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SARS-CoV/SARS-CoV-2  /  SARS-CoV-2 Plus ACE2
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The Dystopians

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The Emerging Prison Planet
"Covid-19 is essentially an accelerant for the Agenda 21/2030 plans
The virus was always used as a Trojan horse for more control - to accelerate SDGs - A21/2030
and bring about mandatory vaccinations, more surveillance, and ultimately global communism.
C19 is a major paradigm shift = a new social paradigm = the New Normal"

"Instant imposition of a [statist] totalitarian system. Individuality suppressed. Families divided.
Religious, cultural, educational institutions closed down. Work, movement, information regulated by the state. Life and death decided by the state.
The transformation has been so successful here because it builds upon a deeply entrenched pre-existing machinery and ideology of welfare,
in which a large proportion of the people has come to believe it has a right and need to be looked after from cradle to grave by the government.
All they required was a pretext, an excuse -- no matter how flimsy -- and completely by coincidence the CCP flu virus arrived at the perfect moment..."

[comment at source].

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"
(2 Timothy 1:7)

Peace ~ Be Still ~ Lay All Your Worries Down
"Be still, O my soul, for our God is in control"



Articles and Videos

Please see here and here for articles, videos, books, quotes, and other information on the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 and Sustainable Development

BITCHUTE:  Discussing the Great Reset with James Corbett  (30 June 2020)

"James [Corbett] has been a leading voice in discussing the topic of Covid-19, this crisis: you've described as increasingly the 'Global Population Grid', which the likes of Bill Gates wants to build, and also how this factors into the larger picture, which is Agenda 21. What we're hearing consistently now, more and more, James, you can see the narrative building, is this 'Great Reset'. Now this is multi-faceted - what this is actually going to do: economically, socially, politically... In the simplest way you can, what do they mean by this 'Great Reset'? Why is this such a pivotal thing now to their Globalist plans?..."

BITCHUTE:  The NWO Agenda Revealed - with Rosa Koire  (24 June 2020)

"In today's video, I'm joined by Rosa Koire, who is of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and she's also the author of the book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 ... When I heard about A21, A2030, over the last number of years, I thought it was just a quack conspiracy theory on some fringe lunatic website, and then I was forced to have to re-evaluate my belief on this entire thing when this Covid crisis kicked off, and initially I was 100% buying into this ... 'Shut everything down, this is like Spanish Flu', and it wasn't until they actually mandated everything and forced us into our homes, that I thought, 'Hold on a second, this lockdown is extremely authoritarian... what's actually happening?'  I started to look into the death rates, started to look into the data modelling, started to see that things weren't adding up, the media was not reporting honestly on it. This has been the thread that has led me all the way to reaching the UN Agenda 21..."

Green New Deal, Pandemic Tactics, and a Renewed Freedom Movement  (24 June 2020)

"The Coronavirus pandemic has become the perfect diversion to scare us into accepting many of the Green New Deal goals. It got us locked down in our homes, using less transportation and less energy. It got us to stop travelling on airplanes, a key objective of the Green New Deal. And it has built the power of government beyond anything Americans [and the British] could have imagined ... Now, as that crisis begins to subside and people are looking forward to getting their lives back to normal, the forces behind the Green New Deal are preparing to push even harder to put it into law, especially on the local level..."

What's It All About, Alfie?  (22 June 2020)

"The American [and the British] public are being played. Played, not by virtuosi, but by those who want to bring, not just America [or the UK] down, but the whole of Western Culture. Now that there has been enough time for people to dig deeper into the Wuhan flu, the shutdown of the economy to 'protect lives', the protests/riots, and the corruption in the Swamp and Deep State, bright minds and conscientious people are exposing the lies - lies that are meant to bring down a nation. First, the Wuhan Flu:..."

We Voted Boris Johnson, We Got Pol Pot  (07 June 2020)

"Friday was World Environment Day, apparently, and, to celebrate, the leader of the world's fifth-largest economy has promised to commit green suicide ... Obviously, I'm not suggesting that Boris Johnson is planning to exterminate intellectuals ... but he definitely seems to share some of that belief in agrarian utopianism that worked out so well for Killing Fields-era Cambodia ... And it's not just Boris, unfortunately. Here is Prince Charles:..."

Britain Unleashes a Green New Deal to Kill What's Left of the Economy  (03 June 2020)

"UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak has found an ingenious scheme to ensure that Britain never recovers from the economic damage caused by the lockdown: a 'green industrial revolution' ... Sunak's plan to squander yet more taxpayers' money on green, crony-capitalist boondoggles is depressing but not remotely surprising ... There is going to be no escaping this looming disaster, caused by a mass outbreak of green groupthink at virtually every level of the Boris Johnson administration..."

Stop the Covid-19 Trace Act  (01 June 2020)

"The TRACE Act (H.R.6666) ... is the beginning of a major effort to enforce mandatory vaccinations, and it means government may come to your home and demand that you take a COVID-19 tests. And this could mean that government will make sure you stay at home. What is not clear is how this would be enforced. And that should give you chills ... A Texas-based technology company called MTX Group is leading the way to create Contact Tracing apps to be used by health officials, airports, schools, and government officials to track our movements and our interactions with others. Just as the name of the bill says, Testing, Researching and Contacting Everyone. It is the destruction of personal freedom and privacy rights, all in the name of a virus panic that has proven to be less dangerous than first thought. And the forces behind it intend to keep it going as long as they can in a blatant power grab that affects every part of our lives..."

The Fatal Attraction of a Post-Covid Green New Deal  (June 2020)

"Last year we were already talking about the threat of Net Zero to economic recovery post-Brexit, but that context has obviously changed. The Net Zero commitment cannot now be considered independently of the situation created by the restrictions imposed to address Covcid-19, and measures to recover, not from the virus, but from those restrictions. So what has changed precisely?..."

'Build Back Better' - The Latest Code Phrase for Green Global Tyranny  (31 May 2020)

"It's a catchy, fine-sounding, optimistic phrase but it's not one he invented himself. And its meaning, unfortunately, is a far cry from what you might hope to hear from a Conservative prime minister rebuilding a wrecked economy ... 'Build Back Better' is actually a United Nations invented phrase and what it actually means is more world government, more green taxes and regulation, more expensive energy, more identity politics, more corporatism - and of course, less freedom and entrepreneurialism ... If you thought the nightmare was going to end once the coronavirus scare passed, think again: it's only just beginning. The greens and the globalists aren't going to let a crisis go to waste. This is the moment they have been waiting for..."

YOUTUBE:  Digital Immunity Passports Are Coming  (29 May 2020)

Viewers' comments:  "Orwell used a world war to usher in a worldwide dictatorship. He never envisioned that all it would take is an insane fear of a disease that is no worse than the flu"  /  "California doctors say they have seen 'a year's worth of suicides' in the last month because of the impact lockdown is having on mental health. Lockdowns made NO difference to coronavirus but destroyed millions of livelihoods worldwide"  /  "I'm getting the sense we're heading down a road that leads to an actual war for our freedom"  /  "The next step towards having everyone microchipped. I would rather die a free man than live as a slave"  /  Bill Gates' 'experts' - WHO are they exactly?"  /  "We've truly entered a beyond-Orwellian dystopia run by tech and AI"  /  "Will this be required to buy or sell? Will the chip be implanted in my right hand or forehead? There is a pretty specific prophecy about that..."  /  "Towards a totalitarian and dystopian society. Monitored 24/7/365 - even in your bedroom"  /  "Wrong think, Winston. The Party is your friend. Big Brother loves you, and if you don't love Big Brother, you require 'reeducation' at 'camp'."  /  "Just a reminder that all these authoritarian measures are all being put in place in order to 'protect' people from a virus that's only slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu. This new world order has been planned for a long time. The virus was just an all-too-convenient excuse to put it into action"

Bishops Tout 'European Green Deal' As Response to Covid-19 Pandemic  (29 May 2020)

"The progressive leader of the European bishops' conferences, Jesuit Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, has stated his belief that climate change is the most urgent problem facing humanity ... Following last year's European elections, Hollerich said he was delighted with the successes of green parties while lamenting the rise of populist-nationalist groups..."

BITCHUTE:  The Emerging Prison Planet  (23 May 2020)

"Smart cities, cashless society, no private property, no travel to rural areas, super-city, property planning - Covid-19 is essentially an accelerant for the Agenda 21/2030 plans  /  God and belief in transcendence never factors into any of these utopian ideas because God liberates humanity from tyranny of man. That's why communists hate religion so much, especially Christianity, because it places God as the ultimate authority of man  /  Clown world  /  Social distancing dystopia  /  Herd mindset - complying through fear  /  We're all hypochondriacs now  /  C19 as fatal as flu  /  Masks make people sicker  /  WAKE UP!!! and stop this nonsense  /  Deliberate destruction of private and small businesses  /  Choice between working for large corporations or for govt  /  More people forced into state welfare and poverty  /  C19 was always used as a Trojan horse for more control - to accelerate SDGs - A21/2030 and bring about mandatory vaccinations, more surveillance, and ultimately global communism  /  4th Industrial revolution = technology-enabled communism  /  C19 is a major paradigm shift = a new social paradigm = the New Normal"

Microsoft, Visa and Others Worth Combined $11.5 Trillion Want Congress to Include Climate in Covid-19 Recovery Plan  (16 May 2020)

"The businesses behind the pledge want Congress top work toward putting Americans into clean-energy jobs, as well as foster an accelerated transition to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050 or sooner and provide more investment in sustainable infrastructure ... The companies and investors calling for climate action as part of economic recovery efforts span across the American economy..."

Covid-19 Is A Frightening Dress Rehearsal of the Climate Agenda  (12 May 2020)

"[T]he biggest unknown yet is the damage the virus and attempts to control is have done to society and the economy, and how we will recover. From this wreckage, the green blob has re-emerged from an all-too-brief period of obscurity with a list of demands what will destroy any hope of recovery ... For half a century, greens have been prognosticating the imminent collapse of society ... Panic about the virus achieved in days what greens have been demanding for years: grounded planes, empty roads, and a halt in economic growth..."

YOUTUBE:  The People We Are Becoming  (07 May 2020)

"Schools and workplaces to be prisons. All our rights are gone and we now live in a police state: a de facto police state because of a virus with the same fatality rate as the seasonal flu ... this is the 'new normal', folks; it's the 'new norm'! ... This is immensely impersonal and it just goes to show there is no humanity behind the social distancing or the lockdown measures we're currently complying with..."

CCC Warns Govt Over Coronavirus Climate Trap  (07 May 2020)

"Harribin gives the latest advice from the CCC the usual uncritical coverage. Note the wording under the photo: 'The government faces a post-lockdown choice between green growth or propping up polluting industries' ... There is a lot of twaddle in the report, but the core proposal is to pour whatever bailout money there is into 'green' industries, and leave the rest of the economy to fend for itself. This logic, however, is fundamentally flawed ... the stark reality is that there are few sectors of the economy which are not struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus..."

YOUTUBE:  Economic Impact of Lockdowns  (05 May 2020)

"Conservatives and Labour: A false choice  /  BJ and DT have rolled over for the globalists  /  Results of lockdown measures  /  Global reset  /  Power shifting towards China: the Globalists' model for the world  /  Bill Gates and Rockefeller  /  Controlled demolition: reshaping the world in the aftermath  /  Vegetarianism and veganism  /  Lockdown and public sector  /  Lockdown and private sector  /  Lockdown and corporatist interests  /  Cashless society, shadow economy, rising taxes  /  4th industrial revolution  /  The new economy  /  Erosion of private property  /  End of retail industry  /  Economic fascism --> economic depression  /  New normal of social distancing  /  Neo-feudalism  /  Sustainable Development and Agenda 21/2030 was environmentalism, now Covid-19"

Globalists Using COVID-19 To Usher in UN Agenda 2030 'Brave New World' Ten Years Ahead of Schedule  (15 April 2020)

"When Congresswoman AOC rewrote the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and rebranded them as the Green New Deal, many conservatives were heard laughing out loud. AOC couldn't be serious, could she? But who's laughing now? AOC has gotten most everything she wanted in the Green New Deal ... The UN Agenda 2030, adopted in 2015 and fiercely promoted and funded by the Gates Foundation, consists of 17 SDGs (aka Green New Deal) to be achieved by the year 2030 ... The UN's 2030 Agenda mottos, repeated endlessly in its documents, is that this agenda will 'leave no one behind'..."

BITCHUTE:  A Coordinated Last Ditch Effort by the Deep State  (08 April 2020)

"Is the human immune system so frail that a virus can destroy it? ... Vitamin A: 4000IU per day every other day - Vitamin D: 5000IU per day every two days.  Our immune system NEEDS these nutrients ... We DON'T need vaccines; most of us are fine ... the coronavirus is a flu virus - with a higher infection rate but a lower mortality rate. Only immuno-compromised people will have trouble fighting it off so why shut down the entire country for it? We don't shut down the entire country for the 630,000 people who die of heart disease every year. Fear-mongering serves three purposes. When things don't add up, there's another agenda: (1) crash the economy; (2) support mandated vaccines - create this environment where you can push an agenda for Big Pharma; (3) suppress dissent. Food is medicine - we're all different..."

Covid-19: A Glimpse of the Dystopia Greens Want Us to Live In  (25 March 2020)

"Greens just can't help themselves. As the rest of us do what we can to tackle or withstand the Covid-19 crisis, they treat it as a sign, a warning from nature, a telling-off to hubristic, destructive mankind. The speed with which they have folded this pandemic into their misanthropic narrative about humanity being a pox on the planet has been shocking, but not surprising ... The truth is that if the Covid-19 crisis has shown us anything, it is how awful it would be to live in the kind of world greens dream about. Right now, courtesy of a horrible new virus, our societies look not dissimilar to the kind of societies Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion, green parties and others have long been agitating for..."

The Luxury of Apocalypticism  (17 March 2020)

"People's refusal to panic has been a great source of frustration for the establishment in recent years. 'The planet is burning', they lie, in relation to climate change, and yet we do not weep or wail or even pay very much attention. 'I want you to panic', instructs the newest mouthpiece of green apocalypticism, Greta Thunberg, and yet most of us refuse to do so ... This strange, fascinating tension between the apocalypticism of the intellectual and cultural elites and the scepticism of ordinary people is coming into play in the Covid-19 crisis ... 'I want you to panic', they say. But we don't. And we shouldn't. Apocalypticism is a luxury of the new elites for whom crises are often little more than opportunities for the expression of their decadent disdain for modern society..."


What is Covid-19?

"Covid-19 is supposedly a pneumonia as a complication of SARS-COV-2, but ...

  • For most people, Covid-19 is a mild illness which is never confirmed as being due to SARS-COV-2, but the perception of reality is created by official general prognosis,
  • A developed SARS-COV-2 infection could be flu, or even a bacterial infection, and Covid-19, or the pneumonia associated with it, would in fact arise as a complication due to these other causations,
  • Pneumonia or severe respiratory complications can occur from a treatment for cancer - which incriminates other pre-existing conditions in combination with their medical treatments,
  • Meanwhile, quite astonishingly, there is no acknowledgement of what might be true Covid-19, which is an infection of the lungs related to the interaction between SARS-COV/SARS-COV-2 and Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) that is promoted in treatment by prescribed drugs.

"[T]he UK Government's reaction to Covid-19 has been way beyond anything anyone could call proportional. It has been unnecessarily, grotesquely exaggerated, and pointlessly damaging" [source].


Fear is the Little Death

"As Frank Herbert wrote in his novel, Dune, 'Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration' and collective fear is also the primary tool that governments have long used to bring potentially recalcitrant populations under control... sometimes to the point of obliteration.  Historically, that type of fear is not sudden but eats away at the heart and soul of a people one small nibble at a time until the minds of a now docile demographic willingly acquiesce to any number of outrageous edicts and restraints upon their lives and freedoms in the hope that in so doing this will ensure their personal survival.  And note always that once this induced fear has taken a firm hold the decisive instruments of draconian suppression are placed in the hands of powerful enforcement agencies who invariably career out of control and become a law unto themselves, quickly becoming too big and too powerful for even the political drones who unleashed them to restrain.

"Look about you now at the actions and verbal vomitus coming from HM Government's emergent blue uniformed SS, particularly their local Obersturmbannführers so erroneously referred to as Chief Constables. (Did anyone else notice the Home Secretary singing their praises at the daily briefing session a few days ago... with the senior Obergruppenführer by her side?)  Have no doubt about it, this is the situation extant in so many once-democratic countries throughout the Anglosphere and the Staatspolizei certainly won't give up their intoxicating new found powers easily, so think again - is it really worth the candle that you should sell your children into a future defined only by blind obedience to the Diktats of a monolithic controlling State in order to prolong  your lives by a few years?  'Action this day or never' is a cliché that has so often turned out to be a truism.

"And, finally, the seminal question that will probably remain unanswered until sanity and honesty return - why is it that a particular subsection of the demographic is being so grotesquely pandered to and permitted to break all social distancing rules with impunity whilst the original indigenes are not?  Also, have you noticed the constant compassionate references to 'Little Ishmail' and his poor family?  No mention of little David or Julia and their families, of course. Perhaps the answer lies there.

"In conclusion, I am convinced that above all other political aberrations Selective Policing is the definitive sign of a corrupted Establishment acting with malignant intent to a hidden agenda and thus, with reference to the two preceding questions, I regret that I must leave you to mentally fill in, in private, those details which we are not permitted to mention in the public domain or face being prosecuted for a hate crime if we do... damn! How Orwellian is that?" [Reader's comment at source]. 


Coronavirus Act: What Are We Consenting To?

"In the UK, it is worth recapping what it is we are consenting to with the Coronavirus Act:

  • We consent to increased State surveillance of ourselves and our family;
  • We are happy that we could be detained, without charge, because some state official suspects, or claims they suspect, we may be infected;
  • It is fine with us that we or our loved ones can be sectioned under the Mental Health Act on the recommendation of a single doctor and neither we nor they need to have the protection of a second opinion we are locked up;
  • We accept that the state can retain our biometric data and fingerprints for an extended period;
  • We consent that jury trials are a bit of an anachronism and Judges can hear more evidence by video or even audio link;
  • We think it's fine that the evidence required, and processes undertaken, to determine and record our or our loved ones' deaths can be eroded to the point where they can be registered by people with no medical or legal expertise at all;
  • We don't think the NHS needs to adhere to practice standards or bother with assessing the needs of some patients, especially older people;
  • We are also fine with the complete suspension of democracy in Britain;
  • We accept all of this based upon a unique subset of scientific opinion which, contrary t every known scientific principle, can never be questioned;
  • We agree with the MSM that people who question any aspect of the stories they tell us are dangerous because these people just don't care if their own loved ones die. Only true believers care about their families;
  • We also accept the need for the State to invest considerable resources creating counter disinformation units whose purpose is to censor anything and everything which questions our firmly held beliefs. The beliefs informed by many of the same people doing the censoring..." [source].




"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
He shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday ...
He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways ...
he shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble ... and show him my salvation"
(Psalm 91)




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