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The Best For Christ

Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage
From the book: Sword Scrapbook


As He sat at meat there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard very precious
(Mark 14:3)


That woman could have gotten a vase that would not have cost so much as those made of alabaster.  She might have brought perfume that would have cost only fifty pence; this cost three hundred.  As far as I can understand, her whole fortune was in it.  She might have been more economical; but no Ė she gets the very best box, and pours it all out on the head of her Redeemer.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, the trouble is that we bring to Jesus too cheap a box.  If we have one of alabaster and one of earthenware, we keep the first for ourselves, and we give the latter to Christ.

We owe Jesus the best of our time, the best of our talents, the best of everything.  Is there an hour in the day when we are wider awake than any other, more capable of thought and feeling, let us bring that to Christ.  We are apt to take a few moments in the morning when we are getting awake, or a few moments at night when we are getting asleep, to Jesus.  If there be an hour in the day when we are most appreciative of Godís goodness, and Christís pardon, and heavenís joy, oh, that is the alabaster box to bring to Jesus.

We owe Christ the very best years of our life.  When the sight is the clearest, when the hearing is the acutest, when the arm is the strongest, when the nerves are the steadiest, when the imagination is the brightest.  Let us come to Jesus, and not wait until our joints are stiffened with rheumatism, and the glow is gone out of our temperament, and we arise in the morning as weary as when we laid down at night.




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