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"The LORD said unto Abram ... 'I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee ...
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3)

"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel ... 'The LORD liveth ... which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country,
and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land
(Jeremiah 23:2,8)

"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:1-4)

The History of Israel:
The Land and its People

Articles and Videos

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Israel at 70: a Blessing to all the Nations of the Earth  (14 May 2018)

"On 14th May 1948, 70 years ago today, David Ben Gurion declared the independence of the State of Israel. ... Zionism is the Jewish dream of restoration, return and renewal. Israel's rebirth 70 years ago was a joyous event. To some it represented a safe haven to be Jewish in a Jewish land without fear of persecution. To others, the sovereign hand of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob fulfilling promises from the Torah and the Prophets was clear to see. ... Israel is central to Jewish religious and national identity; it is where Jews are closest to God. It is the one piece of land historically promised to the Jewish people as recorded in Genesis, and the only land where the Jewish nations has ever experienced sovereignty and self-rule, producing a dynasty of kings and visionary prophets from whose quills flowed some of the most treasured writings in the history of the world. Despite attempts by successive occupying powers to expel them, communities of Jews have lived in the Holy Land continuously since the time of Abraham..."


It's BECAUSE It's Successful - Stupid!  (14 May 2018)

"The Israelis can claim an association with Jerusalem which goes back many centuries, and so it's not surprising that they should now declare the ancient city to be their capital once again - though of course this irritates the left wing press and especially the BBC no end ... Historically and in modern times, Israel has shown itself to be one of the most brilliantly successful nations the world has ever seen. Its achievements in philosophy and theology, in the arts, science and medicine are unsurpassed. It is the only true democracy in the Middle East..."


YOUTUBE:  Mid-East Prophecy Update  (13 January 2013)

"For today's update, I want to talk about something that I have for many years seen as a lynchpin of sorts ... in how that it prophetically connects the geopolitical landscape globally, and what I'm speaking of is this issue of "so-called" Palestinians and their claim to the Holy Land, which they call Palestine, but the Bible calls Israel..."


YOUTUBE:  Why Palestinians Want This Video Removed  (06 April 2011)


"How and why Palestinians desecrate the Temple Mount and Jerusalem..."


Samaria's Strategic Value  (03 January 2011)


"Samaria straddles Israel’s Central Mountain ridge, running north-south for 70 kilometers right down the middle of the country. This ridge runs parallel to that part of the coastal plain which is the most heavily populated, including the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area. It is staggering to think that the western side of this ridge dominates a section of the coastal plain that is home to 70% of Israel’s population and 80% of its industry and infrastructure, not to mention numerous military installations, most major traffic arteries and its sole international airport. Were an enemy to control the Samarian heights, Israel could be shut down overnight. Moreover, the eastern side of the ridge overlooks and controls the strategic Jordan Valley, widely considered essential to Israel’s security..."


Jerusalem: One Nation's Capital Throughout History  (2011)


"Jerusalem and the Jewish people are so intertwined that telling the history of one is telling the history of the other. For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has played a central role in the history of the Jews, culturally, politically, and spiritually, a role first documented in the Scriptures. All through the 2,000 years of the diaspora, Jews have called Jerusalem their ancestral home..."


What About the Settlements?  (2010)


"Jews have lived in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip throughout recorded history, until the 1948 War of Independence, when they were forced to flee the invading Arab armies. In Hebron, the Jewish community existed throughout the centuries of Ottoman rule, until the massacre during the Arab rioting of 1929. Such settlements as Neve Ya'acov and the Gush Etsion block were established under the British Mandatory Administration, which allowed Jewish settlement in these areas..."


Lies About Samaria  (01 December 2010)


"The great debate over whether or not Israel’s sovereignty should extend from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River ('Greater Israel') has been raging ever since Israel captured Judea and Samaria in the defensive war of 1967. Each side has been battling the other to win over public opinion and to control the narrative..."


Israel in Bible Prophecy  (16 August 2010)


"My childhood years were disrupted by absences from home, but a lot of it was spent growing up in East London. I therefore was aware of Jewish people as they seemed to my family, who didn't really have a high opinion of them. ... I grew up with a 'stereotype' of them..."


Myth and Lies  (2010)


"Occupation Myth  /  Green Line (1967 'borders') Myth  /  Demographic Threat Myth  /  Palestine People Myth  /  Settlements Violate International Law Myth"


It's Judea and Samaria  (18 October 2009)


"Names, words, language. Their importance in shaping reality as perceived can’t be minimized. Do we say ‘Palestine’ or eretz yisrael? Is there a ‘security fence’ or an ‘apartheid wall’? ... What I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of days is the area between the Green Line and the Jordan River, not including East Jerusalem. And what I think is that I’ve been making a mistake for the last three years..."


Israel's Major Wars: The Legal Aspects of Coming Into Possession of the Territories  (2009)


"International law makes a clear distinction between defensive wars and wars of aggression..."


Israel War of Independence  (2008)


"War of Independence - (in Hebrew - Milhemet Hashichrur or Milchemet Hashi'hrur  (pronounced Mil 'hemet Hah shi'h rur). It is also called the "1948 War" by Arabs and "Milchemet Tashach" by Jews. The war actually began on or about December 1, 1947. A detailed timeline is given here: 1948 Israel War of Independence (First Arab-Israeli war) Timeline (Chronology)  A detailed compilation of resources: Israel - Birth of a Nation - The struggle for Israel's independence..."


VIDEO:  What Really Happened in the Middle East  (23 June 2007)


"A 10 minute multi-media presentation on the history and background of the Arab-Israeli conflict."


May We Never Forget  (25 April 2006)


"In 1979 President Jimmy Carter agreed we should never forget. But the horror of it all makes many want to forget - the Holocaust, that is..."


The Restoration of Israel  (August 2005)


"What is the 'restoration' of which the Scriptures speak, e.g. in Isaiah 49?..."


Ezekiel Prophesied the 1967 Recapture of Jerusalem  (1997)


"Prophecies of Israel's Independence in 1948 and the Six Day War of 1967 ... Calculations for 907,200 days ... Servitude of the Nation ... Desolations of Jerusalem ... Recapture of Jerusalem by Israel..."


Jerusalem: Capital of Israel  (No Date)

"Documents About Jerusalem  /  Publications About Jerusalem  /  Jerusalem - Photographic Exhibits"


Zionism - What it Is and Isn't  (No Date)


"Historically, Zionism is a movement that began in the 19th century, a kind of patriotic awakening like that of many other national groups. Its practical realization received great impetus from European antisemitism: Zionists like Herzl believed that Jews living as minorities would always be persecuted, and that the only way they could live normal lives would be as citizens of a Jewish state, like Frenchmen or Germans in their states. Many (but not all) early Zionists believed that the Jewish state should be in the historical Jewish homeland, the land of Israel..."


Israel and Jerusalem: Some Historical Facts  (No Date)

"Israel became a state in 1312BC..."


A Unique Nation: Israel - The 16 Bible Prophecies  (No Date)


"16 specific prophecies which chart Israel's history and destiny..."


History of Israel and 'Palestine'  (No Date)


"From 1517-1917 Turkey's Ottoman Empire controlled a vast Arab empire, a portion of which is today Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine..."


Strategic Value of Samaria  (No Date)

"Samaria's strategic high ground is essential to Israel's security!"


Israel's Legal Right to Samaria  (No Date)

"A cold, hard look at the law reveals an undeniable if inconvenient (for some) truth: Israel and the Jewish People have full sovereign rights to Judea and Samaria (the West Bank)..."


Scattered Israel To Be Gathered


This is a wonderfully prophetic talk originally given by J.C. Ryle at the Rectory Church, Marylebone, London, in May 1868.  "Reader, I ask your serious attention for a few minutes, ... I propose in this address to show you from Scripture the past, the present, and the future of Israel..."


History of Israel

A range of articles and essays on the history of Israel from 13th century BCE to the present day.




"Thus saith the LORD,
which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night,
which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the LORD of hosts is His name:
'If those ordinances depart from before me,' saith the LORD,
'then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me forever'"
(Jeremiah 31:35-36)

"For the LORD will not cast off His people, neither will He forsake His inheritance"
(Psalm 94:14)

"They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about His people from henceforth even forever"

(Psalm 125:1-2)




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