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"The LORD said unto Abram ... 'I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee ...
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3)


"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel ... 'The LORD liveth ... which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country,
and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land
(Jeremiah 23:2,8)


"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:1-4)

The Massacre of the Fogel Family
(March 2011)


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Memorial for the Fogels  (18 March 2011)


"Thousands of people came to the Yeshurun synagogue in Jerusalem on Thursday for a memorial ceremony for the five members of the Fogel family who were murdered last week in their home in Itamar. Among those who came were politicians and Israel's leading rabbis. Rabbi and Member of Knesset Yisrael Eichler, a known figure in the hareidi-religious world, said, 'We cannot give comfort. We can only be together. As we say, "May G-d comfort you," only G-d can comfort the mourners.'..."


A Family is Butchered in Their Beds and the World Neither Knows Nor Cares  (18 March 2011)


"Why do so few of us here know about this massacre? You would have to be a pretty conscientious reader of the foreign pages or the Israeli press to have heard about it, and much of the world’s media is understandably focussed on Japan and Libya, where far more deaths have taken – and are taking – place. But I suspect that even without the tsunami and Gaddafi, these killings would have received little or no more attention than they actually did..."


The Shockingly Brutal Murder of a Sleeping Israeli Family  (18 March 2011)


"All this week, on secure campuses around the country (and worldwide), university students have been pledging their solidarity with the Palestinian cause in festivals of hypocrisy known as Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW). Events are scheduled that, according to planners, 'educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system.' But I’ll bet not one of the IAW events attempts to educate attendees about the vicious slaughter of the Fogel family..."


Obama's Selective Anger  (18 March 2011)


"President Obama is known for his cool. Some of his associates call him 'No Drama Obama.' And certainly in the realm of foreign policy, his response to events has been phlegmatic. ... But there was one outrage that provoked the president’s ire..."


IDF, Settlers Save Arab Baby  (17 March 2011)


"IDF forces and local paramedics helped save the life of a Palestinian woman and her newly born infant Wednesday, at the settlement where Fogel relatives are sitting Shiva for the five Israelis brutally murdered last week..."


Ma'an Blames Israel for Itamar Attack  (17 March 2011)


"Ma'an Arabic uses yet another of the oldest journalism tricks in the book to publish incitement and lies in a newspaper:.."


Palestinians Condemning Murder  (16 March 2011)


"Yesterday I linked to a Guardian story which encouraged us to believe that Palestinians and Israelis were equally shocked by the murder of the Fogel family. The reporter, Harriet Sherwood, didn't supply any facts to bolster her claim, not even one, so it's hard to know what she thought she was referring to, or if - as I understand it - she was simply inventing things from thin air. A number of readers discussed the matter, and one, Mich, offered a fascinating report by Shlomi Eldar..."


Words That Break the Heart  (16 March 2011)


"There are things that happen that threaten to break your spirit, your drive, your ability to cope. How, I want to ask God, how can we bear this horrible thing? When parents are killed, leaving behind orphans, that is a horrible crime. But the children..."


16 Years of Kindness  (16 March 2011)


"Quietly, over the last few days, a man has been coming to the house bringing food and stocking the kitchen. His name is Rami Levy and he owns a chain of supermarkets. I've heard amazing stories about him in the past but this one beats all I have ever heard..."


Purim and Responding to the Itamar Massacre  (16 March 2011)


"The juxtaposition of the two events was chilling..."


The Muslim Terrorist War Against Israeli Families  (16 March 2011)


"The brutal murders of the Fogel family, including the partial decapitation of a 3 month old baby, the stabbing a 3 year old twice in the heart, and the murder of both their parents, along with an 11 year old brother who was staying up late reading in bed, have shocked the world. But the Muslim terrorist tactic of massacring families is not a new one..."


PETITION:  Stop the PA and Hamas Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Hate Indoctrination Now  (16 March 2011)


"The horrific murder of the Fogel family did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas have saturated Palestinian society with state-sponsored genocidal propaganda..."


Massacre of the Innocents  (16 March 2011)


"Last weekend in Itamar, an Israeli settlement in the Samarian hills, terrorists infiltrated the home of Udi and Ruth Fogel and perpetrated a massacre of the innocents..."


Time Magazine Slides Further Into Advocacy Journalism  (16 March 2011)


"In his March 13 piece 'Slaughter of the Fogels: After the West bank Killings', Time's correspondent in Israel yet again reveals he is incapable of, or simply uninterested in, impartial reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict..."


Time Magazine's Disgusting Itamar Story: 'Murder by Knife'  (16 March 2011)


"Time Magazine's Karl Vick writes an article that is supposedly about the Itamar slaughter - but is in fact about how much he hates Israel. Here's every word Vick wrote about the massacre:..."


Why They Celebrate Murdering Children  (16 March 2011)


"Do you think the State Department noticed that no one in Arizona, Mexico, or even Mars took to the streets to celebrate the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords? No one seemed to think it was a 'natural' act — the Islamic term du jour to rationalize the throat-slitting massacre of a sleeping Jewish family: 36-year-old Udi Fogel, his 35-year-old wife, Ruth, and, yes, their three children: 11-year-old Yoav, 4-year-old Elad, and Hadas, their 3-month-old baby..."


A Terrible Resonance  (16 March 2011)


"The Daily Telegraph, which once was considered to be a quality newspaper, has carried a poisonous little story. It read:..."


You Shall Not Kill!  (15 March 2011)


"It was 2010, and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was speaking, as tempered as always, to a crowd as tempered as the prime minister could be. 'These [people] even see babies in their cradles as a threat. They have killed babies in their mothers’ arms,' he boomed. 'These people,' naturally, were the Israelis. Addressing Israel’s leaders from a public rally in Turkey, Mr. Erdoğan said in both Turkish and English: 'You shall not kill.'..."


Dehumanization of Jews is Deja-Vu All Over Again  (15 March 2011)


"Brett Stephens in the Wall Street Journal makes note of how certain Zion-loathers are inclined to see Jewish 'settlers' as being less than human:.."


Hamas Lies: Killing Kids Not Our Thing  (15 March 2011)


"This is not the first time that Hamas has denied its practice of targeting children..."


Baby Killers Update: BBC Responds to HR Criticism  (15 March 2011)


"HonestReporting’s criticism of the BBC's coverage of the brutal terrorist murders of the Fogel family prompted a huge number of complaints to the BBC..."


Three Massacred Children  (15 March 2011)


"Following the massacre of the Fogel family, Netanyahu took to the airwaves, speaking to the hostile world. What could he have been thinking? Didn't he get the memo?..."


While They Were Sleeping  (15 March 2011)


"The world has been gripped in recent days by news of the earthquake and tsunami that have devastated the eastern seaboard of Japan. And while the thoughts and prayers of Christians around the world have been focused on the dire needs of the Japanese people - other headlines have passed us by..."


The Deadliest 'Zation  (15 March 2011)


"In light of the most recent in a long history of Arab barbarism perpetrated against Israeli civilians, we must widen the lens through which we see Israel's place in the world. What happened this past weekend is not a political issue. It is a human issue. There is no political stance one can take that would warrant this savagery..."


The Other Tsunami  (15 March 2011)


"It is very difficult to hate babies. It takes a special person. ... The human being does not have to learn to hate. It seems to come pretty naturally. Nor does the human being have to learn to murder, steal or rape. These, too, seem to be in the natural human repertoire of evils. But the human being does have to learn to hate children and babies, and to regard the torture and murder of them as morally desirable acts. It takes years of work to undo normal protective human attitudes toward children. That is precisely what the Nazis did and what significant parts of the Muslim world have done to the word 'Jew.' To them, the Jew is not just sub-human; the Jew -- and his or her children -- is sub-animal..."


Why Palestinian Terror Attacks Ensure There Will Be No Peace  (14 March 2011)


"Events like the massacre of an Israeli family by terrorists aren't just tragedies or crimes, they are events of huge political and international importance. They reveal issues and stories that Western governments and media refuse to understand yet which foil their plans and contradict their assumptions..."


An Historical Perspective on the Itamar Killings  (14 March 2011)


"On March 11, 2011, Sabbath eve, the Fogel family, including the parents, an 11-year old, a toddler and an infant were brutally slain as they slept in their Itamar home, their throats slit by terrorists. Yet a disturbing number of media reports focused on the existence of Israeli “settlements” as the primary problem in the region. Neglected were the historical parallels to grisly Arab terrorist attacks resulting from anti-Jewish incitement – all in the absence of settlements..."


Dead Jews Is No News  (14 March 2011)


"On Friday night, twelve-year old Tamar Fogel came home to find both her parents, Ruth and Udi Fogel, two brothers Yoav (11) and Elad (four), and her three-month old sister Hadas murdered in their beds. They had had their throats cut and been stabbed through the heart. That’s not shocking: There is no shortage of young Muslim men who would enjoy slitting the throat of a three-month old baby, and then head home dreaming of the town square or soccer tournament to be named in their honor..."


An Office of Incomprehensible Moral Bankruptcy  (14 March 2011)


"Today, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: We are extremely concerned by the Government of Israel’s approval of 400 new housing units in settlements in the West Bank..."


The Latest Human Sacrifices to the Islamist Death Cult  (14 March 2011)


"'We have discovered how to hit the Jews where they are most vulnerable. The Jews love life, so that is what we will take from them. We are going to win, because they love life and we love death.' - Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah. Islamist murderers put their evil philosophy, as outlined by Nasrallah, into practice once again on Saturday when they murdered a Jewish family of five..."


Death and Life in Itamar   (14 March 2011)


"The entrance to the house where the Fogel family lived – until the brutal attack which consumed the lives of Udi and Ruth, and three of their small children – is still decorated with the note joyously announcing the recent birth of Hadas who, at three months, was the youngest Israeli victim on that fateful Shabbat evening..."


Three Lessons From Itamar  (13 March 2011)


"The murder of five members of the Fogel family is so chilling that it is beyond words to describe ... I am writing this because there are important lessons here. Maybe in this moment of horror, it will be possible to break through the walls that some people have built around themselves that prevent them from seeing simple truths..."


The Human Toll of Palestinian Terrorism  (13 March 2011)


"Here are photos of the 123 children killed by Palestinian terrorists from the start of the 2nd Intifada through 2006 – attacks which were launched in coffee shops and restaurants, on dozens of buses, and in the middle of the street..."


The Fogel Murders: Simply Because They Are Jewish  (13 March 2011)


"Rabbi Udi and Ruth Fogel and three of their six children were expelled from Gush Katif in 2005 as part of then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to end the same terror that cruelly ended their lives in the brutal massacre Friday night in Samaria..."


Shocking and Callous  (13 March 2011)


"Several B-BBC people have commented on the BBC’s bizarre take on the recent horrific murder of an Israeli couple and three of their children..."


Israel Demands CNN Apology Over Attack Coverage  (13 March 2011)


"Israel is demanding an apology from CNN over its coverage of Saturday's terrorist attack in Itamar claiming it was 'tendentious and deceptive.' Government Press Office director Oren Helman sent a letter to CNN's Bureau Chief Kevin Flower saying he was astonished at the network's coverage of the ruthless attack..."


A View From Across the Green Line  (13 March 2011)


"When I saw my daughter (who was in Hebron at the time Shalhevet Pass was murdered) crying last night when we watched [the news], I decided I have had enough..."


Palestinian Terrorists Who Murder Israelis Are No Longer Even 'Militants', But Merely 'Intruders'  (13 March 2011)


"The airbrushing of Palestinian terrorism continues. Apparently even describing Palestinian terrorists as 'militants' is now too much for the world’s media. They are now merely 'intruders', even when they murder a family of 5 including a baby of a few months and two little boys..."


Palestinian Authority Incitement to Terror Prior to the Murders in Itamar  (13 March 2011)


"In the period prior to the murders of Ruth and Udi Fogel and three of their children in the Israeli town Itamar, the Palestinian Authority continued to encourage terror by glorifying terrorists as heroes and role models and through calls for violence..."


Armchair Barbarism  (13 March 2011)


"Today the massacred Fogel family was buried in Jerusalem. And as anticipated, the moral depravity of the Arabs is finding a grotesque echo in the moral bankruptcy and worse of the British and American ‘liberal’ media..."


Baby Killers: BBC Butchers the Real Story  (13 March 2011)


"Only days after HonestReporting’s Managing Editor wrote about the thread that links Palestinian incitement to inevitable acts of terror, Israel has suffered a shocking and brutal terrorist attack carried out by baby killers. Yet the BBC has still managed to turn this into a story about settlements..."


VIDEO:  Scenes From A Massacre  (13 March 2011)

YouTube and Facebook removed this video within two hours. Why?"


YOUTUBE:  Terrorism in Israel - The Fogel Family  (13 March 2011)


"This is a horrifying crime, but we will not surrender to terrorism."


An Open Letter to Harvey Weinstein  (13 March 2011)


"On the same day that a family of five were being murdered in their home in Israel, Harvey Weinstein ran a self-congratulatory promotional piece for his company's terrorist propaganda flick, Miral. The photos stand out. The fat smirking face of Harvey Weinstein contrasted with the sleeping baby, the smiling little boys and the earnest couple who were their parents. They are all dead, and a Harvey Weinstein lives on to smirk another day. So it is with perpetrators and victims. The innocent children and the fat ugly men who profit from trafficking in the narrative of their killers..."


Harriet Sherwood's Reprehensible Moral Equivalence in Reporting the Murders in Itamar  (12 March 2011)


"We are told that the language we use dictates the way we perceive the world and react to what goes on in it. This manipulation of discourse is evident in the Guardian and particularly on CiF, both of which are good at cranking up ill feeling towards Israel and Jews but dismally incompetent at providing contextual information to their readership so that they can come to a balanced conclusion about what they are being told.  Harriet Sherwood is an arch-practitioner of this manipulation of discourse and truth, but thankfully she is not very clever at it..."


Horror in Samaria: Terrorist Murders Family of 5  (12 March 2011)


"A terrorist infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Itamar, southeast of Nablus, early Saturday and stabbed five family members to death. The shocking attack occurred around 1 am as the terrorist entered the family home and murdered three children aged 11, 3, and a baby girl along with their parents..."


To Live As Jews  (28 December 2002)


"The tranquility of Shabbat was shattered on March 11, 2011, when a Palestinian terrorist broke into the home of the Fogel family in Itamar, and stabbed to death both parents and three children. We grieve this horrific and tragic loss. Though the world media - focused on Libya and Japan - is barely noting the tragedy, every thinking person must introspect on what this all means in the big picture. The following article, written in 2002 at the height of Intifada violence, gives voice to our cries..."







"Thus saith the LORD,
which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night,
which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; the LORD of hosts is His name:
'If those ordinances depart from before me,' saith the LORD,
'then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before me forever'"
(Jeremiah 31:35-36)


"For the LORD will not cast off His people, neither will He forsake His inheritance"
(Psalm 94:14)


"They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion which cannot be removed, but abideth forever.
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD is round about His people from henceforth even forever"

(Psalm 125:1-2)






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