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Tommy Robinson
"Persecuted for Defending the Innocent"
The UK once believed in righteousness, justice, and truth.  But No longer.
Now we are ruled by wicked, quisling, traitorous leaders who hate the good and love the evil.



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Enemy of the State

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The British Police State

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Why I Started the English Defence League

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Pro- / Friendly Tommy Interviews

YOUTUBE:  Interview with Jon Gaunt  (12 October 2018)

Viewers' comments:  "Thank you Jon for giving Tommy an unbiased platform"  /  "The entire MSM says Tommy is a far right racist ... I've read all I can find about TR including his own writings and others critical of him. My conclusion is a guy with liberal views on everything except Islam, who has friends who are black, gay [sic], Sikh, etc, who I can find no racist comments from, [and who] has been treated appallingly ... The people who are against him are with Muslims or people who accept that entities like BBC and Sky always tell the truth ... years from now he'll be vindicated ... He terrifies those in control not because he is wrong, but because he's correct"  /  "Bravest man in this country. My grandchildren will say [he] and many many people like him were right when they are living in the hell that Islam will bring"  /  "Sacrificing [himself] for the freedom of our future"  /  "He could be facing prison yet he spends his time trying to help his fellow country man"  /  "The government is losing the argument. The public want the truth"  /  "Quoting [the Qu'ran] makes him far right but living it doesn't??"  /  "All [TR] does is talk sense"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Tells Katie Hopkins: I Know They Will Send Me to Prison Again  (26 September 2018)

"Katie Hopkins of sat down with Tommy Robinson in September 2018 to talk about his life, beliefs, trial and future.  'If someone has to fight, let me fight, not my son. Where we're heading as a country our next generation will never forgive us for letting the current situation go on...' [Tommy Robinson]"  /  Viewers' comments:  "One of this ... isle's finest sons. A brave man who has sacrificed all to tell the public the truth"  /  "Good men and women always pay the price for their convictions. God bless you, Mr Robinson"  /  We in the US are praying for you and your family. Stay strong and know that you have so many supporters"  /  "They may try to silence the Man, but they will never silence the Truth"  /  You are well loved Tommy. The world can see what is being done here"  /  "Heart of a lion. Thank you Tommy"  /  "Tommy, you have the support of millions of Patriots around the world ... God bless you and your family"  /  "Bravest man in the UK"  /  "Huge respect to this man"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson & Ezra Levant Interview on His Prison Treatment  (12 September 2018)

"Thank you for all your support, it means a lot. Please share so people can see what is going on in this country"  /  Viewers' comments:  "Tommy, please don't think your situation was not as bad as fighting a war. Those of us that have deployed to muslim lands and fought terrorism face to face are shocked at what you went through in a so-called free country. We have seen what they do to children over there. We stand with you. You have lived through something so much more harrowing than war. Being betrayed by your own government is disgusting and unforgiveable. You have every right to put yourself on our level even though you aren't in uniform"

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Interview  (25 May 2018)

"On May 23, I interviewed Tommy Robinson: on people who say it's too late, on himself at 18, on the many lessons he's learned, on some people saying he has the making of a great PM, on laughing though the situation is desperate, and on the huge change that has happened for him over the past 2 years, because he now can feel the massive support he has. Two days after this interview, on May 25th, Tommy was arrested again ... He was going about his business of being a reporter - not on the side of those in power ... His protest has always been against an ideology, Islamic ideology, and against behaviours that violate human rights - like the 'grooming' of indigenous British girls by largely Islamic rape gangs, and like the inaction, for decades, of the police, social workers, and government officials. Tommy Robinson, a man with the courage to keep speaking out..."

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Robinson Interview with Brittany Pettibone  (14 March 2018)

Viewers' Comments:  "They know that they have imported chaos, This is awful"  /  "Britain was once considered the land of free speech. Where did it all go so wrong?"  /  "So Britain has gone full USSR?"  /  "He's against Sharia Laws and rape gangs. [What] is the problem here!"  /  "God bless you brother. You and your family are being persecuted for telling the truth and exposing the cruelty of jihadis and their kidnapping children off the streets of Britain and selling those children to the disgusting pedophiles in Britain and into slavery in Islamic countries. It is a national tragedy. And the treatment you receive is the same [as] doled out by stazis and nazi-like fascists"  /  "Supporting you from Brazil Tommy. You've been doing such a thing not only for your own country but for the free countries that need their freedom for the future generations"


Anti- / Hostile Tommy Interviews

Please see the sections re: John Sweeney (Panorama), Jason Farrell (Sky News), Piers Morgan, Andrew Neil, Jeremy Paxman, and the Guardian newspaper here.


Tommy Interviewing Others

YOUTUBE:  Tommy Meets: UKIP Leader Gerard Batten  (24 April 2018)

"With the local council elections looming, I sat down with Gerard Batten to talk about his leadership of UKIP and his plans for the future of the party"  /  Viewers' comments:  "2 great speakers... I have a lot of time for Gerard and Tommy. The labelling of these chaps as racist, fascist isn't working. I say that as a son of an Indian immigrant"  /  "Tommy's interview style is very good, he actually allows people to answer a question"  /  "For a lad with no media training TR has more interview skills than 90% of the MSM - asks a question and actually lets the person answer, doesn't talk all over them"  /  "Wonderful interview"  /  "Great interview"

YOUTUBE:  Lord Pearson in Parliament: 'Can We Talk About Islam?'  (15 March 2018)

"Lord Pearson is a life peer who has stood up many times in the HofL to question the government on its policies and attitudes towards Islam. This week he stood up to ask the government about their inaction on Muslim grooming gangs and to ask 'can we talk about Islam in the UK?'  The reaction from other Lords was to sneer and jeer at him and to refuse to even look at how the Quran may be linked to the crimes prevalent within the Islamic community. So I decided to sit down with Lord Pearson to find out what it's like to be a lone voice within parliament and what needs to be done to stop the UK from heading down the dangerous road to riots."


Patriots, Traitors, Invaders

Poem in the comments section here

"Here's a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
The first was shot in forty-five, But many more are still alive.
When was there a referendum, 'Ere our traitors thought to send 'em?
Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain's lost.
Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, Vans on pavements destroying lives.
Showing rape gangs now forbidden, Poor old Tommy he's imprisoned,
While to jihadis flats are given, And ISIS killers all forgiven.

"Hitler's Nazis could not manage, What our Quislings done in damage!
If Churchill were around today, I'm confident that he would say:
'In older and more modern time, Treason must be capital crime,
Patriots must be supported, And invaders all deported,
Till our girls walk unmolested, After British metal's* tested.'
Will saving Blighty come too late, Before the Saxon learns to hate?
If saving's coming, it can't wait, Or Islam will be Britain's fate.

* Please see the author's footnote re metal/mettle.




"The British state already tells you what you can and can't say.
It informs you who must be respected and who hated. It lets you know, in no uncertain terms, how you are to address people.
It wags its finger at you if you step ever so slightly from a straight line it has painted ahead of you"

"The despicable soviet hellhole once renowned for its creation of the Common Law is setting up the martyrdom of Tommy Robinson ...
Justice has taken her scales and fled the blighted land that he chose to stand and defend"

"No man escapes when freedom fails / The best of men rot in filthy jails,
And those who cry appease appease / Are hung by those they try to please"
[quoted in comments at source].

"If it had not been the LORD who was on our side, when men rose up against us:
Then they had swallowed us up quick ... Then the waters had overwhelmed us ...
Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.
Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers:
the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Our help is in the name of the LORD"

(Psalm 124)


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