Understanding Arabic  (05 June 2011)


"For those who are not familiar with the terms 'Nakba' and 'Naksa' - perhaps this explanation will help you. This is a bit of humor...black humor, perhaps, on a day of sadness and stupidity..."


Lebanese Protester Admits Hezbollah Paid Him to Get Shot by the IDF  (05 June 2011)


"How did The Guardian allow this nugget of truth to pass through their eagle-eyed editors? Agreed, it is published four weeks too late, but still..."


Media Coverage of 'Nakba Day' and Infiltration Attempts  (16 May 2011)


"News reports about 'Nakba Day' and Arab attempts to infiltrate Israel from hostile territory were not all informative. And some were simply misleading..."


Ehud Barak's Latest Nakba  (16 May 2011)


"On Sunday, Israel was invaded along its border with Syria. More than 100 Syrians successfully infiltrated the country and rioted violently in Majdal Shams for several hours..."


Syria Uses Nakba Day as Excuse to Infiltrate Israel's Border  (15 May 2011)


"The bloody events of the so called 'Nakba Day' have been planned for a while. For months now the 3rd Palestinian Intifada movement has been promoting their anti Israel event on May 15th. At noon today after a 63 seconds siren, thousands march towards Israel borders from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. The Syria-Israel border was infiltrated while in Lebanon and Gaza violent protests were held from behind the border..."


Appropriate Activity for Genocide Day  (15 May 2011)


"Today Israel faced invasion from three borders: thousands tried to storm the borders from Syria,  Lebanon and Gaza, along with Arab rampages in east Jerusalem ... The reason for this concerted onslaught was that today was the anniversary of what Arabs call the 'nakba or ‘catastrophe’, their word for the foundation of the State of Israel when five Arab armies tried to snuff out the nascent state and failed. ‘Nakba day’ is thus a restatement of the goal of eradicating Israel from the face of the earth..."


Nakba. A Self Inflicted Catastrophe  (14 May 2011)


"A new tradition has been allowed to grow in the Arab world. Once a year Arabs commemorate a period when many uprooted themselves from what had become Israel. It was at the time when Arab armies invaded the nascent state of Israel. It was this incident that created a refugee problem that is unsolved to this day.  They call this event The Nakba. (The Catastrophe). At its core they are not commemorating their upheaval. They are not celebrating  their dispossession.  Rather, they are campaigning for the elimination of Israel..."