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Donald Trump Victory Speech

"I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans, ...
The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer"



Discussions and Analyses

Stop Obsessing About Trump, the Real Threat is the Squad  (22 July 2019)

"The metropolitan elite still hasn't forgiven the American 'deplorables' for not electing their queen, Hillary Clinton. During the presidential campaign Donald Trump was smeared but not accused of racism. That's now changed. The post-liberal Puritan Left's self-appointed guardians of morality and truth have seen to that. Any dissenting from their narrative are labelled racist. And, like support for Brexit, championing Trump has come to guarantee an accusation of racism. In the recent debacle over Trump's latest tweets aimed at 'the Squad' ... Trump-bashing, the fashionable way to virtue signal moral purity in out society, has reached hysterical proportions..."

YOUTUBE:  The Meltdown  (20 July 2019)

"Donald Trump's twitter feed is a weapon of mass destruction"  /  Viewers' comments:  "This is the best summary of the 'Border Situation' I've heard. Good job Sargon!"  /  "Thank you for doing the work that 'journalists' refuse to do. Well done Sir"  /  "Anyone else sick of them using their race as a defence for every form of criticism?"  /  "So Ayanna Pressley basically said 'all blacks are the same, all queers are the same, all muslims are the same'. That's pretty bigoted, but typical of communists"  /  "(1.35) So everyone gets a seat at this new table except for white people? Sounds kinda discriminatory"  /  "Why aren't these people assimilating? Why are there 'immigrant communities'?"  /  "And if race is a social construct as leftist cultural marxists say, then so must racism be a social construct!"  /  "The Left is so welcoming and inclusive! Unless you're capable of Independent thought or WHITE"  /  "And NO ONE breathed a single word when Obama deported more people than Trump...  NOT  A  SINGLE  WORD"  /  "Seems like Obama is by 'standards' of 2019 a far-right extremist..."  /  "It's amazing to hear Bill Clinton essentially agreeing with Donald Trump as a past Democrat. really illustrates the leftward shirt of the DNC"  /  "There's a word for someone who hates their country. It's called traitor"  /  "[W]hat a surprise to find [Soros] behind members of 'the squad'"  /  "Trump's re-election team right there..."  /  "[H]is opponents believing he is is an idiot is part of the act, which is why they constantly underestimate him and are dumbfounded that he keeps trapping them and beating them"

Evidence Indicts 'The Squad', et al  (19 July 2019)

"The four first-term congresswomen known as 'The Squad' continue to attain power and influence in the halls of Congress. Instead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Representatives RT, IO, AOC, and AP have been viewed by many as the real driving force of the Democratic Party. The four Democratic lawmakers are among the almost 100 members of the Congressional Caucus ... the far left believes America is an evil nation..."

The Squad - Politicians or Organised Crime?  (19 July 2019)

"The Squad is actually made up of four social media influencers ... also Congresswomen ... the few times they have appeared on congressional oversight committees, they make absolute fools of themselves with a complete lack of knowledge about any issue ... what these friends are really doing ... is encouraging a massive crime wave across the nation. Their various utterings reveal wholehearted support of crime such as illegal immigration, antisemitism, excessive government control, redistribution of wealth, programs designed to cripple the economy, and impeaching innocent duly-elected government officials, or 'motherf******' in their terminology ... It's been a very interesting couple of weeks for The Squad which has revealed their unique modus operandi in all its glory ... They are not just for 'Open Borders', these loons are for no borders at all. Anyone - economic migrants, terrorists, drug-dealers, baby-killers - can come into this country at any time, as long as they do so illegally, and enjoy its bounty paid for by actual tax-paying citizens ... Head Dem, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ... tried to shut them down realising that The Squad, fueled by the media, was becoming the face of the Dems. And the canny old battle-axe, despite her own far left-leaning views, has realised that the Dems cannot be elected running on The Squad nonsense ... However, the Dems rushed to circle the wagons around The Squad thinking it would show solidarity against Trump. But it didn't; in fact it did quite the reverse..."

Ouroboros: How the Left Is Eating Itself  (19 July 2019)  [NB: Some Swearing]

"Just now, in the USA, it's good ol' racism again, that seasoned show-pony always ready to prance and jump through hoops. Racism is finally giving the Left the runaround, finally proving intersectionality to be a reduction ad absurdum. Having finally admitted that impeaching Trump is as likely as Emily Maitlis giving a fair and unbiased interview to anyone even slightly to the Right of Pol Pot, the Left are turning to Trump's boiler-room language. This time, using social media as always, Donald has told some bunch of bimbos - the 'squad' - to go home if they don't like America, help fix their countries, and then come back and tell him how it's done. The Left erupted in a predictable hurricane of rage, confirming once again that we are dealing here with the pathology of a spiteful, spoilt child..."

Trump's Tic: Saying It Outloud  (18 July 2019)

"Were these just the usual 'off-colour' remarks we have come to expect from a President who ... does not take kindly to be[ing] called 'a mother******' ... choice abuse that the BBC did not bother to report on their website, or those who compare American border guards to Nazis, or those who attack American Jews, or those who belittle the 9/11 attacks ... But the heart of the matter is this: Trump suffers from a pathological condition. He says out loud what millions of ordinary people think but dare not say: That immigrants, and their children, who come to America to enjoy riches and opportunities they could never have dreamed of back home, and freedoms they would have been denied, should show some respect for their adopted homeland, its traditions, its people and their ways, instead of denigrating them at every turn..."

Readers' comments:  "The racists in this Trump scene are his accusers who plainly see life in racial terms and take for granted that privilege in any dispute goes to the browner people. That's what racism is, not insulting a nasty piece of work who happens to be brown-ish. No surprise that [the] leftist media are racist"  /  "The mainstream media are firmly on one side of the culture war. The ordinary people (not only whites) are on the other"

Trump Is Right - They Can (Should?) Leave  (18 July 2019)

"Oh dear, President Trump has really put the conservative cat amongst the progressive pigeons. And there has been a great deal of flapping, squawking and flying feathers from the progressive pigeons. Trump, like many Americans, is fed up of people from foreign backgrounds constantly p****** on America and American values. And now he has singled out the 'Squad' - new congresswomen Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ihan Omar and Rashida Tlaib ... There isn't room here to list the invective and bile these four ladies have directed at America since their recent election in 2108..."

What A Ridiculous, Dishonest Resolution  (17 July 2019)

"The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution condemning President Trump's racism - a serious condemnation indeed, for racism now sits at the very top of the deadly sins hysterically decried by American opinion ... formers. This name-dropping document has done little to heighten my admiration for politicians in general and US politicians specifically. Its form resembles a Roget's Thesaurus of Quotations blended with hagiography of past politicians supposed to have championed racial equality. However, none of the quotations says a single word about race..."

YOUTUBE:  Leftist Media Think They Exposed Trump But STILL Get Played for Fools  (16 July 2019)

"Vox's Ezra Klein basically confirms Trump is playing '4D Chess' after MAJOR media manipulation ... Ezra Klein writes that Trump's tweets are meant to force the Democrats to prop up Ocasio-Cortez and the other far left Democrats in order to make all the Democrats look like far left socialists ... A recent poll from Axios shows that most people detest AOC so Trump wants to make sure she remains the center of attention. Trump effectively got Nancy Pelosi to reverse course and give AOC and others a massive platform. But the truth goes one step beyond this ... For the past several years the Republican President has been able to trick the media into covering his tweets instead of real breaking news. This time Trump pulled off a major 'two birds with one stone' while tricking everyone not once but actually twice"

Viewers' comments:  "The best part is that he never mentioned anyone's names, he just said communist members of the democratic party who hate America, and those 4 had a press conference confirming that are communists who hate America. Amazing"  /  "Donald Trump never mentioned any names in his first tweets. The Squad came out screaming and opened the door for him to use names"  /  "Brilliant move by a genius mind. These girls didn't stand a chance"  /  "Trump's greatest strength is that he is constantly underestimated"  /  "He forced the hardliners to defend the squad which makes it look like the dems support socialism. 69% of Americans do not want socialism - 4D chess"  /  "The Asylum law is clear, Trump's not changing anything just the failure of the previous presidents to enforce the law"  /  "Dems: We want Trump to help more black people and do something good"  /  "Trump helps a black person. Dems: It's for votes!"  Trump does something good. Dems: It's for votes!"  /  "Let's be honest, they are gonna call him racist no matter what he does"  /  "The word 'racist' means 'I'm a leftist and can't deal with diverse opinion'"  /  "In the end, Trump is doing what the MAJORITY of the U.S. wants"

  You're Nothing But A Pack of Cards  (16 July 2019)

"Off with her head!" the Queen shouted at the top of her voice.  Nobody moved.  "Who cares for you?" said Alice, (She had grown to her full size by this time.) "You're nothing but a pack of cards!"  [Lewis Carroll, from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland].

"Donald Trump has caused a new uproar in the media and among the chatterati. His latest offense was to tell the 'Squad' (four communist congressbabes ... ) that if they hate America so much, they should just go back to where they came from. Progressive apoplexy ensued ... Among the non-Woke, opinion is divided on the effectiveness of the president's latest sally against the socialist Mulicults ...

"He's not at all concerned about being called a 'racist'. In other words, he declined to play the game - the currently accepted, universal Progressive game of forcing non-Progressives to backpedal and try to prove to the world that they do not deserve to be called 'racists' ...

"I started to thinking about the Race Card, which is what the Progressives love to play against their opponents. In recent weeks they've even been playing it against one another, with the insufficiently Woke being called 'racist' by the completely and thoroughly Woke..."

Trump Might Have Meant the Bronx, Not Puerto Rico  (16 July 2019)

"Justifiably irritated by the 'Squad', a group of four alternatively coloured congresswomen somewhat to the left of Jeremy Corbyn and easily matching his anti-Semitism, [Donald Trump] told them to 'go back and help fix the totally broken and crime0infested places from which they came'. This was taken as a manifestation of racism. However, since the Squad leader, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), comes from the Bronx, Trump's invective as even more apposite than it would have been even had he indeed referred to her family's Puerto Rican origins. The four women reflect the general leftward drift in Congress, a tendency corresponding to a similar development in Britain. There were left-wing congressmen during my time in the US (1973-1988), but I can't recall anyone matching the febrile hatred of traditional America displayed by the Squad..."

YOUTUBE:  Trump's Statements Are Racist But We Don't Know Why  (15 July 2019)  [NB: Some Swearing]

Viewers' comments:  "Trump even invited them back, once they had proven their policies to turn their beloved, colorful countries into the vanguards of idealist societies to strive for. What a racist"  /  "Trump just agrees with the Dalai Lama - refugees from messed up 3rd world regions should recover, educate themselves, and then go home and fix their countries. The west should teach them to fish, so they can teach their homelands"  /  "'He didn't target white people.' Unless you count the time he told the UK Ambassador to go home"  /  "I have been cited as having 'white privilege' by Leftists only before I tell them that I'm actually from South east Asia. Then they immediately stop responding"  /  ""Don't ask questions. Don't go against us. We are perfect. We are full of love and compassion. We will kill you if you think your own thoughts"  /  "Racism = anything negative said about/to non-whites, I guess"  /  "We're living Orwell's nightmare and the first of the books on the pyre was the dictionary"  /  "'Political correctness id fascism pretending to be manners' George Carlin"

Trump Is Playing the Democrats At Their Own Race Game  (15 July 2019)

"[Trump] was using The Squad to ram home that the Democrats have been taken over by extremists ... Now racial identity politics is consuming its own ... The Democratic Party is now being boiled alive by the very racial politics it has encouraged. This is the pot that Trump is now deftly stirring. Every time he is called racist, his poll numbers climb among the millions who decode such attacks on him as un-American treachery by those who want to destroy border controls and thus the very concept of citizenship..."


Critics of President Trump's Remarks

In Trump v the 'Squad', American Jews Have Picked the Wrong Target  (19 July 2019)

"Jewish organisations, which are overwhelmingly liberal and anti-Trump, reacted viscerally ... Only the Republican Jewish coalition demurred, agreeing with Sen. Lindsey Graham that the Squad were 'a bunch of Communists' who 'hate Israel. They hate our own country.' ... Downplaying or ignoring the Jew-baiting now tolerated by the Democratic Party, liberal Jews are so blinded by hatred of Trump that they actually attack him for supporting the Jewish people..."

Boris Johnson Has No Business Tone-Policing President Trump's Twitter Feed  (16 July 2019)

"Boris Johnson ... has described President Donald Trump's robust criticisms of the four Democrat congresswomen known as 'the Squad' as 'totally unacceptable'.  'Unacceptable' to whom, exactly? Most people in Britain, it's true, have never heard of [these four women] ... But we know their type well enough: race baiting, economically illiterate, chippy, whiny, unpatriotic, politically correct, fact-averse, Social Justice Warrior cry bullies who have ascended the greasy pole of politics by stoking up grievance, fomenting resentment and sowing division; whose hard left policies, if ever implemented, would soon transform our country into yet another Third World Marxist basket case. Given the full background to the story - rather than the very partial version we tend to get in the rampantly anti-Trump UK media - I suspect most of use would applaud the president's response to these Enemies Within..."


The Mainstream Media

The Story of a Label  (21 July 2019)

"Of course, Nick Bryant was the only BBC bod to brand President Trump's 'go back ... then come back' tweets as 'racist'..."  /  Reader's comment:  "If President Trump is to be condemned as racist, why do these Beebers never declare Iranian leaders who join in Death to Israel chants as racist? Or Saudi leaders who won't let Jews live in their country?"

Nick Bryant Calls Donald Trump 'Racist' (Again and Again)  (20 July 2019)

"... I [saw] the original trio of Donald Trump tweets about 'The Squad' (14th July) ... and, though having only come across BBC programmes very occasionally, I did hear a couple of reports by Nick Bryant that focused on the 'go back' bit but 'forgot' to mention the 'come back' bit and said to my family, 'No wonder Trump accuses the media of 'fake news' ... it seems as if vast swathes of the world and the media also 'forgot the 'come back' bit too in their urge to denounce the US president as 'racist'..."  /  Readers' comments:  "Jo Coburn went for Nadhim Zahawi on Politics Live, berating him for not saying the tweets were racist and practically demanding that he do so. This is the BBC as its most knee-jerk and hysterical"  /  "The BBC are so pathetic. Why don't they feel equally outraged about Ilhan Omar's disgusting racist tweets about Jews? Because she's a Democrat and they agree with her, that's why"

YOUTUBE:  Donald Trump is Racist  (18 July 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "Fantastic exposition on this matter. Well done sir! Thank you"  /  "Yet another brilliant informative humorous and fully on point posting Sir"  /  "Incisi[ve] and brilliant as ever, Politico! Ever honest, ever true, unlike the MSM who can't contain themselves when they get the chance to put their twisted slant of facts!"  /  "Very well explained. Press nowadays have to tell you what they think a person really meant by any innocent comments"  /  "MSM are getting desperate... people are well aware of bias and mudslinging"  /  "What else did you suspect the media would opine? Predictable and Pathetic, but still influencing too many western couch potatoes"  /  "The BBC is so bias[ed] they genuinely do not investigate the facts whatsoever. They're now a gossip corporation, can't even be bothered to research and investigate the situation or look into the claims and words being expounded. To think they're considered to be the finest example of impartial research and delivery is now a standing joke. it's awash with women and homosexuals, the most prolific creatures of gossip on earth"

More viewers' comments:  "What is racist about 'if you're not happy you can leave' pray tell"  /  "Not racist or rude, sometimes the truth just hurts"  /  "One can't say anything, these days, without if being perceived as being racist"  /  "The radical left have redefined racist to mean anti-globalist"  /    "Anytime anyone expressed opinions [the libs] don't like, [they] will call them 'racists'. Most people know that it's B.S."  /  "With the left constantly calling everything racism the true meaning of racism is being lost. can't the left see that the world has tired of their constant nagging and will turn on them sooner or later?"  /  "The word Racist becomes more diluted with each passing day - almost worthless now!"  /  "The only racism is coming from that squad of psychotic clowns. Not only that, their sentiments are utterly traitorous. What the hell are they doing in positions of power?"

More viewers' comments:  "Anyone blatantly anti-American and who won't denounce terrorism against the country/citizens they're a part of, shouldn't be in public office"  /  "It's the same right across the world because the globalist agenda is well under way"  /  "These four 'different coloured people' just keep giving. They are not liked by their own party but now their own party has to appear to be rallying around them. A great piece of political chess"  /  "Donald Trump has played the left, the main stream media and the outrage brigade beautifully"

Raaccissst!  (17 July 2019)

"At about ten past eight this morning.  Today Programme.  Cosy chat with John Humphrys and Chief Strategist for Barak Obama, David Axelrod.

"The BBC is cherry-picking again.

"John Humphrys was oh so chummy with David Axelrod as they vied with each other to find the most fitting superlative to emote President Trump's racism ... Then, on the line, Brian Lanser was introduced as one of Trump's deputy communications directors from his presidential campaign ... The atmosphere froze.  An argumentative, waspish tone crept into Humphrys' questioning..." 



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York)

So, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doesn't Know Anything  (17 July 2019)

"Or rather the socialist wunderkind knows as much as any 28-year-old lefty activist with a degree in something she doesn't really understand who got involved in politics to make a difference between the bartending gigs and protest marches. Going on Firing Line, AOC, dubbed the 'future of the party' by the DNC, showed she didn't know anything. Her comments about Israel, basic economics were rambling nonsense. And that's what you would expect from a 28-year-old whose knowledge of politics is all online talking points with no depth, range or context..."

AOC refuses to Condemn Antifa Terror Attack on ICE Facility  (15 July 2019)

"...despite the terrorist invoking her 'concentration camp' rhetoric in his own manifesto ... Willem Van Spronson was shot dead by police ... [and] was subsequently celebrated on the far-left and a copy of his manifesto emerged in which he stated 'I am Antifa' and said the attack was a protest against the establishment of 'concentration camps' in the United States. When asked by a Rebel Media reporter earlier today whether she would condemn the attack, AOC refused to explicitly condemn it, saying only that she would make a statement about the incident later..."

YOUTUBE:  The Terrible Truth About Open Borders  (14 July 2019)

"Sorry America, you can't have a country because women are crying in Spanish ... Why should I care about your children more than you do?"  /  Viewers' comments:  "If the detention centers are concentration camps, then the illegals are climbing fences to get into them... let that sink in"  /  "When you boldly break into someone's country and demand to be taken care of, it is not asylum seeking"  /  "Americans can't afford healthcare but illegal immigrants receive it for free. Do you see anything wrong with that picture?"  /  "FREE is a word that Socialists use to justify and appease their conscience. The correct term is THEFT"  /  "It's all Trump's fault I'm a negligent mother"  /  "If liberals stopped encouraging people to swarm the border maybe there wouldn't be so many deaths. Duh"  /  "Majority of the people crying over the infant would be perfectly fine with the same infant being aborted a year prior..."  /  "Congress crying over a problem of their own creation"  /  "AOC cries at everything including empty parking lots"  /  "AOC manipulates voters with her crocodile tears, massaging their compassion with her strategic emotional incontinence. Socialism is her end game"  /  "2000 years to build Western Civilisation and female empowerment has destroyed it in under a century. Girl Power!"  /  "Clown world today in a nutshell"

  YOUTUBE:  The Tears of a Clown  (28 June 2019)

"AOC went through emotional hell. Just look at the raw emotion. The pain. The anguish. Oh, the humanity! What horror did she see?..."  /  Viewers' comments:  "This is what pure narcissism looks like folks"  /  "This is the normal display of a young girl's vanity and narcissism by posting her photos on social media. If what was happening was true, she wouldn't be posting photos of HERSELF when nothing much else can be seen. She would be posting of the actual things happening. Seeing a picture of someone crying doesn't tell me what happened. I need to see the actual things. And the actual thing was just not there"  /  "As a store owner, I'm sad when I see an empty parking lot too"  /  "So she didn't even go to a detention center. Just posed outside screaming"  /  "This is why you CANNOT trust the media"  /  "AOC openly says that facts and truths don't matter when she thinks they are morally right"  /  "Guess who had the cages built? None other than Obama, the deporter-in-chief"  /  "Obama built a lot of them. Why did they not care then?"  /  "She's worried about illegals 'trapped in cages' while pushing planned parenthood killing babies"  /  "'Think of the children!' they scream, while cheering for post-birth abortions"

Ocasio-Cortez Promotes Green New Deal with Video That Envisions a Democratic Socialist Utopia  (18 April 2019)

"Ocasio-Cortez says Americans need to close their eyes and 'imagine' a Green New Deal society before it can happen. meanwhile, energy experts and economists are skeptical the Green New Deal is possible or even desirable ... Part of the video focuses on Ileana, who AOC calls 'a true child of the Green New Deal'. Ileana gets a job restoring wetlands in Louisiana as part of the Green New Deal ... (Somehow all this work, including dismantling pipelines, is accomplished without gas-powered construction equipment.)..."

Green New Deal Reveals the Naked Truth of Agenda 21  (25 February 2019)

"Though the label 'Green New Deal' has been passing around globalist circles for a while, it's interesting that its leaders have now handed it to a naive, inexperienced little girl from New York who suddenly found herself rise from bartending to a national media sensation, almost over night. That doesn't just happen and there is no miracle here. AOC is a created product. They probably needed her inexperienced enthusiasm to deliver the Green New Deal because no established politician would touch it. Now that it's been introduced and she is set up to take the heat, the gates have swung open allowing forty-five members of Congress to co-sponsor it in the HofReps ... Behind the sudden excitement and rush to support it are three radical groups each having direct ties to George Soros ... the plan was written over a single weekend in December, 2018. Ocasio-Cortez was included in the effort, chosen to introduce it. This may be the single reason why she was able to appear out of nowhere to become the darling of the radical left. So there you have it - Agenda 21, the Millennium Project, Agenda 2030, the Green New Deal..."

Sustainability: The Green New Deal  (22 February 2019)

"'The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don't address climate change...' [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez].  On February 4th 2019, Congresswoman AOC, and avowed authoritarian Socialist who promotes corruption and wealth confiscation, released her national Green New Deal scheme promoting environmental Sustainability. The 'deal' is a massive transfer of wealth based on race. AOC claims that America is stolen land. The Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse. It is Socialism masquerading as environmentalism..."


Ilhan Omar (Minnesota)

The Real Racism Behind the Trump/Omar Furore  (19 July 2019)

"[R]acism attacks people for what they are; Trump was attacking congresswoman Ilhan Omar for what she has done. And with good cause ... she has refused to condemn al Qaeda, has made unforgiveable light of 9/11 ('some people did something') and has laughed at those who speak about al Qaeda or Hezbollah in 'serious' tones that make people alarmed about them ... she has made a series of antisemitic comments ... introduced a Congress resolution promoting BDS, the campaign whose ultimate goal s the destruction of Israel - which she proceeded to compare to Nazi Germany ... [she] lose[s] no opportunity to bash America ... while openly promoting an agenda to transform its culture out of all recognition. So when the crowd roared 'send her home' they were not doing so because they were prejudiced against Omar's colour or ethnicity, They were simply saying they didn't want such a dangerously disloyal and vindictive bigot to continue to be given a free pass in their country ... They were not reacting against what Omar is but what she does. The refusal of virtually the entire liberal classes to understand this key distinction ... reflects a disturbing fact about our post-moral society..."

Ilhan Omar Happened Because Media Chose to Lie to You  (18 July 2019)

"Ilhan Omar ... had written anti-Semitic statements indistinguishable from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. She had disturbing associations with Islamic terror-tied groups. Sources within the Minneapolis Somali community presented evidence, including a video, of the 'East Africa Team' members of Ilhan Omar's campaign openly threatening local Somalis who may have released negative information about her. Then came the harder evidence of corruption: Publicly available state records, viewed along with her own confirmed, time-stamped social media posts, suggested a breathtaking spree of state and federal felonies. the social media posts, visible to anyone who cared to investigate, were rapidly being deleted from Omar's confirmed accounts..."



Rashida Tlaib (Michigan)

Screaming Rashida Tlaib Physically Removed From 2016 Trump Event  (21 July 2019)

"A video resurfaced Saturday of Democrat Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being forcibly removed from an Aug. 8, 2016 Trump campaign event in Detroit while screaming, 'You guys are crazy!'. Footage showed two security officials holding Tlaib by her arms and guiding her toward the exit while she screamed at the crowd gathered for Trump's speech..."

YOUTUBE:  Rashida Tlaib Physically removed from 2016 Trump Event  (uploaded 21 July 2019)

Viewers' comments:  "This is what a modern Marxist looks like"  /  "Notice the complete lack of fear in her, surrounded by people she demonises for having different opinions and political views. There is no fear because she knows she is safe, because of our laws, our values, and our culture... things she opposes"  /  "This is what will seize power if Trump loses in 2020"  /  "People don't 'just' get elected to Congress. These 4 women were groomed and coddled by the Democratic Party for this and have handlers telling them what to say and do. They are pawns"  /  "Further proof America is being forced into 3rd world status"  /  "Deranged woman tells everyone they're crazy"  /  "The ones who scream racist the loudest are the most racist" [EMcD: a phenomenon known as Projection]  /  "According to Pew research, about 80% plus Democrats and liberals are in favour of violence and civil unrest in this current political climate. Are these people insane? yes. Are they fighting for a better America? No. Do they really have any tangible suggestions to fix things? No. Are they becoming dangerous lunatics with a mob mentality of illness? Yes - absolutely yes. Better get prepared for this now!"  /  "It's amazing that you can be this disruptive, hate America, hate the President, and STILL become a Congressman in America. Unreal. Sad"


Rashida Tlaib Whines About Trump's Rhetoric...
(15 July 2019)

"...despite her calling Trump a 'Mother******' during her first week in office ... Although Tlaib was born in America, she constantly emphasizes her dual loyalty to Palestine, where her mother was born..."



Rashida Tlaib Slammed by House GOP Over Comments on Holocaust, Palestinians  (12 May 2019)

"'There's always kind of a calming feeling, I tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors - Palestinians - who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people's passports' , Tlaib said in the podcast's [Skullduggery] most recent episode ... 'And, just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And, I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right, in many ways, but they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them'..."

Rashida Tlaib's Ties to Anti-Semitism Run Deeper Than Previously Known  (28 January 2019)

"One of Rep. Rashida Tlaib's key fundraisers, Maher Abdel-qader, has repeatedly promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The Michigan Democrat is a member of a Facebook group where Abdul-qader and other members have shared anti-Semitic content. One video Abdel-qader shared with the group accused Jews of secretly controlling the media and exaggerating the Holocaust. Tlaib has already come under scrutiny for having ties to other anti-Israel figures and for questioning the loyalty of pro-Israel lawmakers..."

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Profanely Promised to Impeach Trump. She's Not Sorry  (04 January 2019)

"Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) made history Thursday afternoon for being the first Palestinian American woman sworn into congress. Hours later, she made headlines for swearing at a bar - in comments that continued to reverberate in Washington the following day..."


Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts)






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