The Wise Men

The Wise Men From the East - A Mystery Solved?  (06 January 2019)

"Today is Epiphany, when the visit of the Wise Men to the infant Jesus is remembered. For nearly two millennia there has been speculation and much legend-making about this event, recorded in Matthew's gospel (Matthew ch.2vv1-12). Can the many mysteries be resolved?..."

The Christmas Story: Part Two: The Visit of the Magi  (14 December 2013 / Re-uploaded 07 December 2018)

"The Magi were Parthian Priests, descendants of the priesthood the Prophet Daniel had organized in person some 500 years earlier, upon learning the timing of Messiah's coming. Knowing the time was at hand, these priests had been searching the heavens for the promised sign of His coming, a new star in the Eastern sky. Parthia was a powerful kingdom north and east of Israel, a remnant of the Persian Empire that had recently defeated the Roman Legions, and the Magi were among Parthia's most powerful leaders..."

We Three Kings of Orient Are  (02 July 2003)

"This story actually began just over 600 years earlier during the life of Daniel the Prophet. As a teenager Daniel, a prince of Israel, was taken hostage by the King of Babylon to insure that the provisions of a peace treaty between Israel and Babylon would be obeyed. But Israel's kings repeatedly violated the treaty and so the Babylonians burned Jerusalem and Solomon's Temple to the ground and took all the Jews captive to Babylon where they remained for 70 years. Toward the end of this 70 year period, Daniel, now an old man was praying to God, asking for the release of His people. While praying he was visited by the Angel Gabriel and given a message that has become the single most important piece of prophetic scripture in the entire Bible..."

The Magi's Search for Truth  (No Date)

"Were the wise men (or magi) magicians or astrologers? If so, doesn't it show God's approval of paganism? These important questions deserve an answer..."


Part Two: Christmas Carols


Silent Night

Silent Night  (November 2019)

"There are varying legends of the origin of this carol...  [And] there is a second and very poignant part to the story of Stille Nacht / Silent Night..."

YOUTUBE:  Silent Night: Kaoma Chenda  (Published on 24 December 2018)

This is a fabulous a cappella rendition of this carol; all four parts are sung by one man!

YOUTUBE:  Silent Night Military Tribute  (Published on 26 November 2017)

"This is a tribute to the service members deployed, stationed overseas, underway, on watch, or on patrol far from home this holiday season. It's also meant to recognize and remember the sacrifice of their families back home. Having spent three Christmases deployed myself, I know it can be a lonely time. But when surrounded by your fellow soldiers, shipmates, Marines, airmen, or Coast Guardsmen, it can also be a time of great camaraderie ... This video is a reminder that those of us at home are thinking of you too ... may heavenly peace find you, wherever you are."

YOUTUBE:  Stille Nacht / Silent Night  (Published on 23 November 2014)

"Christmas Eve 1914 singing. Perhaps this is what the truce sounded like? In memory of the brave soldiers of WW1"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Never forget the Christmas truce of WW1 when troops refused to be pawns of empires for one blessed day"  /  "Imagine the courage it took these soldiers to climb out of the trenches holding nothing but a newspaper. Lest we forget"  /  "I had a relative who was there when this took place. Months later he was nothing but an atomised corpse. He wrote home to his family in NZ that this is what had happened"  /  "My paternal Great Great Grandfather was fighting on the Western front for the British empire when this happened. He understood it as he was German English: his father was German and his mother was from England. His name was Ernest George Von Ehran, he was born in 1890 in London"  /  "And on that night, one shred of humanity made it through the war"

YOUTUBE:  Silent Night: Choir of St John's College, Cambridge  (Published on 22 December 2011)

"So beloved and so well-known is the carol, in fact, that according to accounts by soldiers who fought in the First World War, 'Silent Night' was sung - in English, French, and German together - across No man's Land during the Christmas Truce of 1914"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Sung with a sense of reverence, simplicity and awe. Wonderful! Peace on earth, and goodwill towards men. Amen"  /  "All the more beautiful for its almost glacial sparseness. For me, it transcends all earthly matters. Humbling"  /  "Dear Lord, bless us with your grace"  /  "So beautiful"  /  "So peaceful" 

YOUTUBE:  Stille Nacht: The Vienna Boys Choir  (Published on 19 December 2009)

Viewers' comments:  "To listen to this in the original German is just something special"  /  "What beautiful images! Thanks to all photographers who capture the beauty of this world!"  /  "Most definitely beautiful"  /  "I first heard Silent Night in German in Bad Fallingbostal in '78 as a Coldstream Guardsman. Beautiful"  /  "Beautiful pictures, beautiful song. Thank you for this"


Part Three: Christmas


Origins, Paganism, Romanism, Syncretism, Compromise

Somebody Cooked Your Goose (In Four Parts)  (2013)

Part One:  Should Christians celebrate Christmas? / Why December 25th? / Is Christmas a Christian festival? / What did the Early Church say? / Saturnalia, the Roman Festival / Puritan objections / Satan's counterfeits / The Virgin Mother / The god from the pit.

Part Two:  Santa - Pope? Pagan? Harmless figure of fun? / The Northern Gods / What is Rudolph? / The Christmas Tree / The Yule Log / Festival of Lights / Fires and Bonfires

Part Three:  Candles / Bees and beeswax candles / The Word and the Bee / Christmas candles and Christingle / Holly / Ivy / Mistletoe

Part Four:  The Christmas Feast / Why a Boar? / Why a Goose? / What is a mincepie? / What is Christmas Pudding? / Why do we eat Christmas Pudding and put a sixpence inside? / King Bean / Conclusion / What does the Bible say?

"Christmas is a subject that intrigues, interests and sometimes inflames Christians on both sides of the argument. Those outside Christianity would think it strange that we even have an argument for and against, but throughout the centuries the debate has rolled on, without a firm conclusion. Should we as Christians celebrate the festival that has become known as Christmas? The bible can be interpreted in various ways on this topic, but is not totally conclusive. The danger lies in being reactionary or harsh. At the end of the day, the bible commands respect for others as well as obedience to God (Romans 14:5-6 and Galatians 4:9-11)"

Did the Romans Invent Christmas?  (12 December 2009)

"It was a public holiday celebrated around December 25th in the family home. A time for feasting, goodwill, generosity to the poor, the exchange of gifts and the decoration of trees. But it wasn't Christmas. This was Saturnalia, the pagan Roman winter solstice festival. But was Christmas, Western Christianity's most popular festival, derived from the pagan Saturnalia? ... Saturnalia has a rival contender as the forerunner of Christmas: the festival of dies natalis solis invicti, 'birthday of the unconquered sun'..."

Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas  (01 December 2005)

"Since we made our change ... with the exception of the first year, I have felt a tremendous peace, joy, calm, richness, treasure in the season. While everyone is running around trying to cope with the pressure of performing, trying to meet the financial burden, trying to juggle the social constraints, trying to stretch their time & energy to the demands of the season ... we are just continuing on with life as usual, enjoying our Saviour in the little moments of each day as He gives them to us. I wouldn't go back to the old way for anything!..."

Festivals: Christmas and Lady-Day  (1916)

"Long before the Christian era ... a festival was celebrated among the heathen ... in honour of the birth of the son of the Babylonian queen of heaven ... In Egypt, the son of Isis, the Egyptian title for the queen of heaven, was born at this very time ... Far and wide, in the realms of Paganism, was this birth-day observed ... Among the Sabeans of Arabia, who regarded the moon, and not the sun ... the same period was observed as the birth festival..."

The Origin of Christmas  (No Date)

"Christmas is a holiday shared and celebrated by many religions. It is a day that has an effect on the entire world. To many people, it is a favorite time of the year involving gift giving, parties and feasting. Christmas is a holiday that unifies almost all of professing Christendom..."

Where is Christ in Christmas?  (No Date)

"The angel's joyful announcement (Luke 2:10-12) was worthy of our Heavenly King. Yet, except for a few lowly shepherds, the people of Bethlehem failed to welcome Him. Had they forgotten the long-awaited Messiah prophesied by Isaiah long ago? ... Today's world is just as oblivious. It shuts Him out ... Our sovereign King doesn't fit man's vision of interfaith unity. His way is too narrow, and His Word is far too offensive..."


The Word 'Christmas'

The True Meaning of Christ-Mass  (No Date)

"Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas ... Although we hear these words constantly as they resonate millions of times throughout the land, almost nobody understands what they are really saying ... [Let us] examine the true meaning and essence of those words..."


Santa Claus / Father Christmas

Santa Claus and Jesus Christ Compared  (No Date)

"As you prepare for the most joyous time of the year, consider carefully the following parallels and allow the Holy Spirit to direct your life and holiday season accordingly..."

Santa Claus... Pretender to the Throne  (No Date)

"One beautiful hymn contains the following line 'Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King!'.  Sadly the 'earth' is doing anything but. The meaning of Christmas has been lost in an endless round of festivities... shopping sprees, parties, decorations, trees, food, gifts and merrymaking. The King whose birth we celebrate at Christmas has been slowly ousted from centre stage as He doesn't fit today's politically correct views ... Santa Claus has become the most beloved of Christmas symbols and traditions..."


The Worship of Mammon

Selling Out Christmas  (25 December 2016)

"Many shops are still open on Christmas Day, and stampeding throngs are buying up everything in sight. But there's anticipatory weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in hell, where Mammon lives. For Christmas sales will sooner or later end. There will be other sales, numerous other opportunities to inject new energy into the devout worship of Mammon. But no sale is quite like a Christmas sale..."


Part Four: Nearing the End


Nearing the End

Christmas Star or Evil Omen?  (15 December 2020)

"When Jesus spoke of signs in the sun, moon, and stars in the last days (Luke 21:25), he wasn't talking about astrology. But the heavens that he created do sometimes provide a herald of things to come, as in the star that the Magi followed to reach Bethlehem shortly after his birth. There are at least there major astronomy events in December 2020 and they are causing a stir amongst believers and unbelievers alike ... Now the arrival of another omen not only points to bigger challenges, but could (we do not know! God knows!) bring the beginning of the End for all who wait for the Lord. This would not be without offense being caused to those who refuse to see the truth, but opposition, derision and even persecution for all who are determined to stand for the truth..."





Thus saith the LORD,
Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way,
and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls
(Jeremiah 6:16)



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