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Terrible Acts:
Is the UK Okay, or Could Judgment be Imminent?

By Dusty Peterson, 2010

[Important Note: I believe the general thrust of this talk to be true of the USA too.] 

Updated and refined version of a talk given in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, on Friday the 12th of February 2010




I’m very glad to be here tonight, and grateful for the opportunity to share (just informally) some thoughts I believe are on God’s heart. 

I’d like to start by putting minds here at rest about something that may have been troubling many of you for a long time.  From a spiritual perspective (and that’s the one that matters most), I don’t believe the Aberfan disaster[1] [which took place just four miles from where I gave this talk and which took the lives of many children when, back in 1966, a 'colliery spoil heap collapsed into homes and a school'] had anything to do with the depositing of mining debris in a particular location on Merthyr Mountain.  I struggle to believe my God is really in the business of killing 116 children just to teach us to be more careful where we site slag heaps.[2]  Instead, I am convinced God allowed this tragedy because the Abortion Act was making strong progress through parliament at that very time.  I believe God was warning us and effectively saying, “If you, as a country, are going to legalise the murder, for convenience, of my children (after all, every unborn baby belongs to God[3]), then I am going to take your children away from you”.  (Sure enough, many parents in the UK can subsequently be said to have “lost” their children, whether it be to drugs, or alcohol, or gangs of glue-sniffing feral youths, or computer games, or crime, or suicide, or autism, or whatever. A further confirmation of this derives from the fact that the UK has an appalling rate of stillbirths compared to other Western countries, and that at least 1,200 of Britain's stillbirths each year are a total medical mystery.) 

God doesn’t force us to believe the truth though.  If we are determined to ignore what is staring us in the face, He will provide straws we can clutch at so as to give ourselves an alternative explanation for things.  Thus, Britain as a whole was able to explain away the Aberfan tragedy as a judgment on the unfortunate choice of location for a slag heap.  This enabled the people of the UK to ignore God, and to ignore their consciences too.  Of course, the people in the Merthyr region bore the terrible brunt of this response.  And I bitterly regret that.




Whatever one’s personal take on eschatology (the study of the end-times), and how close we are to the return of Christ, and what will happen to the world (and to the true Church) in the intervening time, there’s something no Christian who knows the Bible, and who is aware of God’s utter purity, holiness, justice and righteousness, and who is watching the moral decline of the UK, can sensibly deny – and that is that the UK deserves God’s judgment.


Here is a quick illustration of God’s holiness.  When, in Joshua 6-7, a man called Achan kept just two items of accursed spoil from Jericho, God’s anger was kindled against the entire nation of Israel.   For God’s fierce anger to be turned away, Israel didn’t just have to stone Achan to death, but all his sons and daughters, his animals, and everything else he had too.  And then the rest of Israel had to burn all of the dead bodies.  And pile stones on their remains!


Since God's standards are so high that He killed 70,000 of His own people purely because King David had a crisis of confidence and numbered Israel (2 Sam. 24:15), and since God is so utterly holy that He killed over 50,000 of His own people purely for looking inside the Ark (1 Sam. 6:19), then the UK is surely in line for something pretty bad.  And this is a big clue to what I reckon the Lord wants me to speak about today.  I’d like to start by reminding us of some past judgments the UK has suffered…





We’ve already mentioned the way God judged the willingness of the UK to legalise abortion.  I was born the same year Aberfan happened, so I don’t remember the events contemporaneously, and some others here are too young to recall that day either.  I’m therefore going to come a bit more up-to-date and take a brief look at some of the judgments this country has suffered in the last 25 years or so.

Consider 1984:


In that year, David Jenkins was made Bishop of Durham, even though he had publicly questioned the virgin birth and the resurrection (both truths which are central to the Gospel).   Jenkins' 'consecration' took place in York Minster - a building which, according to the Times, had "many lightning conductors on its pinnacles, towers, gables and transepts ... that were tested regularly".  Just three days after the 'consecration', and despite the weather patterns at the time making it extremely bizarre, York Minster was struck by lightning and ended up suffering terrible damage.  (Around £2.5 million had to be spent on repairs.)

1987 was a shocking year. Who here can recall any of the big incidents of that year?:


The Zeebrugge ferry disaster happened on the 6th of March, and 193 people died when a ferry capsized and sank as it left Belgium for the UK.  You may ask why I believe this was a judgment from God, given that less than 200 people died in a very localised event.  Well, in Luke 13:4 the Lord Jesus referred to the falling of the Tower in Siloam.  This was an extremely localised event that killed just 18 people, yet the Lord said it was a judgment on the whole nation rather than just on the people involved.  (Also, Zeebrugge happened exactly 35 years to the day after the Harrow Rail tragedy, where 112 people died and 340 were injured in the UK’s worst peacetime rail crash.)


The ‘Great Storm of 1987’ occurred on the night of 15th/16th October, and hit much of southern England and northern France.  It was the worst storm to hit England for nearly three hundred years and was responsible for quite a few deaths.  Fifteen million trees were torn down too.  The storm had an air pressure equal to that of a Category 3 hurricane.


Note that both Zeebrugge and the Great Storm ‘connected’ the UK to mainland Europe in a sense.  And I believe this is the clue to their cause.  You see, “The Single European Act had been signed by the UK [just] the previous year, and [it] entered into force on 1 July 1987.”  This Act was a major step towards the creation of the European Union, and involved us giving up various God-given privileges and freedoms, and the selling out of this (previously blessed) country to a supra-national body, in direct defiance of Acts 17:26-27.


Then there was King's Cross:


The King's Cross fire was an appalling underground fire in London which broke out in November of 1987.  It killed 31 people (more than any single fire in London did during the whole of WW2!).  Tellingly, the firemen who had to deal with it labelled it 'Dantes Inferno'.  Why did it happen?  This is just a guess, but I reckon the King of kings was cross at the way we had ignored the previous two judgments, and so this fire happened at “King’s Cross”.


Let's move on to 1992:


The Maastricht Treaty was signed that year, giving yet more powers to Brussels and permanently transferring away yet more of our God-ordained sovereignty.  Just a few months later, the UK suffered “Black Wednesday”, where we lost well over 3 billion pounds (which was a tidy sum back then) and were humiliatingly forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.[4]


How about Windsor Castle?:


On November 11th of that same year, the Church of England (CofE) voted to allow women to become CofE ‘priests’.  The Queen is the head of the CofE and, just nine days after the vote, her beloved Windsor Castle went up in flames.  The castle suffered severe damage and saw the destruction of some of the most historic parts of the building.  Even more tellingly, the fire began in The Queen's Private Chapel.  In the end, over 100 rooms were involved in the fire, and 50 million pounds needed to be spent to repair all the damage.  (Of course, the fire may well have been a judgment on the forty years – exactly – that the Queen had been the head of the CofE by 1992 (the number 40 being biblically significant) and the unspeakable spiritual state she had allowed it to get into during those decades.)


Coming more up-to-date:


On 10th May 2002, a bad railway accident occurred when a train derailed at high speed, killing seven and seriously injuring another eleven (a further 70 suffering lesser injuries).  Why do I think this was a judgment?  Well, the first of the witchcraft-promoting Harry Potter films was released on DVD in the UK that very day.  Consider too that trains and railway stations play a non-trivial part in that film.  Consider further that the train which takes Harry Potter to the school of witchcraft is accessed from the station structure rather than from a normal platform, and that the real-life crash, where the train ended up wedged between the platform and the station roof, made it look like the train was trying to depart from a ‘ghost’ platform accessed from the station structure. [Eight years on, investigators admit it is still a mystery why the apparent problems with the track would cause the train to end up where it did.  Although the event was caught on CCTV, a cloud enveloped the train - reminding one of passages like Exod. 13:21a; 16:10b; 19:9a; and 24:16.]  But now combine these things with the fact that the name of the train station in question was “POTTER’s Bar”…


(Anyone who feels that this, or any of the other judgments I mention today, could just be a coincidence needs to bear in mind that God is Almighty and isn’t  arbitrary and therefore that He must have allowed these things to happen and hence must have had a reason for doing so.)


Then in 2004:


A flash flood caused extensive damage to the village of Boscastle.  Why do I think this was a judgment from God?  According to the Environment Agency, and I quote, “The devastating flash flood in Boscastle was among the most extreme EVER recorded in Britain”.  And, quite apart from the fact that it happened 52 years to the day after the flood which devastated Lynmouth in the neighbouring county, killing 34 people, Boscastle was home to a witchcraft museum.  (As the proprietor himself said when he inspected the museum, and these are his exact words, “every display case had been picked up and hurled against the wall.”  The damage was so immense that even the witchcraft-promoting staff have had to admit that the museum was “severely affected”.)





I think the UK has a big judgment coming.  Why?  Well, I’m certainly not an expert on this, but, in the last 25 years, I understand we’ve already suffered most if not all of the other judgments God brings on a backslidden nation, and we’ve roundly ignored every single one of them.  Let’s just review some of the types of judgment we’ve received:


We've had Fire:


As well as the King’s Cross, York Minster, and Windsor Castle fires, let’s remember the fire in the Piper Alpha oilrig disaster of 1988, where 167 men were killed.  The total insured loss was about £1.7 billion.  “To date it is the world's worst offshore oil disaster in terms … of lives lost”.[5]  Interestingly, this disaster took place the very day after the CofE announced that it would “allow women priests in its churches from 1992”.


Recall too the Buncefield fire, which was an inferno in Hertfordshire in 2005.  Buncefield was one of the very largest oil-products storage depots in the entirety of the UK.  The fire eventually overwhelmed 20 large storage tanks and became the biggest fire in the whole of Europe since WW2.  The event measured 2.4 on the Richter scale.  (You can view some footage of it on YouTube.)  I remember seeing amazing newspaper photos of it at the time, showing a truly apocalyptic scene with a vast black cloud hanging over the north of London.  It’s true no-one died in that particular incident (although scores were injured), but remember we’ve also had the Bradford football Stadium fire which killed 56.[6]


We've also had "man-made" disasters rather than ones where nature was the agent:


In the category of “man-made” disasters, we’ve already mentioned Zeebrugge and Potter’s Bar.  But in 2001 there was the very nasty Selby rail accident.  In 1999 we had the Ladbroke Grove rail crash, with 31 killed and 400 injured.  And in 1988 we had Clapham Junction, where 35 were killed and over 100 injured.  Most of us will also remember names like ‘Southall’ and ‘Hatfield’ in connection with horrible train crashes in recent years.  We’ve also had Lockerbie, and we’ve had the Manchester air disaster (1985) which caused the deaths of 55.  In 1994 we had the Chinook helicopter crash, killing 29 crew and passengers, including several top intelligence officials.[7]  Then there was the Hillsborough disaster (in 1989), killing 96 people.  One could sadly go on.[8]


We've had floods:

If memory serves, the UK has suffered serious flooding every single year since 2000, apparently affecting almost every part of the country.  The floods of 2000 occurred during the wettest autumn in England & Wales since records began in 1766.  Just under 10,000 properties were flooded, at over 700 locations, in that event.  If you type “floods of 200” [sic] into Google, you get the Boscastle flood of 2004, and then you are offered whole sets of webpages about the floods of: 2005, ’06, ’07, ’08, and ’09.  Each of these floods was so notable that it warranted its own Google category.  God is surely trying to say something.  And, if localised events don’t impress you, bear in mind that the total flooding in the last decade has been far from ‘localised’.[9] 

(That’s not to suggest God wasn’t saying anything via the locality of certain floods.  In the 2007 floods, Gloucestershire was the worst affected county.  As you may well know, J.K. Rowling was born in Gloucestershire and lived her early childhood there.  Let’s also recall that Gloucester Cathedral allowed scenes for the first, second and sixth Harry Potter movies to be filmed there.  Finally, consider that the deluge occurred on the very day the ‘last’ Harry Potter book came out.)

We've also had storms:


At the time it happened, the 1987 storm we discussed earlier was declared a ‘rare event’, expected to happen only once every several hundred years.  However, “the Burns' Day storm hit the UK in January 1990, less than three years later and with comparable intensity”.  It was this latter storm that left the town of Sevenoaks with just one oak.


We've even had earthquakes:


Since 1999 the UK has had fourteen notable earthquakes, including: the 2002 Dudley earthquake, felt over an area greater than 100,000 square miles; the 2004 Kent earthquake which was even felt on the continent; and the 2008 Lincolnshire earthquake, which measured 5.2 on the Richter Scale and resulted in structural damage to many homes and businesses in the epicentral area.


We've had major economic recessions:


(I hardly think I need to say any more on that topic at this moment in history!)


We've even had pestilence:


In the last couple of decades, we’ve had: Foot and Mouth disease, Dutch Elm Disease, Mad Cow disease, an invasion by the Colorado potato beetle, a colossal rise in sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, herpes and Chlamydia, and we now have ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ among bees (causing a decline in some regions of over 50% and threatening many food crops).  And that’s just off the top of my head.


We've also had confusion:


This can be seen almost everywhere in one form or another, but nowhere more clearly than in the jaw-dropping dementia rates among our senior citizens.


The final judgment Israel suffered before God sent the people into exile was that their nation was taken over by what the Bible calls “Babylon”, and which we are today to see as meaning any pagan religion.  I would argue that the UK has already reached that point.  Virtually all our judges, councillors, MPs and ministers today seem to be servants of (and are often actual members of) the pagan religion of freemasonry, or the pagan religion of Romanism, or the pagan religion of the New Age movement, and so on – and they have allowed our nation to be flooded by followers of pagan religions like Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.  Consider the following brief illustration of what I mean.  The man in charge of the BBC’s supposedly-Christian TV programme Songs of Praise is a Sikh.  The man running religious output as a whole at the BBC is a Muslim.  And the man at the top of the BBC is a Romanist.  (Just think too about the size of the Muslim population of this country.  Indeed, just consider those who have come from Pakistan alone.  They now number well over a MILLION people in this small island.)





Who here would like to offer a reason why the UK might well be in for a big judgment soon?  [I’ve collected an array of reasons below and written them down in no particular order.]


1 – We have ignored all the other judgments.  We have apparently left God little choice. 

2 – Having been so close to God in the past, we have fallen away a much greater distance than any other nation.  We have forgotten the God who has blessed us and protected us so very often and for so long.  (For details, and for background on certain other aspects of this talk, I recommend David E. Gardner’s excellent book, The Trumpet Sounds for Britain.[10])  The UK has had more spiritual light, and for more of its history, than any other nation on earth.  This is a big problem, because the Bible says, “unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required” (Luke 12:48b).  Yet, a fairly recent Gallup poll voted the UK the second most godless nation on earth, second only to Japan.  The Bible says “all the nations that forget God” shall be “turned into hell” (Psa. 9:17).  The UK must be at the top of the list today…


3 – We virtually have abortion on request.  In 2004, in England and Wales alone, guess how many abortions took place.  Over 180,000.[11]  Since then, with the introduction of the “Morning After” pill, who knows the true figure?!  Indeed, we are now deliberately creating foetuses to exploit and then destroy.  I can’t bear to think what God feels about this whole situation.


4 – This nation now routinely calls good evil and evil good.  Witness Haiti.  British institutions described the recent devastating earthquake there as “cruel”, as if God is unjust, whereas the Haitians who quickly started shooting and killing their fellow citizens for resources were supposedly justified in doing this.   Voodoo, which was made an official state religion in Haiti just a few years ago and, to my mind, was the main reason for the earthquake, is, we are told, valid or at least harmless.  And Christians trying to rescue starving children whose parents are desperate for them to have a better life overseas are supposedly ‘evil’.  But God says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isa. 5:20a).  And when God says “woe”, it is an extraordinarily grave matter.


5 – The whole moral condition of the UK is a mess.  Let me give you some statistics:


"Every single day in Britain 20 schoolgirls become pregnant, 2 under the age of 13. 17 women are raped. 65 percent of videos for sale or hire deal with occult, sex or violence. 520 couples are divorced every day. [Every single day] 75 children are added to child protection registers in England alone. [Additionally,]… 1-2 children under 5 die each week following neglect or abuse. Every day: 90 children are taken into Local Authority Care. 280 children run away from home or care. 150 people are found guilty by a court for drug offences. One new crime is committed every 6 seconds. There are 2 burglaries and 3 car crimes every 60 seconds. A violent attack takes place every 2 minutes. Somebody calls the Samaritans every 2 minutes. The United Kingdom has the highest number in prison per head of population of any other EU country. One in three under 14 admit to regular sexual intercourse. … Crime costs British businesses more than £5 billion per year; there are … more than 80,000 registered witches and fortune tellers.”  Appalling.  But when I tell you that these statistics actually date back thirteen years to 1997, and that most of them are undoubtedly markedly worse today, you can see we are in trouble…


Exactly what has happened in the years since 1997?  Well, we now allow adults to commit homosexual acts with 16 year olds; we have children being adopted by same-sex couples, even if the children have relatives who are capable of raising them and want to do so; we have homosexual ‘marriage’; we have incredibly violent and evil computer games; we have growing cultures of nudity, sexual degradation, and euthanasia; we have widespread binge-drinking and a drugs epidemic, not to mention anti-social behaviour (including frequent knifings), hardcore pornography on every high street, the sexualising of children, a terrible growth in paedophilia, etc.  (Of course, since 1997 we’ve also produced the unfeasibly blasphemous show Jerry Springer the Opera.  The Bible says, God is not mocked.  He shall judge such things.)


6 – We are clinging to Europe in place of God.  If God was angered by the Single European Act, and by Maastricht, just imagine how enraged He is at the Lisbon Treaty which came into force at the start of December.


7 – I believe our attitude towards Israel is offensive to God.  (This is a thorny area, beyond the scope of this talk, so I don’t want to say too much on it right now.  But if you accept the mainstream media position on Israel, or believe their position to be pro-Israel, I urge you to read this article of mine.  I will leave you with a few thoughts to mull over.  The Ottoman Empire opposed the creation of the modern State of Israel and is no more.  The British opposed it too, and our Empire is no more.   After the war, the stupendously popular Winston Churchill lost a general election by a landslide after he abused the Jews who were trying to return to the Holy Land after suffering the holocaust.  Margaret Thatcher was out of office within a fortnight of meeting the PLO’s Yasser Arafat.  And William Koenig has compiled an entire book (entitled, Eye to Eye) listing truly appalling natural disasters, each of which has hit America within 24 hours of any public act by the American government to undermine Israel.  If you are interested, I have written an article comparing the current restoration of Israel with that prophesied in the Bible.[12])


8 – The UK has replaced the true God with all sorts of other gods, whether it be television, or football, or cars, or music, or golf, or fishing, or a hundred other things we now serve instead of our Creator.


9 – We have allowed our schools to become mind-bendingly anti-God.  Our children are being taught mysticism, humanism, and perverse sexual mores & practices.  They are taught evolution as fact rather than theory, and are not presented with any other option.  They are being required to perform heathen activities, read disgraceful books, and even experiment with witchcraft.


10 – Now that the UK’s spiritual foundations have been eaten away so comprehensively, our government is able to get away with introducing breathtaking legislation against the genuine Christians who remain.  This means, for instance, that street evangelists are routinely arrested just for proclaiming the pure gospel; university Christian unions are being suspended, and their bank accounts frozen, for refusing to open their memberships to people of all religions; and Christians are losing their jobs for expressing their sincere, totally biblical, views when asked for them in private conversations.


The number of job categories that remain open to true Christians is shrinking all the time.  For example, God-fearing Christians can no longer run a hotel, as they are not permitted to deny rooms to homosexual couples.  It is increasingly hard to be a marriage registrar, as it is becoming unacceptable to refuse to ‘marry’ homosexuals.  One cannot work for an adoption agency, as staff are not permitted to refuse to place children with same-sex couples.  (Similarly, magistrates are being banned from raising the same objection.)  Marriage counsellors are being told they cannot refuse to give sexual advice to homosexual couples.  Today, Christians can’t even counsel homeless people suffering with medically-incurable diseases, in case we inadvertently mention God at any point to these desperate souls.  (It seems that just about any job, especially in the public sector, is now closed to God-fearing Christians, including the areas of nursing, policing, and teaching.[13])

11 – The pivotal reason why this nation is now ripe for a terrible judgment is the heart-stopping amount of falsehood and apostasy and hypocrisy and compromise and general disobedience to Holy Writ that UK Christians have allowed into our churches.  (See Jer. 23:14.)  I believe it is this that is the issue which has done the most to allow all the other problems we have discussed.  What’s worse, this backsliding has been going on for a very long time.  And we have shut our ears to every single one of God’s judgments from the last forty-plus years.  All told, I’m afraid it is now too late to repent as a Church and save this nation.


To conclude, Britain’s sins truly reach to heaven.  I’d encourage you to ask yourself, on a scale of one to ten, just how angry God must be with the UK, and the degree of judgment we can therefore expect.


God has been extremely patient with us.  But I fear the Lord is now saying to the UK, as He did to Israel in Jeremiah 15: “Thou hast forsaken Me, saith the LORD, thou art gone backward: therefore will I stretch out My hand against thee, and destroy thee; I am weary with repenting.”





I tend to agree with other folks who have studied this subject that we are probably in for “something along the lines of Deuteronomy 28:15-55”.  I urge you to read that passage.


As to the timescale, I believe the preliminary stages of the judgment may well have already begun.  I strongly suspect the whole “subprime” tsunami, which hit the City of London like an earthquake (London being the centre, or catalyst, for Britain's depravity in almost every area), and whose impact is spreading far and wide over time, not unlike a major physical earthquake does, is the start of it all.  I believe we may well be watching the judgment play out before our eyes, like a slow-motion train-wreck.  If this is correct, then it is too late to stop it, just as it would be impossible for us to stop a real train wreck that was already in progress.  My guess is that the relatively slow pace of this judgment is due to God being merciful towards His People and giving us a chance to grasp what is happening and take refuge (i.e. to take the necessary practical steps, as directed by the Lord, to minimise its ill effects on us) before the full extent of the judgment hits (Prov. 22:3; 27:12). 

The UK economy is in a fragile state, and has eye-watering levels of government (and personal) debt.  Thus, any significant event, such as Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear program and causing the price of oil to rocket – and causing general anxiety on the international markets – could easily push the UK over the edge into the sort of economic catastrophe being indicated by the Deuteronomy passage.  Given the terrible fracturing of British society, such an economic disaster would in turn lead to social disaster of the type also described in the passage.




What should we do in the face of impending judgment?  The primary thing a believer needs to do is to make sure they are right with God.  To do this, we need to make sure we have a right view of Him.  We need to remember that God is “a mighty God and terrible” (Deu. 7:21), and that He hates sin so much that He intended to put His own servant Moses to death merely for failing to circumcise his son (Exo. 4:24-26).  Most Christians in the UK urgently need to get a correct idea of God.  The Bible says, “with God is terrible majesty” (Job 37:22) and that we should have such a fear of Him that we actually tremble at His presence (Jer. 5:22; Psa. 99:1).  We also need to get a proper working knowledge of the Bible.  If we will remember such truths, they will help us to repent properly of our past sins and enable us to obey His Word.  They will also help us to determine His will for us, and help us to stay in the centre of that will.


It is also crucial not to rely on one’s own brain and resources to be one’s deliverer in the days to come, but instead to rely on the Lord.   It is He who is our refuge.  Nevertheless, I do believe it may be God’s will for at least some of His people to exit the UK before He rains the rest of His judgment down.  I realise this is a controversial piece of advice, so let me explain it…




If a juggernaut is being driven at speed in your direction by an enraged driver, you’re going to take evasive action – unless the Lord tells you not to.  It’s not a lack of faith to get out of the way.  It’s not unbiblical.  There is enough trouble in this life already for the Christian, without us asking for it.  Gently trying the door marked “exit the UK” is an entirely logical response to the warnings God has given us.  But even if I were completely wrong about terrible judgment coming on the UK, there are still sound reasons to seek the Lord about getting out of Broken Britain.  Here are three of them: 

Firstly, the Lord sometimes told His servants (including Abraham, Moses, the whole nation of Israel, and even Mary and Joseph) to move countries at times, so it is not necessarily unscriptural to do so, especially in these turbulent times.  And God has given many confirmations, of all sorts of different types, to sound Christians I know, that He wants them to leave the UK.


Secondly, I don’t think any true Christian wants to legitimise the UK in the state it’s now descended into, yet that is potentially the result of staying here.  A missionary from another country doesn’t legitimise their new home by their presence, whereas we British-born folks could very well appear to be lending credibility to this godless place if we remain here much longer.


Finally, the true agenda of the godless powers-that-be is plain from the rapidly increasing persecution of Christians in Britain.  For a combination of reasons, some of which I have listed below, I honestly cannot see how it will be practically possible for Christians to live and operate in the UK for much longer.  Britain is now a surveillance society and a police state.  The power and extent of the various technologies being ranged against us is awesome.  When we add in complications like the cold winter weather here and the way the UK public are being encouraged to ‘rat’ on anyone who doesn’t fit with the agenda of the anti-Christian forces that have taken over this country, it becomes clear that believers stand little chance of being able to live and evangelise here in the future.  (I’m prepared to be herded up and carted off to a concentration camp[14] – which will probably be replete with other Christians anyway – if God shows me that this is His will, but if He doesn’t then I am rather less happy to.)





A common response to any suggestion that Christians should seek the Lord about leaving the country is that we should all stay put in order to be a witness to the unbelievers.  But why can we not witness to the populace of our adopted countries?  (Indeed, is it not possible that they are more deserving of the Gospel than the UK populace, having hardened its heart so often against God?)  Remember too that, in Jonah’s day, and in Moses’, and in Jeremiah’s, God only needed one or two witnesses for the entire population.


If God is calling you to stay, then you must obviously stay, but I entreat you to bear in mind that God may only be calling you to stay temporarily while other members of His body prepare a place overseas for you to move to at a later date.




If you’d like further details, or more evidence, on any of the things I’ve said today. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.


[Important Note: I believe the general thrust of this talk is true of the USA too.]


I’d just like to finish with a short, but apt, passage of Scripture.  In Psalm 145, the psalmist says of God, “men shall speak of the might of Thy terrible acts: and I will declare Thy greatness. I will speak of the glorious honour of Thy majesty, and of Thy wondrous works”.  Britain is committing terrible acts on a daily basis, and I reckon it can only be a matter of time before God produces a terrible act of His own in this country, and one so mighty that the whole world will shudder at it.


Thank you very much for your time.  Are there any questions at all?




[1] Even people who believe the Aberfan disaster was a warning from God about the Abortion Act may wonder why the Lord chose to make Wales in general, and Aberfan in particular, the region in which to give that warning. The following is a suggested explanation. The name of the man responsible for introducing the Bill was David Steel. He is Celtic, and so is Wales, His first name, David, is the most quintessential Welsh name, and the flag of Wales is that of 'Saint David'. But what of David Steel's surname? The largest STEELworks in the entire UK is located in this part of South Wales. (At the time of the disaster, it was also Europe's largest steelworks.) One of the two principle ingredients in making steel is coal, and the area around Aberfan is very rich in coal. (And it was coal, or at least the debris from coal extraction, which killed the children when it slid in enormous quantities onto their school grounds.) The other main ingredient for making steel is iron, and "ironmaking in this part of South Wales dates back to the 13th century". (Indeed, there was a time when Merthyr, where I gave my talk, was the WORLD's number one "Iron and Steel town".)

[2] Not forgetting the 28 adults who also perished.

[3] Detailed biblical support for this statement is provided in the Letter to Dr. John Mackay available from the Better Than Rubies section of the website.

[4] In total, the UK actually spent over £6bn trying to keep the currency within the ERM limits.

[5] In 1996 there was a massive fire in the Channel Tunnel, suggesting again that God is unhappy with the nature of our links to mainland Europe.  (The Channel Tunnel was designed so that it would only suffer one fire every thousand years.  It has now had three in the space of just twelve years.)  1996 also saw the enormous oil spill in Wales from the ‘Sea Empress’ tanker.  (It also saw the Dunblane massacre, the true background to which is being kept secret by the UK establishment for 100 years until 2096.)

[6] In December 1984, Bradford appointed Muhammed Ajeeb as Britain's first Muslim Lord Mayor [].  He was due to start his mayorship on May 21st the following year.  Eight days before his mayorship began (i.e. after God had given Bradford plenty of time to oppose the situation) the terrible Bradford fire took place.

[7] To add insult to injury, YouTube carries a video of the following year’s crash of an RAF Nimrod at a Canadian airshow which killed all seven crew.

[8] Just in 1989 alone, alongside Hillsborough, we had: (a) the Marchioness disaster where 51 people, many in their 20s, drowned.  (Intriguingly, this tragedy took place near the frighteningly liberal Southwark Cathedral); (b) the fatal Purley rail crash; (c) the Kegworth air disaster where 47 died and 74 sustained serious injuries; and (d) a multitude of murderous IRA attacks, including the one in Kent where 11 soldiers died.

[9] Almost none of the remaining judgments listed in this section were localised either.

[10] This book was originally written in three volumes, all of which are relevant and recommended, but the whole book is now available in a single volume.

[11] This figure doesn’t include the abortion-causing effect of IUDs, which have long been in widespread use in Britain.

[12] See the article entitled The Restoration of Israel in the Better Than Rubies section of the website.  For lots more articles supporting my contention that God is offended by Britain’s stance on Israel, see the link to “Excellent, non-Bayith, Material on Israel” in the same part of that website.

[13] There is a parallel with Nazi Germany here.  The types of employment that Jews were allowed to take up narrowed more and more.  They should have seen this as a sign they needed to get out.

[14] The idea of Christians in the UK being sent to concentration camps will seem very alien to many folks, but (a) if concentration camps are not being prepared (in order to enable martial law to be brought in), then there are an awful lot of unannounced ‘prisons’ and ‘military bases’ being prepared. (b) it would be a natural progression from the type of persecution that UK Christians are increasingly experiencing already, And (c) The idea of German Jews being sent to concentration camps seemed alien to many in the 1930s too, but it didn’t stop it happening.




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