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"The LORD said unto Abram ... 'I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee ...
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
(Genesis 12:1-3)


"Thus saith the LORD God of Israel ... 'The LORD liveth ... which led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north country,
and from all countries whither I had driven them; and they shall dwell in their own land
(Jeremiah 23:2,8)


"Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" (Psalm 121:1-4)

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The Failure of the Mideast 'Peace Process'  (20 March 2014)

"David Cameron visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem last week, his first visit to the area after four years as British PM. ... For all his well-received remarks in the Knesset, where he declared his 'unbreakable' belief in Israel and 'rock solid' commitment to its security, Mr. Cameron's government is widely viewed there with suspicion. Last year, the U.K. played a key role in the EU's provocative decision to label goods made in the disputed territories, and even issued an explicit warning to British companies over the risk of doing business there..."


America Goes Into the Darkness  (07 November 2012)

"The greatest satisfaction today over the re-election of Obama is not being felt in the Democratic Party. It is not being felt among the media, who are no longer objective observers but have turned instead into corrupt partisans who ruthlessly censored the truth about Obama and helped peddle his demonising propaganda about his opponent. It is not being felt among the gloating, drooling decadents of the western left who now scent a great blood-letting of all who dare defy their secular inquisition. No, the greatest satisfaction is surely being felt in Iran..."


Why Does the Ailing West Aid Its Islamist Enemies?  (30 January 2012)

"Barely a week goes by without Western politicians or the media blaming 'Israeli intransigence' in general, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in particular, for blocking the Israel-Palestinian peace process. British PM David Cameron says time is running out for the two-state solution to the conflict because of 'facts on the ground' - code for the Israeli settlements. His deputy, Nick Clegg, went further, claiming the 'illegal' settlement-building amounted to 'an act of deliberate vandalism' that jeopardised a peaceful two-state solution..."


Cameron Drinks the Kool-Aid  (30 May 2011)

"The Times (£) says that David Cameron's decision to step down from being a patron of the Jewish National Fund shows the British government is becoming cool on Israel. You don't say. Any cooler and it would be frostbite territory..."


An Open Letter to the Rt Hon David Cameron MP  (05 May 2011)

"Dear Prime Minister, I was interested to read that, when you met Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week, you said: 'Britain is a good friend of Israel and our support for Israel and Israel's security is something I have described in the past, and will do so again, as unshakeable.' I wonder, therefore, if you make a habit of threatening your friends?...


If We Are Truly Israel's Friend, Then Now is the Time To Show It  (09 March 2011)

"His belief in Israel, David Cameron announced last week, is indestructible. This statement of bomb-proof support was made at the annual dinner of the Community Security trust, a group that tracks anti-semitism in Britain and provides security for organisations considered at risk of attack..."


With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?  (9 February 2011)


"With the Arab world convulsed by the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt and with the acute danger that such instability will result in the region lurching even further into Islamic theocratic tyranny, the British Foreign Secretary’s response is – to bash Israel..."


Clueless in Washington  (01 February 2011)


"Does the US fail to understand what will happen to its strategic interests in the region if the Muslim Brotherhood is the power behind the throne of the next regime? ... if the regime falls, the successor regime will not be a liberal democracy. Mubarak's military authoritarianism will be replaced by Islamic totalitarianism. The US's greatest Arab ally will become its greatest enemy. Israel's peace partner will again become its gravest foe. Understanding this, Israeli officials and commentators have been nearly unanimous in their negative responses to what is happening in Egypt..."


The Crime of Building a House  (10 January 2011)


"In Niger, two Frenchmen were murdered by their Islamic kidnappers. Saudi Arabia sentenced a 23 year old girl who was gang raped to a year in prison and 100 lashes. Iran arrested two dozen Christians for the crime of being well... Christians. Which of these awful things did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the EU's Red Baroness Ashton forcefully condemn? The answer is none of them..."


Who's Afraid of Israeli Democracy?  (28 December 2010)


"Haven't you heard, Israeli democracy is in danger. That's the latest media talking point on Israel. And where is the threat to Israeli democracy coming from? From its democracy. Confused? That's probably because you think that the word 'democracy' has something to do with the popular vote and the right of every person, irrespective of their religion, country of origin or accent to vote for the party of their choice. As misguided as the vote may be. When it actually means the right of media pundits, academics and elitist judges to dictate how the country is run based on the values of a entitled upper class scrambling to hold on to power..."


The Europeans Move in For the Kill  (14 December 2010)


"The Telegraph reports: Europe’s foreign ministers have threatened to recognise an independent Palestinian state to punish Israeli refusal to halt ‘illegal’ Jewish settlements. A text, seen by The Daily Telegraph, warned of EU ‘readiness, when appropriate, to recognize a Palestinian state’ increasing the international pressure on Israel following the effective collapse of direct Middle East peace talks last week. ‘There is growing frustration with Israel after its refusal to commit to a new settlements freeze and patience is running out,’ said a European diplomat. So let’s get our heads round this..."


The Deadly Price of Pursuing Peace  (January 2010)


"When the Oslo process began in 1993, one benefit its adherents promised was a significant improvement in Israel’s international standing. And initially, it seemed as if that promise would be kept: 37 countries soon established or renewed diplomatic relations with Israel; a peace treaty was signed with Jordan; five other Arab states opened lower-level relations. But 16 years later, it is clear that this initial boost was illusory..."


Obama's Jerusalem Apartheid  (17 November 2010)


"When Obama attacked Israel for building housing on Jewish owned land in Jerusalem, he was doing more than just pandering to his Muslim hosts with an obligatory dose of Israel bashing. He was diving once again into the ugly pool of bigotry,..."


Why Palestinians?  (13 November 2010)


"President Obama slammed Israel on Tuesday for announcing plans to build one thousand Jewish homes in East Jerusalem. This sparked a quick reminder from the office of Israeli prime Minister Netanyahu that 'Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is the capital of the state of Israel'..."


Why These Talks Are Doomed  (3 September 2010)


"Hamas sent a greeting card to the quintet of leaders meeting in Washington, D.C., this week to initiate negotiations about a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In a well-planned ambush, they killed four Israeli civilians near the city of Hebron, two men and two women (one nine months pregnant), creating seven orphans. ... In Gaza that evening, 3,000 celebrants clogged the streets, waving flags, setting bonfires, passing out candy, and carrying their children on their shoulders..."


Pointless Talks  (24 August 2010)


"'Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.' Never has George Santayana's oft-quoted warning had greater significance than when it comes to Middle East 'peace talks', including the latest round scheduled to begin Sept. 2 in Washington, D.C. In constantly pressuring Israel to go far beyond the multiple and unreciprocated concessions it has already made, the United States ensures repetition of past mistakes, which will produce the same outcome. Some history and the results for those who would learn:.."


Weep for Britain: 1940 This is Not  (27 July 2010)


"When David Cameron became Britain’s Prime Minister, I warned that he would turn out to be even worse than Labour on the related issues of Israel and the global threat from Islamism to Britain and the west. This was because Cameron had no knowledge of or interest in foreign affairs, and so was always likely merely to reflect the most politically expedient views he encountered – which, given the current poisonous attitude within the British establishment and intelligentsia, were likely to push him into appeasing Britain’s mortal enemies in the Islamic world and dumping on Israel, Britain’s strategic ally in that great struggle. But even I did not foresee just how cynical Cameron would turn out to be -- and how dangerous therefore to the British national interest..."


The Plain Truth About Israel  (8 June 2010)


"Next time somebody asks you to rethink the American-Israel relationship, have them consider this..."


Rabbis to US Ambassador: Time to 'Go Biblical' With Arabs  (30 December 2009)


"A delegation of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) met with U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Mr. James Cunningham, today and called for a reassessment of the entire U.S. policy vis-à-vis the Israelis and Palestinians. The rabbis told Ambassador Cunningham that it was time to try the Biblical approach to the dispute over the Land of Israel..."


That Surreal Gaza Reconstruction Conference  (3 March 2009)


"Was I the only one rubbing my eyes in disbelief yesterday, as the Egyptian government hosted an 'International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza?..."


The Fifth Columnist in the White House  (20 February 2009)


"In the past four weeks, every single one of Obama's foreign policy initiatives has appeased and strengthened the enemies of both Israel and the West, whose fates are umbilically linked..."


Put Hamas, Not Israel on Trial  (15 February 2009)


"There are efforts now underway to try to bring Israel before the International Criminal Court in the Hague on charges of alleged war crimes..."


History's Tragic Farce  (23 January 2009)


"It is a fundamental truth that while history always repeats itself, it almost never repeats itself precisely. ... US President Barak Obama's reported intention of appointing former Senator George Mitchell to serve as his envoy for the so-called Palestinian-Israeli peace process will provide us with a spectacle of an unvarnished repeat of history..."








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