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The Great Reset
aka: Build Back Better, The New Normal, Agenda 21/2030, The Green New Deal,
Technocracy, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Trans-Humanism, AI, Global Governance,
New World Order, One World Government, One World Religion,
The Tower of Babel, Mystery Babylon

...achieved via 'Problem --> Reaction --> Solution' aka  the Hegelian Dialectic

"Mystery, Babylon the Great ...
that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth" (Revelation 17:5,18)

"Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city,
because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication ...
And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever:
and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image,
and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name" (Revelation 14:8-11)

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Political Cultural and Social Issues

"When selling your soul itís important to remember
that there is no buy-back clause in the contract"

[Dean Cavanagh, quoted in a reader's comment at source]

"People in western nations are facing a real test in the next few years:
do you choose slavery or freedom?"

[reader's comment at source]



The Great Reset: Overviews and Background

Please also see here for more articles and videos on the Great Reset / Build Back Better / NWO / et al

"For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matthew 16:26).

"Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?  The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.  He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.  Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure ... Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.  Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.  Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling ... Blessed are all they that put their trust in him" (Psalm 2).

"But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision" (Psalm 59:8).

Into 2024  (January 2024)

"[T]he 'pandemic' was but the first manufactured crisis to seek to impose The Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Agenda 2030 on our world.  While the deadly impact of the 'vaccines' is now being exposed in the soaring, but yet still largely ignored, cases of all-cause mortality, the full realisation of the effects of the gene-modifying and nano-technology components of these imposed medical interventions has yet to break forth.  And the technocratic dystopia being created by politically-sanctioned military-grade weaponry, super-computer data processing and the all-seeing surveillance infrastructures is now being foisted on us ... So in terms of these interventions from here on in, and with the hard evidence now available, it is truly 'make up our minds' time..."

YOUTUBE:  To Hell with Spinelessness!  (09 September 2023)

Viewers' comments:  "First we overlook evil. Then we permit evil. Then we legalize evil. Then we promote evil. Then we celebrate evil. Then we persecute those who still call it evil"  /  "Trouble is the majority of the UK public still watch the mainstream media, and their main emotion is apathy"  /  "When will people wake up to this c***?"  /  "Thank you for giving a voice to the many"  /  Such a very intelligent and truthful man who deserves our utmost attention"  /  "I am awake to the reality that when I try to convey these same truths ... to family and friends I am looked at as some kind of idiot - as they walk away muttering under their breath 'conspiracy theorist, moron'. After a long time in dismay, I realized I am not mad, and concluded that most ordinary people would rather lie to themselves than accept (or even question) the ever descending 1984 type dystopia reality we are in"s

Have We the Courage to Repel the Great Reset?  (04 December 2022)

"A very small group of control freaks, who own or manage the majority of the world's wealth and exert huge political influence, are intent on forcing us to comply with their schemes to shape the world into the image of their mad ideas.  Your intrinsic value and the quality of your life, and that of your children and future generations, is being taken from you.  Their tactics to achieve control of populations are instability in the present, promotion of negativity for the future, and ultimately subjugation to the 'common good' for all..."

Countering the Great Reset: Exit Globalization, Refuse Digital Tyranny and Global Governance  (03 May 2022)

"The Great Reset is a multi-faceted Global and Globalist approach to controlling, manipulation, enslaving, starving and eventually digitizing humans into transhumans under a Great Tyranny ... our western national Constitutions have been quietly disabled, suspended, mostly by emergency laws or otherwise by quietly or even clandestinely passed decrees, about which most people have never been informed.  Most western countries are already living in a pre-state of tyranny that steadily tightens the grip around our societies' necks..."

Evil Agenda Behind the 'Great Reset'  (19 April 2022)

"George Gammon, 'rebel capitalist', American entrepreneur and a property investor who teaches macroeconomics, has been dissecting the roots of the World Economic Forum and the Davos global elite.  The two hold responsibility for the 'great reset' we are experiencing ... to cover up the unfolding financial catastrophe behind the Reset..  Diversionary tactics include blaming global warming, scapegoats and external enemies.  Just like we are doing to the unvaxxed and Vladimir Putin.  What Gammon found feels like a blueprint for the Covid response nightmare that we have endured for the last two years..."

What is the Great Reset and What Do the Globalists Actually Want?  (01 April 2022)

"I first heard the phrase 'Great Reset' way back in 2014.  Christine Lagarde, who was head of the IMF at the time, was suddenly becoming very vocal about global centralization.  It was an agenda that was generally only whispered about in the dark corners of institutional white papers and the secretive meetings of banking elites, but now these people were becoming rather loud about it.  Lagarde was doing a Q&A at the WEF and the notion of the 'Reset' was very deliberately brought up; what the project entailed was vague, but the basic root of it was a dramatic shift away from the current economic, social and political models of the world into a globally centralized and integrated system - a 'New World Order', if you will..."

The Great Reset  (March 2021)

"During the last year, there was one phrase that I heard more and more often.  I saw it on advertising screens.  I heard it on the lips pf politicians.  I read it in opinion pieces in the newspapers.  The phrase was this: The Great Reset ... The WEF hopes to see the whole world reset - transformed and re-established on a completely different basis ... Now, I've only looked at a few of the thousands of pages that you'll find on the WEF website.  It may be that I've picked all the wrong ones and I've come away with a false impression.  But as I've read them, one Bible passage has come to my mind again and again.  It's the account of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9.  I'm assuming you're already familiar with that passage.  If not, I suggest you pause here, pick up your Bible and read it now..."

We Must Resist the Future Being Planned for Us  (24 November 2020)

"Welcome to 2040 and the society created by the 'Great Reset' ... Make no mistake, people.  This will be a system of change but not for the better.  Everything about the future looks uniform, including our income.  No individual thought, no freedom of expression.  No enterprise - not for the masses, anyway.  A global structure where we all speak the same, think the same and align behind the same goals ... We still have the opportunity to stop this and that means getting behind parties, in our various countries, that are against this form of control.  We, the people, must do this otherwise this future being foisted on us will happen."

The Great Reset, or Great Repression?  (23 November 2020)

"Many are sounding the alarm about globalist technocracy and the Great Reset:  No genuine Christian believes that mere man can establish heaven on earth. He has both Scripture and history fully informing him that such attempts always end up as hell on earth. Yet folks keep on trying. Mankind has always sought to set up an earthly utopia without the heavenly God. This goes all the way back to our first parents in the garden, and then the Tower of Babel. Marxism, Communism and socialism are some of the more recent attempts to achieve the same thing. All believe in the perfectibility of man by the control of man - by a handful of elites. They think if they can change society, they can change mankind. Of course the biblical position is the opposite: until we change mankind, we can never change society. But the idea of the perfectibility of man by means of the coercive state, or by some elite technocrats, or by rogue science, is ever a threat. The most ominous and most recent example of all this is the so-called Great Reset..."

YOUTUBE:  'Build Back Better' Used to Push 'Eco-Marxist, Anti-Capitalist UN Agenda'  (01 November 2020)

"[T]he slogan 'Build Back Better' has been harnessed by political and environment-conscious institutions - such as the United Nations - as a tool to push the so-called Great Reset ... a description by the WEF - a champion of the Great Reset idea - where they 'fantasised' of the 'utopia' it would being about, which reads 'I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better.'   The WEF's experts predicted, and went on to fantasise that there will be a global carbon tax, US dominance will be a thing of the past, we'll have stopped eating meat and, wait for it, a global displacement of a billion people because of climate change ... But how do the WEF and the UN intend to bring about this utopia of theirs, this Great Reset they keep promising us?  Well, they need national and state governments to play along.  And one of the key tools is a three word slogan... Build Back Better.  In a lightbulb moment, the WEF, among numerous bodies, recognised the power of this innocuous sounding slogan.  With a simple sleight of hand they realised any disaster can be the perfect excuse to build back better.  Meaning build back greener but using the money that should be going to disaster relief to instead subsidise the eco-Marxist, anti-capitalist UN agenda at the same time as making renewables investors very rich."

YOUTUBE:  Your Guide to the Great Reset  (16 October 2020)

"You've all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution ... (1) This has NOTHING to do with a virus, (2) This is a co-ordinated agenda that has been years in the making, (3) This is NOT the end of globalisation, (4) This [Great Reset] is not meant to end..."

YOUTUBE:  Connecting the Dots: The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution  (15 October 2020)

Viewers' comments:  "Build Back Better sounds like a certain Great Leap Forward"  /  "Build Back Better is the Democrats' rallying cry"  /  "Build Back Better: a plan no one anywhere in the world has voted for. I love communism. It's so representative"  /  "The only thing that's coming is World Wide Communism"  /  "Not a fan of this new 'normal' everyone seems to be willing to embrace so eagerly... when standing on the edge of the abyss, it's not supposed to wave back"  /  "A normal flu/virus has caused us to restructure our entire way of life?"  /  "I still love how '15 days to slow the spread' turned into 'we want communism/unending lockdowns"  /  "Are the new Lords who are overseeing the 'reset' giving up their cars and private jets?"  /  "It's so silly that people compare this to the Plague - the Plague killed 40% of the world's population"  /  "Most people need to RESET their brains on what has happened"  /  "I'm pretty sure 'conservative' means the opposite of imposing drastic changes to society"  /  "These Communist dictators taking control of the world want a blind, ignorant cult following"

The Great Reset, Agenda 21, Mark of the Beast  (October 2020)

"The WEF, a powerful alliance of business, political and economic forces, is working on a plan called Global Reset 2021, to reset the world economy after the economic crisis caused by lockdown ... The UN is also in on this ... working along the lines of the UN's Sustainable Development Plan, Agenda 21 ... Long ago, the Book of Revelation foretold the establishment of an end times economic system eerily similar to a world dominated by a global power resetting the economy and a government-sponsored cryptocurrency.  The Bible says a time will come when a global dictator will require everyone on earth to receive a mark on the right hand or the forehead (Revelation 13:16) ... we're fast approaching a time the prophets warned about..."

Introducing the 'Great Reset' World Leaders' Radical Plan to Transform the Economy  (25 June 2020)

"For decades, progressive have attempted to use climate change to justify policy changes.  But their latest attempt - a new proposal called the 'Great Reset' - is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation.  At a virtual meeting earlier in June hosted by the WEF, some of the planet's most powerful business leaders, government officials and activists announced a proposal to 'reset' the global economy.  Instead of traditional capitalism, the high-profile group said the world should adopt more socialistic policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations and massive Green New Deal-like government programs..."

YOUTUBE:  The Great Reset (Explained)  (12 September 2020)

"We'll be looking at:  What is the Great Reset?  What is the WEF?  What is the significance of Davos, Switzerland?  Who pays for the Davos conference?  Who are the key players involved?  What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?  And finally, could there be a potential financial reset?  What does all this mean for you?"

The Great Reset: Collection of Articles  (Updated Periodically)

"The Great Reset ... is an attempted global coup on a scale never before imagined.  It is a bid by an ultra-wealthy clique to take total control over every aspect of our world, our lives and our bodies.  The future they have lined up for us is a fascist transhumanist hell in which freedom has been abolished and humans are merged with robots and turned into commodities for elite profit ... this criminal mafia intends to force us, our children, and our children's children into a miserable future of slavery, while they install themselves as undisputed rulers of the world ... the more that people are aware of what this vile billionaire clique are really up to, the less chance the have of getting away with it, and we hope this ever-expanding collection of resources will help spread awareness and, therefore, resistance!"

The Globalist Agenda  (No Date)

"The Globalist Agenda represents a plan to bring all of Earth's inhabitants under the control of a single, global state.  There is a small, but powerful group of individuals who are the architects and instigators behind the formation and implementation of the 'New World Order'.  Using their influence through international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, RIIA, CFR, Trilateral Commissions, Bilderberg Group, UN, NATO, and hundreds of other NGOs, the objective of these internationalists is nothing less than the subjugation of everyone on the planet..."


The Great Reset: WEF / Klaus Schwab

YOUTUBE:  "A Revolution Against the Elites" WEF's Klaus Schwab Openly Worries  (15 September 2023)

"Tell me you're a fascist without telling me you're a fascist" ... "WEF founder Klaus Schwab is not afraid to tell the rest of us the truth about unpleasant matters like how in the future we'll all own nothing and be eating bugs.  But what DOES strike fear in Schwab's black heart is the prospect of the huddled masses rising up against 'the system' and directing their anger at elites like, well, Klaus Schwab ... discuss the wake-up call Donald Trump and Brexit represented for Schwab and his ilk..." 

The Indoctrinators: Part 2: Klaus Schwab  (12 April 2023)

"Of the four Indoctrinators, Klaus Schwab is most deserving of the title 'New Nazi'.  In 1971, he founded the WEF, an organisation partly responsible for creating the current Orwellian dystopia.  Climate change dogma has always been its driving force, 'pandemic preparedness' its second tenet.  Operating across 190 countries, the WEF has proved successful in engineering Schwab's megalomaniac constructs ... Schwab has many willing collaborators within the British establishment.  That most useful of idiots Matt Hancock, one of the chief villains responsible for destroying our country in the name of Covid-19, sycophantically tweeted a photo of Schwab and himself at Davos in 2018 ... King Charles is Schwab's dangerously naive acolyte and WEF devotee ... The sinister Great Reset promotes UN Agenda 2030 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution ... A malignant tactic of the WEF is to infiltrate and influence governments and institutions ... Schwab made good use of Covid-19 hysteria..."

TWITTER:  Revelation of the Method  (13 April 2022)

"The young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, half of [his/this?] cabinet are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.  We penetrate the cabinets.  The change is not just happening; the change can be shaped by us.  We have to prepare for a more angry world.  How to prepare?  To take the necessary actions to create a fairer world - 'You'll own nothing,  And you'll be happy' -  I see the need for a Great Reset.  The people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again.  This is, let's say, fiction; it will not happen" [Klaus Schwab, WEF].

WEF's 'Young Global Leaders' Revealed  (04 February 2022)

"Through its Young Global Leaders program, the WEF has been instrumental in shaping a world order that undermines all democratic principles.  For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world.  The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity ... In 1992, Klaus Schwab and WEF launched a program initially called Global Leaders of Tomorrow.  In 2004, this program was turned into the Forum for Young Global leaders - a 5-year program of indoctrination into WEFs principles and goals.  The aim was - and is - to find suitable future leaders for the emerging global society..."

Klaus Schwab's School for Covid Dictators, Plan for Great Reset  (10 November 2021)

"The story begins with the WEF, which is an NGO founded by Klaus Schwab, a German economist and mechanical engineer, in Switzerland in 1971, when he was only 32.  The WEF is best-known to the public for the annual conferences it holds in Davos, Switzerland each January that aim to bring together political and business leaders from around the world to discuss the problems of the day.  Today, it is one of the most important networks in the world for the globalist power elite, being funded by approximately a thousand multinational corporations..."

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?  (10 April 2021)

"Founded in 1970, the WEF is arguably the most influential platform in the world.  Each year, some of the most influential figures in politics and tech gather for a meeting in Davos.  The most recent meeting occurred in January, and the topics discussed are of profound importance.  As Anthony P. Mueller, a professor of economics warns, 'The main thrust of the forum is global control. Free markets and individual choice do not stand as the top values, but state interventionism and collectivism. Individual liberty and private property are to disappear from this planet by 2030' ... The writing is very much on the wall, and it reads: 'Obey your master.'  One could argue that master's name is Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the WEF..."

YOUTUBE:  Is This the Ruler of the World?  (21 November 2020)

"WEF head honcho Klaus Schwab has just done another interview, let's take a look at what he is saying now about this great reset"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Does this clown think that he is the antichrist?"  /  "One evil that needs to be removed"  /  "Schwab is just another minion. A high up minion, but just a minion"  /  "[The Great Reset] is already here, just a matter of time when they line things up and implement everything... people may or may not believe in the end times, but it is starting to come to fruition... people be ready. This was foretold and God is not man that he should lie"

YOUTUBE:  The Great Reset and the Man Behind the Curtain  (12 October 2020)

Viewers' comments:  "Klaus Schwab deserves an Oscar for playing a dictator who wants to take over the world using an elaborate psyop using a climate crisis and pandemic to achieve his aims using brainwashed people"  /  "This guy sounds like he wants to play God? isn't that why satan was thrown out of heaven - he wanted to be like God. he won't be any more successful"  /  "Psychopathy is evil. It's devoid of humanity or any kind of spirituality. And it's here"  /  "I watched Trump's speech to the WEF last January. He calmly explained why America wont' be participating in their plans to take control of the world. Covid happened immediately after that"  /  "Schwab says that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about blending technology with biology to change what humans are"  /  "So, a mad German sitting in his picturesque Alpine retreat, planning world domination via technological superiority and racial improvements. Yep, that one always turns out well"  /  "Using AI to predict crimes we 'might' commit as well as control and peer into every aspect of our lives. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong?"  /  "The Bible told us they would do this"  /  "One world currency, one world government, one world religion... that's Satan's plan. Along with a nice little chip in your hand"  /  "The elite is always showing what the Antichrist will do"

More viewers' comments:  "So 'The Great Reset' is just a 'conspiracy theory' I'm told. Even the ID2020 agenda. Says on the UK parliament website that [ID2020 was being worked on] since 2016. For something that didn't happen until 2020?? But it's just a [conspiracy] theory..."  /  "They do it right in the open,. but still call anyone who points to it as a 'conspiracy theorist'. Gaslighting cranked up to 11"  /  "No conspiracy theory could be as insane as entire populations incarcerated, but the crazy part is if you talk about Economic Currency reset, people still roll their eyes like you are crazy. Can't help someone who won't help themselves"  /  "If people aren't aware of the Great Reset, then they will never understand why our governments are making ridiculous rules and doubling down on the PCR test pandemic"  /  "Sadly, many people I know would just go along with this"  /  "If people aren't allowed to be near each other then they can't talk and discuss and share ideas about this entire situation. When people gather they compare notes and realise they are not alone in their thoughts"  /  "The best thing you can is unplug your family's TV"  /  "If everyone just turned off the TV for one month, we would have a whole new world. A much better world. This is something that we the people can do"  /  "I can't even get those closest to me to understand these events. I'm not holding much hope for an uprising in any effective numbers"  /  "Most people don't see it, including my friends and family"

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  The Great Reset  (2020)

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world" [Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chariman, WEF]

"There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the WEF is starting The Great Reset initiative ... As we enter a unique window of opportunity [via the Covid-19 crisis] to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons ... The Forum now offers its experience in building purpose-driven communities in service of the extraordinary challenge and opportunity the world faces for a 'Great Reset' ... the Forum will host a virtual series: 'The Great Reset Dialogues'. These dialogues are a joint initiative of the WEF and HRH The Prince of Wales. During these dialogues, various key stakeholders will discuss core dimensions of The Great Reset."


More Mad Megalomaniacs

"The world is a far darker place than it was three years ago.  Besides the treachery of politicians and the foolishness of millions, much blame for this New Dark Age and feudal system to match falls on four well-known men whose purposeful social engineering over the years has undermined national democracies and economies, and created fertile ground for the final realisation of their post-democracy dream of a global socialist/fascist world, controlled by supranational organisations such as the UN, the WHO, and of course, themselves" [source].

Henry Kissinger

Oh, Henry. We Will Not Miss You  (30 November 2023)

"The last of the 'three amigos' has left the building.  Henry (nee Heintz) Kissinger has been reunited with David Rockefeller (1915-2017) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928-2017), all founding members of the Trilateral Commission.  Whatever fate awaits them is God's business, but if they end up in Hades together, I expect they will be conspiring to demote the Devil and take over his legions of angels.  Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Brzezinski were the undisputed original architects of modern globalization, changing the world forever.  They recreated China in the 1970s in the image of Technocracy, rebranded Technocracy as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2023 through the United Nations.  All of this served to enslave mankind while taking over the resources of the world..."

George Soros

The Indoctrinators: Part One: George Soros  (11 April 2023)

"Hungarian-born Soros, now aged 92, has had a pathological hatred of any form of nationalism for most of his life and has actively sought to destabilise strong nation states ... With OSF, the vehicle for his messiah complex, he is relentless in pursuing his agenda.  Climate change, 'refugees', transgenderism and any woke dogma which undermines traditional liberal democracies are supported by him.  Enlightenment values and rationality are scorned in favour of anti-science, magical thinking.  The young are targeted, destroying their futures to 'save the planet', and mutilating themselves for the pernicious transgender trend.  He is an enthusiastic champion of the UN's malevolent Agenda 2030 ... In 2002, he plotted to save the world with the WEF founder, Klaus Schwab.  Together with Gates, Soros has long been attending the annual Davos meetings.  In 2015, both men met Schwab and the Presidents of the World Bank and of Black Rock to discuss 'climate governance' ... His predilection for Covid-19 propaganda and vaccine zealotry can perhaps be explained by his recent investments..."

Bill Gates

The Indoctrinators: Part Three: Bill Gates  (13 April 2023)

"Bill Gates has a messiah complex.  His obsession with 'climate change', vaccines and people control is proving dangerous for the world.  Only a few weeks ago he gave voice to his latest megalomaniac plan for a global pandemic prison state ... Gates has not missed the opportunity provided by the Covid-19 crisis (which he helped to engineer) to further his revolutionist 'global development' green agenda ... Since its inception in 2000, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, under its philanthropic guise, has found plenty of useful idiots across world governments willing to fund and support it ... thanks to our unprincipled politicians, Gates has a hotline to Downing Street and Britain finds itself in the clutches of a megalomaniac ... from shaping energy policies and dominating scientific organisations and academic research, to financing the mainstream media ... Millions today in this country can no longer afford both food and energy costs, they are medically neglected and live in substandard housing.  Questions must be asked why politicians are funding this Indoctrinator to dictate policies that are provenly detrimental to British citizens and are only to the benefit of one man..."



March of the Technocrats ~ Part Two: The Birth of Depopulation  (27 December 2022)

"I imagine most readers of [this website] will be familiar with the Club of Rome.  It was founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King during a private meeting at a residence owned by the Rockefeller family in Bellagio, Italy.  Among its first accomplishments was a 1972 book entitled The Limits of Growth which largely focused on global overpopulation, warning that 'if the world's consumption patterns and population growth continued at the same high rates of the time, the earth would strike its limits within a century'.  The Club of Rome was long controversial for its obsession with reducing the global population and many of its earlier policies were influenced by eugenics..."

March of the Technocrats ~ Part One: The Roots of Revolution  (26 December 2022)

"Some weeks ago I had the notion that I would write a piece or a series of pieces on the roots of the attempted technocratic globalist coup and cultural revolution which we are living through ... The problem is that the more one reads about the histories of revolutions the further back go the roots through 1968, Mao's China, the Bolshevik Revolution, the 1871 Paris Commune, Karl Marx, 1848, 1832 until one ends up at the 1789 French Revolution.  This was the first in which a world was turned upside down with suppression of free speech and thought, class war, murderous terror and a year-zero approach to re-ordering society which has been the hallmark of all revolutions and attempted revolutions ever since.  The current one lacks only the murderous terror; it seems quite happy to make do with cancellation, restriction and censorship while it kills quietly and surreptitiously..."


The Fourth Industrial Revolution

TWEET:  Klaus Schwab and Matt Hancock  (16 November 2020)

"[Photograph of] Klaus Schwab and Matt Hancock at Davos, they discussed the 4th Industrial Revolution (2018).  We know it as a conspiracy called #TheGreatReset."

Matt Hancock - 2017 Speech on the Fourth Industrial Revolution  (17 October 2017)

"One of the roles of Parliament is to cast ahead, to look to the horizon, and tackle the great challenges of our time.  So I applaud the creation of the APPG on the fourth industrial revolution, which surely is one of the greatest challenges we face, as a nation, and as a world ... the nature of the new technologies is that the changes we are experiencing today, are probably the slowest changes we will see over the rest of our lifetime.  If you don't much like change, I'm afraid I don't have so much good news ... I'm delighted to speak alongside ... Professor Klaus Schwab who literally 'wrote the book' on the 4th Industrial Revolution..."


A21/2030: You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy

"Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city - or should I say, 'our city.'  I don't own anything. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I don't own any appliances or any clothes" [World Economic Forum's Plans for the Plebs (that's you and me), WEF Video Advert, 2016].

Smart Cities, Smart Cars, Smart Motorways, Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart Homes, Smart Appliances, etc, etc

SMART: Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

Please see here for Smart Meters

Please see here for articles, videos, quotes, comments, and other information on Agenda 21/2030 and Smart Everything Else

Why You Should Destroy Your Smartphone Now  (28 November 2023)

"The Great Reset, ludicrously described on Wikipedia as a 'far-right conspiracy theory', is a carefully designed plan, enacted by the World Economic Forum, to create a global technocracy.  Collectively, we are doing much of the work for our masters.  We are being herded, numbered and controlled, and we are voluntarily using the tool for our enslavement: the smartphone ... Justified by the contrived climate crisis, smartphones will be deployed in 15-minute cities to restrict movement, carbon footprint will be measured to limit access to products and services, and money will be in the form of a digital wallet accessible only by smartphone and under central bank control.  The smartphone is vital to the Fourth Industrial Revolution mission to fuse bodies with the digital matrix through implanted microchips rather than a handheld device..."

Smart is the New Stupid  (23 October 2023)

"Because of my hobby, I have a habit of noticing what people wear on their wrists and I have long been aware of the smart watches sported by many.  But until I saw an advert recently I had no idea what they are capable of.  For a mere £67 you get 22 major functions which will induce major drooling in those who think this is progress.  These are some f the points it can monitor in real time:..."

How Smart Cities Will Lock Up Humanity Inside Open Air Concentration Camps  (30 May 2023)

"A Smart City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record even the most intimate, personal details of everyone ... Smart Lights, Smart Poles, Smart Cars, Smart Neighborhoods, Smart Homes, Smart Appliances, Smart Energy, Smart Transportation ... Smart Watches, Smart Phones ... Together they will form an omnipresent surveillance grid, continually collecting all information about every little detail of the life of the people..."

YOUTUBE / RUMBLE:  Beyond the Reset  (02 March 2023)

"A 3D animated short film about not too distant but a dystopian future.  It speculates on the potential consequences of the infamous Great Reset, medical tyranny, woke culture, and green agenda.  Everything the WEF is planning for us."

Viewers' Comments:  The truly scary thing is that you could show this to everyone and 90% wouldn't get it"  /  "I'm a foreigner living in China. In the time of the covid, we lived that kind of quarantine for almost three years ... you have no idea the horrible things [that] happened here"  /  "Horribly accurate for the dystopia we are being forced into. Resist at all costs"  /  This is exactly the future the Davos crowd envisions for everyone in the world except themselves"  /  "Props to the peaceful resistors who did not comply. Never give up. Never give in. Embrace no lies. This isn't over. Next level gets tougher"  /  "Well done. The fact that the majority of humanity still do not comprehend what is happening is most alarming. Prayers for a mass awakening"  /  "It's scary how this animation would be considered hilariously funny and irrational a few years back; now it's nightmarish reality..."  /  "sad thing is you could show this to far too many and they would still think it's just animated fiction"  /  "If you keep being compliant, following the science, government, Klaus and WHO this is exactly where it is going"

More Viewers' Comments:  "'The movie 1984 never existed' line was pure genius! As was 'Beyond Meat, Beyond Veggies, and Beyond Food' ... And you gotta love YT for adding a warning label that explains The Great Reset; too perfect"  /  "'The movie 1984 never existed' - such a wonderfully Orwellian line!"  /  "The Great Reset disclaimer Youtube puts on this video just makes it all the more legit. Fascinating"  /  "This is a cautionary tale. The man waited too long to fight back. He never thought that things would get to that point, even though he saw the signs"  /  "I was called a conspiracy theorist for many years by friends and family. People would laugh at what I would say. They aren't laughing now.  They are coming to me asking what I think is next"  /  "If someone says 'that can't happen here', show them this and remind them of the last few years. Everything that we were called 'conspiracy theorists' for has turned out to be true"  /  "To everyone who resisted... Stay strong"  /  "That was brilliant, thank you. So many of us know what is coming our way"

YOUTUBE:  City Lights: Nothing Smart in This Smart City  (22 June 2022)

"Artificial, processed, tinned, blue plastic blowing in the wind, ugly, brutal, nothing pretty, nothing smart in this smart city..."

Own Nothing and Be Happy: British Banks Could Buy Up 1.75m Homes by 2031  (30 August 2021)

"A 'Great Reset' of the British property market is currently underway, with big banks buying up houses across the country and edging out first-time homebuyers.  Financial firms ... are partnering with housing developers to buy up new homes for the purpose of renting them to the public ... In the United States, for example, investment firms such as BlackRock and Blackstone have been on  a buying spree of houses throughout America..."  /  Readers' comments:  "All part of Agenda 21... the New World Order. They didn't try and push it real hard but conditioned a generation or two so they would accept it without realizing we're being sold into serfdom!"  /  "Agenda 2030, Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Global Compact for Migration, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Covid 19 Great Reset, etc have all superseded Agenda 21.  193 countries signed up to the above without informing their citizens. The globe's governments have become administrators for the NGO Global Government that resided in Davos"

YOUTUBE:  You'll Own Nothing and Be Happy!? - The Great Reset  (13 February 2021)

"By 2030 you'll own nothing and be happy about it! These are the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF. It's part of his plan for the great reset. In this video you'll learn why you'll be so happy owning nothing. And also why they'll be even happier because they own everything"  /  Viewers' comments:  "JP seems to understand the only way to get the word out to the sleeping masses about what is going on right now seems to be using humor/satire ... using facts only gets you laughed off as a conspiracy theorist"  /  "Does anyone have any spare conspiracy theories? I'm fresh out since the old ones are true"  /  "I love how JP literally just tells the truth how it is and it sounds hilariously insane. Only people who know nothing about history ... like this completely unoriginal idea of the Great Reset"  /  "'The urge to save humanity is often a false front for the urge to rule it' (HL Mecncken"


The Great Reset: King Charles III

The Royal Crowning of King Charles III and the WEF's Great Reset  (08 May 2023)

"The Coronation of King Charles III will be remembered, if indeed it is remembered, for the pronouncement by the Archbishop of Canterbury a few days before the event, that people watching on television and on the streets should pay homage to the new King by shouting their pledge of support at the moment the King makes his Coronation Oath ... The extraordinary irony of this call is based on the fact that the Coronation Oath is the moment when the King is supposed to pledge his unstinting commitment to protecting the liberties and traditions of his people and nation.  Particularly relevant under the current vicious attacks on civil liberties.  The Archbishop thus deftly reversed the roles.  By placing the emphasis on the people pledging their support to the monarch, rather than the monarch pledging his support to the people, he gave Charles's highly controversial leadership role with the World Economic Forum, a significant boost..."

YOUTUBE:  Coronation, Allegiance, Huge Expense... the Last Three Years Have Changed Everything  (03 May 2023)

"We're still being coerced, controlled and distracted.  Should we swear allegiance and should Charles be King?"


Net Zero

The Real Purpose of Net Zero: Impoverishment, Enslavement and Depopulation  (03 February 2024)

"Ecological doom ... began a long time ago.  In the high Victorian age, when Charles Darwin unleashed the theory of evolution, dramatic forces took hold in society.  First, religion was undermined: holy scripture was seemingly disproved as a historical record and - more significantly - the special status of human beings was negated.  Secondly, the rapid population growth since the industrial revolution and development of social welfare was encouraging procreation of tainted stock ... Meanwhile Western culture was being deliberately weakened by the ideology of Cultural Marxism emanating form the Frankfurt School..."


Social Credit System

In Italy: First European Social Credit System is Coming  (19 April 2022)

"The time has come: From autumn there will be the first social credit system on European soil.  In Italy, in Bologna, there is a 'pilot project'.  The social credit system is getting serious.  Originally an innovation from China, the EU has now adopted the societal control system of 'social credit' ... First of all, the app is voluntary and it works much like a textbook social credit system.  Virtuous citizens who separate waste, use public transport and don't collect administrative fines will collect 'points' ... The citizen can thus be ... divided into the good, virtuous citizen and the bad, blamed citizen ... 'Are those who do not conform to the criteria of the dominant ideology, or what is considered virtuous by some politicians, to be first punished by deprivation of benefits before being marginalised?  What becomes of those who refuse to comply, who persist in exercising their inalienable right to free will?'..."


Money/Economic Control

Defy the Globalist Tyrants and Stick to Cash  (12 January 2024)

"Three key pillars of 'global rule' are already starting to be enforced: digital money, digital ID and 'climate action'.  The demise of cash is happening all too quickly ... With the State increasingly dispensing with law and legal precedent, and governing instead by subjective decisions, on the 'judgment', or more likely the whim, of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, on what is deemed to be 'in the public interest', we urgently need to push back against these developments.  A recent study by the British Retail Consortium shows we can.  For the first time in a decade, cash use is up from 15% of transactions to just under 19% ... consumers find that with cash they can more easily control their spending and know exactly how much money they have ... individual decisions matter, and can contribute to general pushback.  It's about stopping the means of control and arbitrary decisions over our choices and movement ... just say no to CBDCs and demand cash, guaranteed by law, because we are teetering on the edge of freedom's precipice."

Remember the Truckers - Why We Need to Fight to Save Our Cash  (22 May 2023)

"The prudent management of income and expenditure is a necessary and commendable skill in our affluent 21st century, and a basic element of personal independence.  Yet our governments are hell-bent on removing it from us for ever ... while around 90% of governments worldwide, including in the UK, are pressing ahead with plans for the introduction of CBDCs, not everyone is entirely clear about the implications, or has even heard of them.  A CBDC is defined as a currency issued and backed by a country's central bank, designed to function like traditional currencies but in digital form.  Officially they are presented as a way to increase financial inclusion, reduce transmission costs and provide greater security and transparency in payments.  But what about the potential risks, such as cyber insecurity, monetary policy implications, and the negative impact on the banking sector?  The fact is that governments have far more to gain from introducing CBDcs than consumers have from using them.  It is yet another attempt to exert even more control over their populations.  To date, the anecdotal evidence has been alarming..."


Energy Control

UK Energy Bill 2023

The Coming Eco-Totalitarianism  (11 September 2023)

"The Government's plans to force Britain to achieve 'Net Zero' CO2 emissions by 2050 seem to be falling apart.  Few people seem interested in buying expensive, range-limited electric vehicles.  Even fewer want to replace their cheap efficient gas boilers with expensive and poor-performing heat pumps ... the Government has come up with a brilliant solution - force us to use much less electricity ... it might be useful to describe three common scenarios which will arise once the Energy Bill has become law: ... In all three of the above three scenarios, refusal by the homeowner to comply with the Government's requirements would be a criminal offence with penalties of fines of up to £15,000 and imprisonment of up to one year..."


Travel Control

Mike from Slough Talks ULEZ  (01 September 2023)

"Mike from Slough took the opportunity to call UK Column to speak about his concerns regarding the effects of Greater London Mayor Sadiq Khan's ULEZ policy on the neighbouring community of Slough, Berkshire ... its expensive and deliberately restricting impact on local car owners to Khan's duplicity in ordering the ULEZ surveillance cameras and equipment before consulting local people ... He highlights the power of Khan's C40 charity and company (which unites global cities), and its ability to impose policy over the heads of MPs ... he digs into the C40 leadership charity and the people involved..."

TWITTER:  ULEZ in London  (16 May 2023)

"The air quality on the Tube is significantly worse; in fact, we would say it is deadlier than everywhere the ULEZ will be extended to.  Why then won't Sadiq Khan address it for the millions of commuters who utilize is every day?


Food Control

Green Food Fanatics Will Destroy Our Health  (06 April 2023)

"City food supplies cannot survive without reliable refrigeration at every level, from farms to retail stores.  But green propagandists continue to inflict lethal damage on our electricity industry - it has become dangerously unreliable and dreadfully expensive.  This will produce unreliable and expensive food supplies.  Their intrusive green energy infrastructure is also nibbling away at our grasslands and farms, thus reducing their capacity to produce food,.  And their bushfire mismanagement favours destructive wildfires.  Less recognised is the damage green propagandists are doing to public health and our food supply by attacking animal foods, and promoting grains, vegetables, seeds and fake food for humans..."

Food Shortages in Six Months - The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next  (02 May 2022)

"In the alternative media we watch the statements and open admissions of the globalists VERY carefully because they are not in the business of threat analysis; rather, they are in the business of threat synthesis.  That is to say, if something goes very wrong in the world economically, central bankers and money elites with aspirations of a single centralized economic authority for the world are ALWAYS found to have a hand in that disaster.  The idea that globalists artificially create economic collapse events will of course be criticised as 'conspiracy theory', but it is a FACT ... The Great Reset agenda proposed by WEF head Klaus Schwab is just one example of the many discussions hidden in plain sight by globalists concerning their plans to use economic and social decline as an 'opportunity' to quickly establish a new one world system based on socialism and technocracy.  The primary problem with discerning what the globalists are planning is not in uncovering secret agendas - they tend to openly discuss their agendas if you know where to look.  No, the problem is in separating the admissions from the disinformation, the lies from the truth ... with almost every authoritarian regime in modern history, control over the food supply is key to controlling the population..."

YOUTUBE:  They're Causing Food Shortages  (01 May 2022)

"As food shortages are definitely not not not being deliberately caused..."  /  Viewers' comments:  "Odd that these food processing plants existed for decades without incident, and now they're suddenly self-destructing. I wonder why?..."  /  "'A government that is allowed to break the law during an emergency will create an emergency in order to break the law'"  /  "I miss the good old days when stuff like this could be considered a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately those days are gone"  /  "Bill Gates owning that much farmland is incredibly more frightening than Elon Musk owning Twitter"  /  "'No matter bow paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine' (William Blum)"  /  "A lot of people in the world actually do believe the government narrative in spite of history and all other evidence to the contrary"

CARTOON: Real Meat vs Fake Meat  (December 2020)

"Real Meat All Natural Ingredients: ... Fake Meat Denatured Ingredients:..."


Health Control

Disease X and the Corrupt Lancet  (17 January 2024)

"It is Davos (WEF) week and the MSM hysterical propaganda push from the globalists regarding 'disease X' is in full swing.  Just take a gander at a few of the Corporate Mockingbird Media headlines today ... Almost every major news outlet in the world has run black propaganda pieces about disease X.  Why do I write black propaganda - because the 'experts' aren't actually named, the peer-reviewed papers supporting the thesis of 'a deadly pathogen causing 20 times more deaths than COVID-19' or 'killing 20 times more people than COVID-19' or 'killing 50 million people' are non-existent.  Yet these narratives are all headline news in main stream media.  This is just another exercise in globalized messaging to support the WHO and WEF pushed narrative that governments must pour $billions into the largest transnational corporations in the world to 'cure' a non-existent disease ... They now control the buttons for the main stream media, the fact checkers, academic institutions, the publishers of the scientific journals and heads of state.  The list of who they own or have bought off is is almost endless.  The fight in front of us is vast..."

UK PETITION:  Do Not Sign Any WHO Pandemic Treaty Unless Approved via Public Referendum  (03 May 2022)

"We want the UK Government to commit to not signing any international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness established by the WHO, unless this is approved through a public referendum.  The WHO is currently preparing an international agreement of pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.  We believe the public must be furnished with the full ramifications of what and how any pandemic treaty could affect them, and be given a public vote on whether the UK should sign up, before the UK Government signs to this."


Money/Economic Control

Defy the Globalist Tyrants and Stick to Cash  (12 January 2024)

"Three key pillars of 'global rule' are already starting to be enforced: digital money, digital ID and 'climate action'.  The demise of cash is happening all too quickly ... With the State increasingly dispensing with law and legal precedent, and governing instead by subjective decisions, on the 'judgment', or more likely the whim, of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, on what is deemed to be 'in the public interest', we urgently need to push back against these developments.  A recent study by the British Retail Consortium shows we can.  For the first time in a decade, cash use is up from 15% of transactions to just under 19% ... consumers find that with cash they can more easily control their spending and know exactly how much money they have ... individual decisions matter, and can contribute to general pushback.  It's about stopping the means of control and arbitrary decisions over our choices and movement ... just say no to CBDCs and demand cash, guaranteed by law, because we are teetering on the edge of freedom's precipice."


The Netherlands




Sri Lanka

We're All Sri Lankan Farmers Now  (23 July 2022)

"As you have no doubt seen in the establishment news media, Sri Lanka has descended into chaos in recent weeks, with its economy completely collapsing and its president fleeing the country amid fiery protests.  But you probably have not seen the real reasons for that collapse in the establishment news media and you're probably not going to.  In truth, the Sri Lankan situation falls very much in line with the global insurrection being led by the Dutch farmer protests.  And the steps the Sri Lankan government is now rolling out to further control its population in the name of restoring order to the country offer important insights about where the globalist agenda is going from here.  Today, let's examine the roots of the Sri Lankan crisis and explore how that crisis affects us all ... welcome to your nightmare future as serfs on the neofeudal plantation!  Your government will artificially restrict supplies of basic goods in the name of appeasing the weather gods, collapse the economy on purpose, and then use that collapse as a pretext for carrying out even more stringent technocratic controls on their tax cattle.  Problem. Reaction. Solution.  So how does what's going on in Sri Lanka affect all of us worldwide?  And what can we do about it?..."

Sri Lanka: A Victory for a Non-Violent People's Movement  (14 July 2022)

"The movement emerged in early March with people engaging in non-violent silent protests, holding placards and candles in the evening, as electricity cuts and other shortages were affecting their daily lives.  In late March, a collective of activists occupied a struggle zone ... adjacent to the presidentís office in the commercial and public administrative centre of Colombo.  This followed a peaceful protest in front of the presidentís private residence, during which the police used tear gas and water cannons, escalating the struggle ... At the president's residence, live ammunition was fired towards the crowd as well as into the air..."


Wars and Rumours of Wars

Spawn of Schwab Keep Climbing the Charts  (16 April 2022)

"What we must not forget is that the Ukraine/Russia war is simply the latest in a series of engineered crises all of which mysteriously require the same solutions:  (1) Total digital state-surveillance of all public and personal activity (Your Country in a Smartphone!);  (2) A cashless society in which every purchase must be state-permitted (No More Crime. Convenient);  (3) A supra-national, all-powerful global control system - the One World Government (Save the Planet! Peace on Earth!)..."

Sanctions on Russia Being Used to Hasten the Great Reset  (01 April 2022)

Sanctions on Russia are killing the West, not Russia.  Why?  Because the war is not about Russia, but rather killing capitalism and Free Enterprise.  Which is a requirement for the Great Reset, aka Technocracy, to take over the world ... You should always be wary of anybody - individual or institution - whose actions accidentally achieve the exact opposite of their stated aim ... We need to be asking: What exactly is the real aim of these sanctions? And how come they align so perfectly with the great reset?..."

Ukraine-Russia and the WEF: A Planned Milestone Towards The Great Reset?  (28 March 2022)

"Every so often, one or a group of extreme power-crazy people wants to take over a country, a region - and even the world, as we see it happen now ... they believe they must control humanity and the globe's resources ... What is happening today and has been playing out over the past two years is a worldwide crime against humanity of biblical proportions ... It is maybe the largest and most illicit attempt at world control..."

The Great Reset Phase 2: War  (09 March 2022)

"Welcome to the second phase of the Great Reset: war.  While the pandemic acclimatised the world to lockdowns, normalised the acceptance of experimental medications, precipitated the greatest transfer of wealth to corporations by decimating SMEs and adjusted the muscle memory of workforce operations in preparation for a cybernetic future, an additional vector was required to accelerate the economic collapse before nations can 'Build Back Better'.  I present below several ways in which the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine is the next catalyst for the World Economic Forum's Great Reset agenda..."


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The WEF's Obsession with AI and Brain Chipping  (26 January 2024)

"Schwab's obsession with the Fourth Industrial Revolution - the full digitization of everything, seems to be boundless ... This is all moving towards globalization and a One World Government, for which a drastically reduced world population is of the order.  This remains the WEF's number ONE objective, as per The Great Reset and UN Agenda 20230.  Klaus Schwab's dream of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI, and digitization of everything are just instruments to get there faster.  Another tool was covid and the bio-weapons 'vaccines', and perhaps the WEF Davos24 propagated new virus 'X' - not yet existing, but roaming somewhere out there ... and, ludicrously, 'vaxxes' are already being developed..."



Under the Great Reset You'll Be A Robot Or A 'Useless Eater'  (29 November 2022)

"As far as social engineers are concerned, efficiency, precision and consistency are not human traits.  Two prominent men, a century apart, have sought to override the flaws of nature by making us more mechanistic.  The current reformer of Homo Sapiens is Yuval Noah Harari, to whom I will return, but cold and clinical manipulation of manpower began in the early 20th century ... Frederick Winslow Taylor [was] the initiator of scientific management theory ... An extreme materialist, [Harari] rejects romantic notions of the soul ... the Great Reset pushed by Klaus Schwab, leader of the WEF, and for whom Harari is expert advisor, seems to have population control and eugenics at its core.  We saw with Covid-19 how citizens were readily induced into hating and even wishing death on those who refuse to comply with the regime.  Taylor put efficiency about human interest,  but Harari goes much further..."

Transhumanism: Marching Toward the Mark  (16 May 2022)

"The Luciferian elite of our day have two basic goals: First, they plan to reduce the world's population and second, they intend to deceive and control those who remain through the means of transhumanism.  Both objectives are essential to their final goal of forming a one-world government over which they hope to rule and enslave humanity.  Transhumanism is the combining of machines and human beings with the intent to monitor our behavior so they can later control our behavior and even our thoughts ... Leading the way to bring about this change is a group called the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab as its founder and CEO.  Here is a quote from the group's website regarding the changes they wish to impose on the world:..."

You'll Be Transhuman Whether You Like It or Not  (01 April 2022)

"Transhumans and Technocrats, joined at the hip like Siamese twins, are bent on taking over the entire world and all genetic life within it.  Moderna, et al, have successfully invaded human flesh to hack the 'software of life.'  They are now using AI to create endless, artificially synthesized mRNA shots to continually hack the 'software of life' ... The next invasion will not be voluntary as 'vaccines' are being turned into [a] communicable virus that will infect a population without knowledge or consent.  This is nothing less than biological warfare and it is time the world started calling it what it is..."

Transhumanism, the Potential Dark Side of Technological Advancement  (09 June 2021)

"The pursuit of eternal life for the physical body carries important considerations for technology, but also for faith.  Throughout history, the advance [of] mankind has been inextricably intertwined with the advance of technology.  Technological advancement has allowed us to reduce poverty and hunger, save lives through modern medicine, and generally improve human flourishing ... But there are always limits to what is right and just: merely because we can do something does not mean that we should do it.  We must move forward not only safely, but also ethically and morally.  Too often morality is determined by the prevailing societal preferences of the day rather than grounded [in] fundamental truths, such as the fact that we are all children of God, created in His image..."

From Russell and Hilbert to Wiener and Harari: The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism  (31 May 2021)

"In [the Great] Reset, we are told by the likes of Klaus Schwab that a 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' will usher in not only vast automation and Artificial Intelligence operations at every level of society, but also a merging of humanity with machines.  Figures like Elon Musk and Google's Ray Kurzweil assert this merging is needed in order to 'stay relevant' in the next phase of our evolution.  Davos-man Yuval Harari echoed that the levers of evolution will now be moved from the randomness of nature into the gods running Google, Facebook and the WEF ... without a proper evaluation into the historic roots of these ideas that threaten to derail global civilisation into a dystopian collapse, it is impossible to understand anything fundamental about the past 120 years of human experience, let alone see where the fatal flaws are within the Great Reset/Transhumanism operating system ... 'metaphysical' principles like soul, purpose, God, justice and free will [have] no place in the minds of these human calculators..."

Covid-19 Vaccines: As in the Days of Noah  (21 November 2020)

"In Noah's day, the sons of men and the sons of God mixed and produced hybrids which, by definition, were unsaveable. Therefore, God had to destroy them, which He did in the world-wide flood..."



Please also see here for more articles and videos on Eugenics and Population Control

March of the Technocrats

The Real Purpose of Net Zero: Impoverishment, Enslavement and Depopulation  (03 February 2024)

"[T]he rapid population growth since the industrial revolution and development of social welfare was encouraging procreation of tainted stock.  Survival of the fittest was becoming survival of the least fit.  The ruling class feared that they would be overwhelmed by the 'great unwashed'.  Social Darwinism was advanced by Darwin's relative Francis Galton, who founded the eugenics movement.  The Eugenics Society flourished in the early twentieth century, with adherents across academe, politics and the literary class.  Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was a zealot, proposing gas chambers as a means of culling the undesirable elements of society..."

Globalists Have Entered the Kill Phase of Great Reset  (26 May 2022)

"If we look at the WEF/UN agenda, which is supported wholeheartedly by the governments of the U.S, U.K, E.U., Canada and Australia, it's all pointing to a mass culling of the human population ... They have told us their plans ahead of time.  They always do ... The bottom line for the elites is this: The population is just too big and unmanageable for the type of resource-based, total control society required by their dystopian technocracy, and if there's anything a technocracy simply cannot tolerate it's a sizeable population of people who don't know their place.  They still believe in free speech, the First and the Second amendments, that people are born male or female, old-fashioned stuff like that.  They must be eliminated..."

How the Unthinkable Became Thinkable: Eric Lander, Julian Huxley and the Awakening of the Sleeping Monsters  (24 May 2021)

"As much as it might cause us a fair deal of displeasure and even an upset stomach to consider such ideas as the hold eugenics has on our presently troubled era, I believe that ignoring such a topic really does no one any favors in the long run.  This is especially serious, as leading WEF darlings like Yuval Harari flaunt such concepts as 'the new global useless class' which AI, genetic engineering, automation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is supposedly ushering in.  Other Davos creatures like Klaus Schwab call openly for a microchipped global citizenry capable of interfacing with a global web with a single thought while Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg promote 'neurolinks' to 'keep humanity relevant' by merging [humans] with computers in a new epoch of evolutionary biology..."


A Psychological Operation

How Project Fear and the Vaccine Rewrote the Software of the Brain  (06 February 2024)

"While the master narrative pursued by the elites is clear to many (but by no means all), the ideological drive behind the Great Reset is clearly much more nuanced and multi-layered than many had first realised.  Clearly the long-term aims of this agenda have been to control not only those who were initially susceptible to the narrative, but also eventually to 'catch' those who are a bit more switched-on.  This dynamic can be observed through the complex narrative of 'controlled opposition' ... [This book] perfectly illustrates our involvement in 'fourth-generation warfare', in which control of the mind and not physical territory becomes the terrain on which a small minority are able to engage, dominate and control whole populations..."

Reality vs Fiction. People Have Been Robbed of Their Ability of Decipher Between Fact and Fiction  (03 May 2022)

"CIA Director, William Casey, is reputed to have said to Ronald Reagan 'We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the [Western] public believes is false.'  Fast forward thirty years, and there's no piece of fiction the masses will not swallow ... people no longer make their own ideological pilgrimages to the truth - the truth is served oven-ready by their political betters ... facts have been reoriented into fiction and fiction into facts.  It's a degradation of epistemology so momentous, that people don't even know that they don't know that they don't know what's happening ... People lose touch with reality and what it means to be human.  The ensuing crisis of identity leaves them susceptible to hostile takeover..."

The Great Reset: Psychological Operations Guide  (November 2020)

"Fear ... Behaviour modification ... Health IDs ... Controlled world ... Sustainable environment..."


The Hegelian Dialectic

RUMBLE:  Order Out of Chaos: The Hegelian Principle  (01 June 2021)

"Altiyan Childs describes the principle of 'Order out of Chaos' in the Luciferian Freemason system."


One World Government / NWO / Globalism

To Descend into Totalitarianism or to Rise Up and Free Ourselves?  (08 January 2022)

"We in Western societies naively imagine we would never descend into Totalitarianism, because such systems are unmistakably evil and we are undeniably good.  Not only would we immediately recognise it, but our moral goodness and inestimable courage would see to it that we stopped it before it even took root.  In reality, however, such systems never arise vowing to deliver evil, but always promising to do good ... those propagating them are the self-proclaimed saviours of society, dealing with the problem and the enemy which they themselves have defined, and presenting the cause to the masses not as outright evil but rather unmitigated good.  In our smugness, we imagine that we could never go along with such systems because we would see from early on the evil intent and - because we're not evil - would oppose it with all our might..."

Creepy Australian Officials Start Using 'New World Order' As a Talking Point  (09 September 2021)

"Two senior medical officers have, shockingly, said out loud what a lot of ordinary people already noticed: Australia is sliding inexorably towards a 'New World Order' ... This kind of language has been tamped down after it caused concerns in pervious generations ... You may have instead recently heard the euphemisms 'Great Reset' or 'Build Back Better' - that is, until the unwashed peasants started treating them with suspicion, as well..."

The Myth of Right vs. Left, Liberal vs. Conservative: Top 9 Myths Believed by BOTH Sides to Usher in A New World Order  (04 June 2020)

"I have previously written about how the events unfolding very rapidly before us today are not accidental events, but planned events with a very specific goal: a New World Order ... [This] is being planned by very rich and very influential people who have been planning this for a long time.  They want to reduce the world's population and establish a single government to rule the world, along with a single belief system ... [They] control the world's monetary system, and they fund the wars of the world as well, funding both sides ... the history of these forces can be traced really all the way back to the beginning of the human race..."

Beware New World Order  (15 August 2011)

"Eisenhower's legendary warning that the industrial-military complex could engender a 'disastrous rise of misplaced power' has obviously come true.  Notably, in the same speech, Eisenhower also advised of 'equal and opposite danger'.  Back in the 1960s, Ike insisted 'that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.'  However, his second warning was hushed by the deafening silence of the mainstream media..."

VIDEO:  MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?  (No Date)

"This brilliant documentary reveals how a small group of superrich criminals have been buying virtually everything on earth, until they own it all.  From media, health care, technology, travel, food industry, governments...  That allows them to control the whole world.  Because of this they are now trying to impose the New World Order."


One World Religion / Mystery Babylon

Please also see here for more on the coming one world religion, aka: Babylon, Mystery Religion

"It seems to me that science is the one world religion.  The world has put their trust/faith in science/pharmakeia to 'save' them from the plandemic OR they have conceded to the beast so they can work/travel/eat out/ fit into society, etc..." [viewer's comment at source].

VIDEO:  Witchcraft and the World Economic Forum  (06 May 2022)

Viewers' comments:  "They have been playing us for fools for that long that they have become blatant in their intentions. People really need to start questioning everything"  /  "The devil and his entourage are very real. Thankyou Hugo for presenting the facts. It is never too late to turn to God and read His Word, the Bible. As the world becomes more and more deceitful, I find myself holding on to Him even more. I have the Lord's peace and I know that the devil lost his battle a long time ago, this is why he is trying to get down with him as many as possible. But his days are numbered"  /  "Satan uses Human Agencies to further his agenda. And all the elites on the top are part of it. They are waiting for The Cosmic Christ or The Christ (Lucifer the Light Bearer).  All Bible readers know that Satan will manifest himself on this earth and will counterfeit Jesus Christ doing signs and wonders and miracles. Deceiving even the very elect"

VIDEO:  Lucifer and the United Nations  (27 May 2021)


Revelation 13: The Mark of the Beast

Transhumanism: Marching Toward the Mark  (16 May 2022)

"If our world is not on a direct path to the fulfillment of Revelation 13, the only alternative is to assume that something with a most uncanny resemblance to the mark of the beast is coming our way.  In other words, if what the globalists propose for our world is not the prelude to the mark of the beast, I do not know what it would look like.  The plans they have for our future fit like a glove with what John wrote in Revelation 13:15-18:..."  [NB: this article comes from a pre-trib perspective.]


UK Column News

VIDEO:  UK Column News  (03 February 2021)

No going back to normal: 4th Industrial Revolution  /  WEF seeks to remove carbon from the world which means us

VIDEO:  UK Column News  (01 February 2021)

What is Stakeholder Capitalism?

VIDEO:  UK Column News  (11 January 2021)

Dormant Account Assets Belong to the State: Stolen Pensions - Big Society - Cultural Marxism - Great Reset: aka: Wealth Distribution from the Plebs (that's You and Me) to the Corporate Elites  /  BBC Alarm at People Realising The Great Reset Exists





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