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"The LORD said unto Abram ... 'I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee ...
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3)


"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel ... 'The LORD liveth ... which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country,
and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land
(Jeremiah 23:2,8)


"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:1-4)

The Propaganda War

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Revealing 'Ghastly Truths' About Israel?  (30 June 2014)

"The BBC has a new series, The Honourable Woman, starting next Thursday. It is about a Jewish woman on a one woman peace mission to the Middle East. Wonder who the villains will be..."


Could the Hostage Crisis Be a Partial Result of the Immense Palestinian Manipulation?  (25 June 2014)

"The ongoing and tragic hostage crisis may well be the focus of our concerns, attention and dread, but it doesn't really seem to bother or interest anyone outside Israel. ... It would seem that the answer ... lies in the considerable extent to which the Palestinian international propaganda machine has succeeded in permeating all spheres of international activity within the international community..."


I Wouldn't Call It England Anymore  (18 June 2014)

"The BBC [ran] this bit of anti-Israel propaganda: 'The Christian Family Refusing to Give Up Its Bethlehem Hill Farm'. Lots of emotive language and phrasing used by the BBC to create a sense that the Israelis are oppressing these people, these victims. The BBC could have saved a lot of time and effort and just recycled this old trope:..."


YOUTUBE:  Why I Support Israel  (18 June 2014)

"All anyone needs to know about the Middle East conflict is that the Jews want peace and the Arabs don't, because the Arabs hate Jews for religious reasons and they want them dead. Politics, territory; these are just excuses..."


Desert Island Distortions on BBC Radio 4  (16 June 2014)

"The June 15th edition ... featured Raja Shehadec in the guest seat. ... Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the programmed is its across the board erasure of Palestinian and Arab violence over the decades..."


Free Gaza Propaganda  (29 April 2014)

"Did I hear a certain someone talk about 'the BBC's habit of allowing a litany of embellished falsehoods to be repeated on air, unchallenged', recently? Hmm, yes I did, and talking of which..."


Poison Pill  (29 April 2014)


"It's small and short but poisonous..."


YOUTUBE:  The Ugliest Newspaper in Britain  (01 August 2012)


"Here in Britain, we have a newspaper called The Guardian, whose reputation as a sanctimonious mouthpiece for the great multicultural con-trick is now being eclipsed by a more rancid reputation for anti-semitism..."


YOUTUBE:  Useful Idiots for Palestine  (04 November 2011)

"Well, incredibly, I'm still getting a very heated response to my video about the phoney Palestinian cause and the rabid anti-semitism that drives it; quite a lot of shouty, upper-case emails calling me Zionist shill, a Shabbos goy - that's a good one, isn't it? - and, of course, all the usual favourites: nazi, racist, and so on. You know, it's getting so that if I don't get called a racist now at least once a day, I begin to worry that I may be doing something wrong..."


YOUTUBE:  The Great Palestinian Lie  (06 October 2011)

"Is it racist to criticise the Palestinians as the world's most tiresome cry-babies with a bogus cause and a plight that's entirely self-inflicted? I bet it is. I wouldn't be surprised if it was against the law in certain European countries. But I'm going to do it anyway because somebody has to..."


YOUTUBE:  Let's Blame the Jews  (26 May 2011)

"In Europe today, one of the many unfortunate consequences of pandering to the bigotry of Muslim immigrants has been a rise in anti-semitism - not that Europe has ever needed much encouragement on that score. And this has breathed life into a whole host of previously dormant conspiracy casualties who would love to believe that Jews control the world..."


What Would They Lose By Boycotting Israel?  (22 May 2011)

"Following the decision of your organisation to boycott all goods produced in Israel, you now need to perform the following actions:..."


2011 - Britain is Becoming the Fourth Reich  (01 April 2011)


"The drumbeat against Israel has finally scored a grim victory in the heart of London with the decision by the landlord of the Ahava store, Shaftesbury PLC, not to renew the store’s lease when it expires. You may think that the description of Britain as the Fourth Reich is over the top, and I imagine there will be those who do, but how else do we describe a decision to move the Jews out of a commercial area in London – not because of what they do, or the problems they create – but because of the disturbance that those who hate them have created?..."


BBC Bias is Endemic, Louise  (01 April 2011)


"The many journalists who have been desperately trying to draw attention to the BBC's horrific anti-Israel bias for years can finally take a breather: Louise Bagshawe, best-selling chick-lit author turned politician, has come to the rescue..."


The Massacre of Meaning  (26 March 2011)


"When terrorists planted [a] bomb in a bag near a bus station killing a Scottish Bible translator studying ancient Hebrew, and wounding dozens more including six Americans -- Reuters decided it was time to explain to its audience what that peculiar Hebraic term, 'Terrorist Attack' meant..."


Malicious BBC Anti-Israel Bias Shows Up Again After Jerusalem Bombing  (24 March 2011)


"Now this is not the kind of instance of BBC bias to have you performing a karate kick at your TV set. But in its way, it tells you a lot about the propagandistic mindset that rules the BBC newsroom..."


Boycott And Be Damned  (22 March 2011)


"Young students are idealistic and enthusiastic.  Being so they are ideal foot soldiers for the cynical manipulations of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns run internationally..."


BDS and the Surreal Debate at 'Comment is Free' Regarding Israel's Very Right to Exist  (21 March 2011)


"March 21st saw the publication on ‘Comment is Free’ of a video interview with Omar Barghouti – a leading light in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel..."


The Guardian-Approved Judeophobia of Inayat Bunglawala  (21 March 2011)


"Besides being pretty unforgettable in itself, the name of regular ‘Comment is Free’ contributor Inayat Bunglawala will be familiar to anyone who has read Ed Husain’s 2007 book ‘The Islamist’. In the book Husain describes his associations with the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) and in particular, one of its members, with whom he attended weekly meetings..."


The Lunatic in Roger's Head  (16 March 2011)


"Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd, has joined the chorus of artists, activists and agitators calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. ... I watched Roger Waters recently on Al Jazeera and am glad he was frank in acknowledging that he gets his news from the BBC and Al Jazeera. No wonder he considers Israel the bad guys.  And, it is only natural that his contribution as a reporter would appear on the pages of CiF. The 'Holy Trinity' of biased news and anti-Israel hate sits well in his head it seems..."


It's Time for the Jews to Stand Up For Themselves  (11 March 2011)


"I was not looking forward to my speech at Brooklyn College last night during 'Israel Apartheid Week.' The campus atmosphere was so hostile to Jews that no student organization was willing to host my appearance, not even the Jewish organizations ... But then something totally unexpected happened..."


Where is the Outcry Against Arab Apartheid?  (11 March 2011)


"Mohammed Nabil Taha, an 11-year-old Palestinian boy, died this week at the entrance to a Lebanese hospital after doctors refused to help him because his family could not afford to pay for medical treatment. ... Ironically, the boy's death at the entrance to the hospital coincided with Israel Apartheid Week, a festival of hatred and incitement organized by anti-Israel activists on university campuses in the US, Canada and other countries..."


An Open Letter to 2011 Israeli Apartheid Week Celebrants  (23 February 2011)


"Dear Judy, Jenny, et al, Greetings, Zion-despisers. I read in the news that the streets of Tripoli have piles of bodies, the casualties of crazy Moo Moo Gadaffi who has turned on his own people in what appears to be a martyrdom-or-bust policy. Also au courant (though, given the lamestream media's romantic sensibilities re the Arab thirst for 'freedom,' not nearly courant enough)--CBS correspondent Lara Logan is said to be 'recovering' from her serial rape by savage, misogynistic 'freedom-lovers' in Tahrir Square who screeched 'Jew! Jew!' as they brutalized her. And let's not overlook supremacist cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi, delighted to be back on home turf after an extended Khomeini-esque exile; welcome back, Q-Man! And that warm glow you may be feeling--that's Jew-love coupled with the glowing embers of Tunisian synagogue, torched by tolerant, loving Arabs. In view of all that; and in view of the Arabs' ongoing persecution of Christians and chicks; and in view of the reality that the vast majority of the Middle East's map is already--in a word that was a favorite of a German 'Yusuf' (Goebbels)--Judenrein; and in view of the fact that Israel remains the one bright spot in an otherwise dark and blighted landscape, you might want to reconsider your Big Lie antics for this year. If you go ahead with them under the aforementioned circumstances, you will succeed only in making yourselves--and not Israel, the object of your pathological derision--appear foolish. That's it. That's all I have to say."


George Soros Says Israel is the Main Obstacle to a Democratic Egypt  (04 February 2011)


"Guess what George Soros considers the biggest stumbling block to Egyptian democracy? Could it be the fact that there is no tradition of democracy in Egypt and democratic institutions can’t be created in an instant during a time of upheaval? No, that’s not it. Could it be the fact that Mubarak is sending thugs into pro-freedom demonstrations to beat up the protesters? No, not that either. Could it be the Muslim Brotherhood, the best-organized opposition group in Egypt, which is dedicated not to freedom but to instituting Shari’a law throughout Egypt and eventually to create a pan-Muslim state across the region? Nope, not at all. The main obstacle to Egyptian peace is - Israel..."


Israel's Ambassador to the UK, Ron Prosor, Blasts the Guardian  (04 February 2011)


"Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, blasted the Guardian in a Huffington Post essay yesterday for its Palestine Papers series, adding to the chorus of fierce criticism leveled at the paper from across the political spectrum. In the piece, entitled “The Guardian’s Assault on Peace in the Middle East”, Prosor went on the offensive from the opening passage:.."


The Palestine Papers: When Evidence is Subservient to a Political Agenda  (03 February 2011)


"Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM) has provided an extremely valuable contribution in systematically documenting the clear pattern of bias, misrepresentation, and errors which pervades the Guardian’s “Palestine Papers.” BICOM’s analysis, titled 'Palestine Papers: Analysis or Agenda', of the highly tendentious Guardian “expose” – curiously released by the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera – includes the following critiques:.."


Guardian Readers' Editor Defends Decision to Publish Letter Justifying Suicide Bombing  (31 January 2011)


"Chris Elliott, the Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, responded today to criticism that his paper chose to publish a letter from “eminent” philosopher Ted Honderich defending Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians.  As we noted, here, Honderich’s apologia for suicide bombing was quite explicit.  He said:.."


Palileaks and The Guardian's Agenda Journalism  (31 January 2011)


"Thousands of Palestinian documents, allegedly offering a behind the scenes look at the Palestinian Authority’s stance on peace negotiations with Israel, have been leaked to Al-Jazeera and The Guardian. As the world’s attention turns towards Egypt, the “Palileaks” story has taken something of a hiatus offering us a chance to draw breath and examine some of the media issues that have emerged so far..."


The Guardian Wants Its Two-State Solution Back. Beware  (26 January 2011)


"When the Guardian launched its 'Palestine Papers' on Sunday, the sensational leak was accompanied by an editorial, which was sensationally titled 'Pleading for a fig leaf' and just as sensationally subtitled 'The secret notes suggest one requires Panglossian optimism to believe that these negotiations can one day be resurrected.' The editorial went on to accuse the Palestinian leadership of being a bunch of collaborators..."


Guardian Gives Platform to Representative of Holocaust Denying, Protocols of Zion Supporting Palestinian Terror Group  (26 January 2011)


"So, this week the mask has definitively slipped..."


Wailing Over the Palestine Papers  (25 January 2011)


"Whatever happened to the image of the hardboiled, cynical journalist, who believes no one and questions everything? He may still exist, but not when it comes to the Palestinians..."


How the Guardian Helped Kill the Peace Process  (25 January 2011)


"The immediate fallout from the leaks should raise a number of important questions for the Guardian, but judging by the way it is spinning the story, it is hard to believe introspection is coming..."


Explaining How the 'Palestine Papers' Story is a Fabrication That Teaches Us the Truth  (24 January 2011)


"The 'Palestine Papers' have been 'obtained' by al-Jazira, the Guardian, and perhaps others, in imitation of Wikileaks. They purport to show, in the media version, that the PA made Israel a big offer of peace and Israel rejected it. Naturally, this is being accepted by these and other newspapers as true without verification or considering how these claims stack up against other information. Also claimed is that the PA was ready to accept Israel as a Jewish state and give up the demand that Palestinian refugees can live in Israel, again things it has totally opposed. Hello? Is anyone out there actually following Israel-Palestinian issues?.."


UPDATED: Clouds of Questions Around Bilin Death  (20 January 2011)


"Ynet reports today that the Israeli army completed its investigation into the death of Jawaher Abu Rahma, and has concluded that she has died due to an overdose of atropine administered at the Ramallah hospital:.."


A New Palestinian Lie About Israel and the Need to Discount Such Stories Systematically  (04 January 2011)


"What happens when the New York Times publishes, with no investigation, an atrocity story about Israel that is not only false but ridiculously so, based on the most obvious starting point: death by tear-gas doesn't happen? There's a long history of Palestinians (including the Palestinian Authority) making up atrocity stories that blame Israel and then having these widely disseminated by the mass media. This is one of the main factors leading to increased hatred or criticism of Israel. These tales are disproven but the facts never catch up with the lies..."


New York Times: Annual Feature Misrepresents Israel - Again  (04 January 2011)


"The New York Times is known to have an Israel problem. Its bias is not confined to its editorial and Op-Ed pages. It manifests itself in many ways – including inappropriate editorializing in news stories, double standards, and distorted news coverage.  The Times Jerusalem bureau chief and Op-Ed columnists do not even bother to hide their animus toward Israel..."


The Challenge of Public Diplomacy Vis-a-vis the Delegitimisation of Israel  (03 January 2011)


"As we all know by now, Israel has lost the battle for public opinion in the west. Even the Israel government is now acknowledging this fact. Israel and its defenders have been outclassed and outmanoeuvred in a war of the mind being waged on a battleground it never even acknowledged it was on. Calls for more and better hasbara, however, are meaningless if the message or narrative promoted by Israel and its defenders misses the point of the attack being waged upon it. And it does miss that point, by a mile. You cannot resist or overcome a threat unless you first understand its nature..."


2010 Top Ten Anti-Israel Lies  (2010)


"Israel was created by European guilt over the Nazi Holocaust. Why should Palestinians pay the price? / Had Israel withdrawn to its June 1967 borders, peace would have come long ago / Israel is the main stumbling block to achieving a Two-State solution / Nuclear Israel not Iran is the greatest threat to peace and stability / Israel is an Apartheid State deserving of International Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns / Plans to build 1,600 more homes in east Jerusalem prove Israel is 'Judaizing' the Holy City / Israeli policies endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq / Israeli policies are the cause of world-wide anti-Semitism / Israel, not Hamas, is responsible for the 'humanitarian catastrophe' in Gaza. Goldstone was right when he charged that Israel was guilty of war crimes against civilians / The only hope for peace is a single, bi-national state, eliminating the Jewish State of Israel"


Mapping the Organizational Sources of the Global Delegitimization Campaign Against Israel in the UK  (2010)


"In mid-December 2009, Member of Knesset Tzipi Livni, Israel’s former foreign minister, was due to arrive in London and make a speech at a Jewish National Fund (JNF) event, held at the Hendon Hall Hotel in London. Having had a warrant issued for her to be arrested for alleged war crimes while serving as a minister during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead, Livni canceled her plans and never came to Britain. A clip, still available on YouTube, shows two and a half minutes of a demonstration held in front of the hotel. This is a rather small demonstration; the few dozen protesters chant slogans such as “Zionists are terrorists” and “Free Palestine.” They are holding signboards referring to “Apartheid in Palestine,” and calling to bring “war criminals” to justice and to boycott Israeli goods. A closer look reveals that these signboards either carry the logo of the British Muslim Initiative (BMI), a main Muslim Brotherhood front in Britain, or of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and its Boycott Israeli Goods (BIG) Campaign. ... Both the warrant for Livni’s arrest and this demonstration, organized by the same coalition, tell in a nutshell the story of the last decade, in which Britain has become the main leader of an international effort to deny Israel’s right to exist in its current form. This campaign is rooted in a network that includes rather strange bedfellows:.."


Dishonest Reporter Award 2010  (22 December 2010)


"Our annual recognition of the most skewed and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict. ... Poison Pen Award / Least Reliable Source / Most Disproportionate Photography / Most Peerless Medical Review / Media Manipulator of the Year / Worst Obituary / Most Ironic Unintended Consequence / Most Overdue Resignation / Photography Tip of the Year / Most Undeserving of Honor / Special Achievement in Swinging to Extremes / Dishonest Reporter of the Year"


Useful Idiots and Fifth Columnists: The Media Role in the War Against the West  (17 December 2010)


"We are living through a global campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel in which the western media are playing a key role. The British media are the global leaders of this campaign..."


Geert Wilders: Israel Fighting Our War  (22 November 2010)


"Israel is the lighthouse and the only democracy in this backward and dictatorial part of the world, ... Israel is very close to us, to our European identity. Israel fights our war..."


Bias Expected, Evidence Optional for NYU Professor  (21 November 2010)


"Students, take note. This is how some Middle East specialists write history..."


When Jewish Windows Break  (26 October 2010)


"Several years ago a small group of notable British Jews, such as Anglican Atheist comedian Stephen Fry, Quaker writer Stevie Krayer and Claire Rayner, who once visited Israel and said she didn't like it because the people were rude to her which probably justified all those suicide bombings, put out a statement announcing that they were refusing to celebrate Israel's Independence Day. Rather they said, 'We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East'..."


'For the Truth, For Israel'  (15 October 2010)


"The obsessive Israel-hatred now coursing through so much of the western world needs to be fought with the greatest possible urgency and strength. This unprecedented campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation against a democratic country essential to the defence of the west is not merely an offence against decency. It does not merely threaten the security and existence of Israel. It is also undermining the civilised values by which the west defines itself. Western society prides itself on being a culture of reason, committed to truth, justice and the rule of law. Yet the delegitimisation of Israel rests on a grotesque inversion of both truth and justice in which the roles of victim and victimiser in the region have been reversed. This campaign has rewritten the history of the Middle East to air-brush the Jewish people out of the region and their own national story..."


The Aim is to Make Israel a Pariah  (14 October 2010)


"Recently, Rupert Murdoch gave an extraordinary speech at an Anti-Defamation League dinner..."


Change the Narrative  (14 October 2010)


"Last weekend, I was a speaker at a huge CAMERA conference in Boston on the topic of the ‘war by other means’, the global campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel..."


Pallywood Redux  (12 October 2010)


"Looks like another staged Pallywood-style ‘atrocity’ has been served up for the world’s media, which has duly bought into the lie in large measure as per. The papers have run a story that on the road in the tense east Jerusalem district of Silwan where Israeli cars are regularly being stoned and attacked, an Israeli ‘settler’ driver, David Be’eri, who had his young son in the passenger seat, ploughed into a group of Palestinian children, running over one of them, and sped away without stopping. Arab media are reporting that the driver deliberately drove into the children and even that two of them were killed. The kind of reports that inflame yet more hatred of Israel in the west and more violence against Israel in the Arab and Muslim world. Except the whole thing looks like a set up, a staged event. Look at the video of the event here and here..."


4 Reasons Why Silwan Photographs Reek of a Set-Up  (10 October 2010)


"For a more professional assessment of the photos of Silwan stone-throwers being run over by an Israeli car, I talked to veteran photographer and imagery advisor David Katz. He offers four reasons why the incident reeks of a set up: The Location / The Photographers' Positions / Reactions to the Hit and Run / The Dynamics of Staged Stone-Throwing Incidents..."


Do Jews Control the Media?  (06 October 2010)

"Amidst all the brouhaha over CNN's firing of Rick Sanchez for his remarks about Jews in the media, an important distinction is being missed..."


Time Magazine, Anti-Semitism and Israel  (12 September 2010)


"A quick quiz. Give yourself one point for each statement you think is true: Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want / Jews have too much power in the business world / Jews have too much power in international financial markets / Jewish business people are so shrewd that others do not have a fair chance to compete..."


Why Time Doesn't Care About Israel  (06 September 2010)


"As Israel launches a new round of peace talks with the Palestinians, media outlets are bending over backwards to find a new angle on the peace process. One of the most shocking comes from Time magazine, whose cover story 'Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace' suggests that Israelis no longer see peace as a priority because the economy is strong and the country has largely been free of terror inside the green line..."


The Left Wins... Rhetorically  (02 September 2010)


"Someone I met recently posed what I thought was an interesting question. Like me, he had read and admired the moving interview in last Sunday's Observer with the Israeli novelist David Grossman, whose son Uri was killed when his IDF tank was hit by a rocket in the final hours of the aborted war with Hezbollah in 2006..."


Lancet Editor 'Responds' to HR Critique  (26 August 2010)


"In July, HonestReporting took apart The Lancet medical journal's collection of articles supposedly examining the state of the Palestinian healthcare system. Our research into the background of a number of contributors to The Lancet's articles revealed some disturbing information and called into question the credibility of the content..."


Winners and Losers in the Game of Stupidity  (17 July 2010)


"Now that the World Cup is over, here's a little quiz to keep your competitive juices flowing until the next test or tournament comes along. Based on what they've just said in public, which of the following persons strikes you as the most stupid?..."


Israel Through European Eyes  (14 July 2010)


"Every few months, Israel is publicly pilloried in the international media and on university campuses around the world for some alleged violation of human rights, real or imagined..."


The Judge Who Thought He Was Defence Counsel  (14 July 2010)


"Some ten days ago I [see UK: Judge Takes Delegitimisation of Israel to New Depths below] about the acquittal in the UK of seven defendants who admitted to causing £187,000 of criminal damage at the EDO MBM armaments factory in January 2009, at the time of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The factory was exporting military equipment to Israel. Until today I did not have the 87 page transcript of Judge Bathurst-Norman’s summing-up in the case (Lewes Crown Court, 28/29 June 2010). Remember that these are his comments to the Jury, prior to their deliberation in the Jury room which acquitted all seven defendants..."


UK: Judge Takes Delegitimisation of Israel to New Depths  (03 July 2010)

"Q: Suppose there are seven people in England who break into a factory and cause £180,000 ($275,000) of damage. They admit their crime of criminal damage. What would be their sentence? A: It depends. Usually they would be sentenced up to 5 years in prison. But if the factory is making goods that help Israel to defend its citizens, the seven walk free..."


Middle East Studies Profs Usurp New Roles to Censure Israel over Gaza Flotilla  (13 June 2010)


"In the aftermath of the death of nine mercenaries on the deck of the Gaza-bound Turkish vessel, the Mavi Marmara, professors of Middle East studies lined up to denounce the Jewish state..."


Helen Thomas Retires, and Not a Moment Too Soon  (08 June 2010)


"Some prejudices are tolerated by elites in this country..."


The Liberal Betrayal of Israel  (30 May 2010)


"Over the last two weeks, a liberal scholar and pundit named Peter Beinart got a lot of attention by arguing that liberals could no longer be pro-Israel because the country and its people had moved too far to the right..."



Pilar Rahola, Spanish Politician, Journalist, and Activist  (30 December 2009)


"The international press does major damage when reporting on the question of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. On this topic they don't inform, they propagandize...


Four Left Wing Myths About Israel  (08 September 2009)


"Myth 1: Israel was created because Europe felt guilty about the Holocaust; Myth 2: European nations gave the Jews a land already inhabited by a people; Myth 3: The creation of Israel denied the national rights of the Palestinian people; Myth 4: Israel is an artificial entity and a racist state."


Science Pogrom Week  (04 March 2009)


"Yesterday, the Independent cranked up a front-page splash claiming that 400 academics were calling upon the Science Museum to cancel workshops being held this week promoting Israeli scientific achievements to schoolchildren..."


BMJ's Bad Medicine  (03 March 2009)


"HR does its own research following the BMJ's attack..."


Universities Aflame  (01 March 2009)


"March 1-8 marks the fifth annual hate-test known as Israel Apartheid Week. ... The university campuses have long been a front line for this propaganda war..."


British Medical Journal Attacks Honest Reporting  (25 February 2009)


"One of the most prominent weapons deployed by Israel's detractors is to accuse pro-Israel organizations and their supporters of being part of a shadowy and highly effective 'Israel lobby'. The charge of shutting down all criticism of Israel and destroying freedom of speech is usually deployed, however, precisely to delegitimise organizations such as HR and curtail their own right to respond to anti-Israel bias..."


LA Times: More Unverified "War Crimes"  (19 February 2009)


"Many allegations and accusations, including "war crimes", have been leveled at Israel as a result of its Gaza operation..."


Let's See the 'Criticism' of Israel for What it Really Is  (18 February 2009)


"I was once in Melbourne when bush fires were raging 20 or 30 miles north of the city. Even from that distance you could smell the burning. ... The very air was charred. It has been the same here these past couple of months with the fighting in Gaza. Only the air has been charred not with devastation but with hatred. [Not] the hatred of the warring parties for one another. [But] the hatred of Israel expressed in our streets, on our campuses, in our newspapers, on our radios and televisions, and now in our theatres..."


Daniel Pearl and the Normalization of Evil  (15 February 2009)


"When will our luminaries stop making excuses for terror?..."


Dishonest Reporting 'Award' 2008  (12 February 2009)


"Our eighth annual recognition of the most skewed and biased coverage of the Mideast conflict..."


The Gaza War in Review  (05 February 2009)


"A look back at some of the worst cases of anti-Israel media bias..."


War Crimes and the Failure of Truth  (12 January 2009)


"Israel will never kill as many innocent people as Europe has. So who are they to preach to us? ... If Hamas wins the propaganda war, it will be due to the free world's moral failure..."


What's Behind Western Condemnation of Israel's War Against Hamas?  (11 January 2009)


"With a unanimity that has become all too familiar, politicians, the media, NGOs, and church leaders across the globe took their cue to denounce Israel's legitimate act of self-defence against one of the world's most extreme terror organizations..."


Dissecting Dershowitz  (06 January 2009)


"Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz is that rare individual who is both a highly respected academic and well known to the general population. But in another regard he is even rarer. He regards himself as a man of the left, yet on one of the defining moral issues of our time, attitudes towards Israel, he has nothing in common with the left..."


FILM:  The Case For Israel: Democracy's Outpost  (2007)


"The time has come for a proactive defense of Israel to be offered in the court of public opinion ... We produced this documentary to present a vigorous case for Israel - for its basic right to exist, to protect its citizens from terrorism, and to defend its borders from hostile enemies ... Through incisive conversations with key judicial, political and academic leaders, [Alan] Dershowitz refutes deeply entrenched misperceptions about Israel's history, Jewish claims to a homeland, individual rights under Israel's democratic system of government, the security fence, and military conduct in the face of terrorist attacks..."


Terrorist Theater Tricks  (29 August 2006)


What are we seeing when we watch events from the Middle East on our television screens? Is it news or is it terrorist theater? Let us observe two media events which occurred on Sunday in Gaza..."


Gaza: BBC Covering for Palestinian Terrorists  (15 July 2006)


"In reporting on the Palestinian act of war that triggered the latest round of violence, the BBC originally reported, ... an Israeli soldier was 'captured' in Gaza. In fact, the Palestinians, in an act of war, attacked Israel and kidnapped the soldier in Israel. Here is the BBC's initial report..."


Clearing the Summer Rains  (11 July 2006)


As Israel operations in Gaza continue to occupy the international media, Palestinian PM and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, is somewhat surprisingly given op-ed space in the Washington Post to pin the blame for the current crisis solely on Israel..."


Distorted Imagery  (05 July 2006)


"Israel continues its operations in Gaza to bring about the safe return of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. This has prompted a great deal of reaction in the world's media, including cartoonists..."


Bias at the Beeb  (25 June 2006)


"The BBC enjoys a privileged position in our cultural life. It is paid for by a compulsory flat-rate tax on all television users. It enjoys a near monopoly over public service broadcasting. And yet it escapes rigorous scrutiny. ... And of all the issues which the BBC covers, few matter more than its approach to the politics of the middle east..."


Anti-Semitism is Everywhere in the Mass Media  (03 June 2006)


"Sometimes it is relatively subtle ... once it dawns on you how carefully anti-Semitism is inserted into the smallest details, you will realize that it is everywhere, and that it is there by design..."


Booms Over Gaza  (10 November 2005)


"The BBC and Guardian [newspaper] claim that IDF 'sonic booms' are responsible for Palestinian miscarriages in Gaza..."


The Reporting of Iraq and Israel: An Abuse of Media Power  (October 2004 / December 2004)


"A friend went into Blackwells university bookshop in Oxford and asked the counter clerk: 'Do you have a copy of Alan Dershowitz's The Case for Israel?'  'There is no case for Israel', the counter clerk replied..."


The Photo That Started It All  (20 October 2000 / Updated May 2002)


On September 30, 2000, The New York Times, Associated Press and other major media outlets published a photo of a young man - bloodied and battered - crouching beneath a club-wielding Israeli policeman. The caption identified him as a Palestinian victim of the recent riots - with the clear implication that the Israel soldier is the one who beat him..."



The Church, Denominations, Christian Organisations


Christian Aid Organisations Financing Anti-Semitism  (09 November 2015)


"A large number of Christian Aid organisations are providing significant finances and support to non-governmental organizations which exacerbate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ... Among the many Palestinian NGOs that are supported by Christian charities include Sabeel, Badil and Christ at the Checkpoint..."


The New Racists: Christians Who Hate Israel  (30 August 2015)


"Many Christians have transformed  themselves into deeply biased political activists, as much influenced by the anger of Marxist theory as by the teachings of the Gospels ... The modern period has seen this concern for social activism grow, especially amongst younger evangelicals..."


NGOs Trotting Out 'Classical Anti-Jewish Theologies' To Attack Israel During Christmas  (24 December 2013)


"Anti-Israel groups have turned Christmas into an annual opportunity to attack the Jewish state in particularly surreal terms, with some going so far as to roll out invective-filled Christmas carols and call for economic warfare against Israeli Jews, according to a detailed report issued yesterday ... It documents a range of groups - including Christian Aid (UK), Kairos Palestine, Sabeel, War on Want (UK), Amos Trust, and Adalah-NY - exploiting holiday and religious symbols to urge that Israel be economically and politically isolated..."


Where the Denominations Stand on Israel  (25 June 2013)


"It seemed it would be helpful to have some idea what the various denominations are saying and doing about Israel; who is involved in action against and who is praying for Israel ... The denominations are commented upon in alphabetical order, not ranked in order of merit or otherwise..."


Whose Side Is God On?  (12 April 2010)


"Today, one of the greatest seductions is that there could be world peace if only the Palestinians had a homeland. So this month, a new film was launched titled "With God On Our Side." It is aimed at changing the end-time views of evangelicals and the theology that says the Jews are God's chosen people and have a divine right to the land of Israel..."


Beware the New Axis of Evangelicals and Islamists  (04 March 2009)


"Last weekend the Revd Stephen Sizer, ... appeared at an anti-Israel meeting with an Islamist called Ismail Patel..."


Anglicans Have Betrayed The Jews  (19 August 2005)

"The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks, stated three years ago that: "Anti-Semitism exists ... whenever two contradictory factors appear in combination: the belief that Jews are so powerful that they are responsible for the evils of the world, and the knowledge that they are so powerless that they can be attacked with impunity. ... How prophetic these words have become..."


BDS in the Churches  (No Date)


"A large international network of Protestant and Catholic aid societies serve as funding agents for governments' humanitarian foreign aid programs. Some of these provide taxpayer money to a variety of highly politicized NGOs active in the Arab-Israeli conflict..."




Christian Aid


The New Racists: Christians Who Hate Israel  (30 August 2015)


"Under the influence of Christian Aid, a World Council of Churches affiliate with a marked socialist agenda, many churches in Britain are also engaged in BDS activities ... [Christian Aid] is supported by a government agency, the Department for International Development ... Outside the UK, Christian Aid supports Marxist and socialist political NGOs such as B'Tselem and Breaking the Silence, a stance that contradicts the organisation's stated aims of relieving poverty ... there is a new momentum within some Christian churches that presents a serious challenge to those denominations that are anti-Zionist. Where organisations such as Christian Aid seem more motivated by political considerations and adaptations of Marxist philosophy, these new supporters of Israel appear to be inspired by a love for the Bible and the rights it offers to Israel and its people, the Jews..."


Where the Denominations Stand on Israel  (25 June 2013)


"The official Baptist position on Israel is explained in its own publication, 'The Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel Information Pack'.  Even the title tells one clearly the stance that is being taken. The Baptist Union of Great Britain explains that t partners with Christian Aid and the World Council of Churches in formulating its position on Israel. The good news is that Britain's Baptists are actually a collection of independent churches, not under the control of BUGB. While the BUGB may seek to influence belief it does not exert control ... Perhaps we will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many Baptists make up their own minds by reading the Bible and are not against Israel ... Baptists for Israel is seeking to connect Baptists who are for Israel and support them."


Major UK Churches Adopt Christian Aid's Anti-Israel BDS Agenda  (23 November 2011)


"A survey of several major churches in the UK reveals that Christian Aid, an aid organization of the World Council of Churches (WCC) that propagates far-left anti-Israel views and supports groups that promote the BDS agenda, determines the actual Middle East policy line for these UK churches. Christian Aid works to influence public opinion and policy with a two-pronged approach of Israel-delegitimization and funding of far-left pro-Palestinian organizations. It also works with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine, a project of the WCC that recruits volunteers to participate in on-site propaganda tours, and then work as activists back home ... Pro-Palestinian positions are advanced while there is a complete absence of any representation of moderate Israeli viewpoints. Errors of omission are frequent. 'Israeli' statements generally appear as anonymous, unverifiable remarks allegedly made by Israelis who defame Israel and the IDF. Christian Aid's biased agenda is supported by WCC member churches. Although it is not clear that these in fact represent the majority views of church members, this is the policy view adhered to by the clerical elites. The volume of material condemning Israel's policies overwhelmingly dwarfs the few official statements supporting Israel's right to exist..."


Christian Aid's Anti-Israel Blunders  (05 February 2010)


"Christian Aid, one of the world's largest anti-poverty NGOs, chose 27 January, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, to issue a vicious attack on the Israeli president, Shimon Peres ... This vitriolic commentary was accompanied by photos juxtaposing images of what appear to be (presumably Jewish) victims of Nazi genocide with photos of dead Palestinians, to advance the abhorrent impression of a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany. Such ugly charges are typically levelled only in explicitly antisemitc and extremist publications. That such an odious essay would appear at all in the pages of a mainstream 'humanitarian' organisation's website is highly disturbing ... Christian Aid has a well-documented history of promoting a distorted narrative of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It's reports myopically focus on alleged Israeli 'violations' and seriously underplay the impact of Palestinian terrorism, as well as the threat posed by terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, who openly call for Israel's destruction..."


BDS in the Churches  (No Date)


"Unaffiliated Aid Societies:  Christian Aid (UK) - Assumes a highly biased and politicised approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Its publications systematically ignore Palestinian responsibility in the conflict and minimize Israel's right to self-defense. Christian Aid's partner organisations include some of the most radical NGOs operating in the region..."




In the Middle East:


YOUTUBE:  Next Time They Come, Punch Them, Turn Their Faces Into Tomatoes  (02 May 2014)

"Pioneers of Tomorrow Children's Show, Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas - Gaza)." 


Child Recites Poem on PA TV That Calls for 'War' Against Israelis  (01 May 2014)

"Official PA TV recently broadcast a young child reciting a poem that calls to join a 'war that will smash the oppression and destroy the Zionist's soul'. PMW has documented that at least three other children have been featured on PA TV reciting this same poem..."


VIDEO:  Egyptian Kiddie Show: 'Liberate Jerusalem From the Disgusting Jews'  (25 February 2011)


"Following are excerpts from the "Ammo Alaa" children's TV show, which aired on Nour Al-Khaleejiyah TV on December 29, 2010..."


What Arab Propagandists Don't Want You to Know About Gaza  (13 January 2009)


"The January 8 edition of The New York Times contained a provocative op-ed article by Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi entitled What You Don't Know About Gaza..."


Palestinians Caught in Another Libel?  (05 January 2011)


"On January 2, 2011, a number of mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, Reuters, AFP, and The Independent, reported on the death of a Palestinian woman, Jawaher Abu Rahma, 36, allegedly killed by inhaling tear gas during a protest against Israel’s security barrier near the West Bank village of Bil’in..."


Surpassing Shylock  (06 October 2008)


"Arab feminists, reformers and intellectuals are intimidated, threatened or killed in the Middle East. ... Americans of Muslim Arab origin, like myself, who speak out against jihad, terrorism and anti-Semitism, also confront threats and shaming from those who want to silence us..."


New 12th Grade Palestinian Schoolbooks Present a World Without Israel  (February 2007)


"At the end of 2006, the PA Ministry of Higher Education introduced new 12th grade schoolbooks, written by the Center for Developing the Palestinian Curricula. The center is comprised of Palestinian educators appointed by the Fatah governments of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, ... One of the most meaningful gauges of the ideology and aspirations of a people is the education of its youth. For this reason, the PA schoolbooks, introduced in the end of 2006 ... are a continuation of the tragic disappointment of the earlier books. Instead of seizing the opportunity to educate future generations to live with Israel in peace, the PA schoolbooks glorify terror and teach their children to hate Israel, vilify Israel's existence, and define the battle with Israel as an uncompromising religious war. Instead of working to minimize the current hate, the new PA curriculum is ingraining it into the next generation's consciousness, and packaging the war against Israel as existential, mandatory and religious. The new PA schoolbooks are guaranteeing that the next generation will grow up seeing Israel as an illegitimate enemy to be hated, fought, and destroyed, rather than as a neighbour to negotiate with and to ultimately live beside in peace."


The Palestinian Schoolbooks: Planting Seeds of the Next War  (24 December 2004)


"One of the most meaningful gauges of the integrity of a peace process and its likelihood for success is the degree to which the 'peace partners' educate towards peace. It is for this reason that the entire PA education apparatus, both formal and informal, has been such a dismal disappointment..."


Palestinian Children in Combat Support Roles  (17 October 2004)


"The PA has revealed that Palestinian children are actively aiding terrorists in Gaza. In a striking example of the way in which the new PA curriculum has indoctrinated children, the children have assumed the exact combat support roles they have been taught in the new PA schoolbooks..."









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